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Manifestation is the conscious practice of altering your thoughts and beliefs to create tangible change in the direction of your goals & intentions. This practice, which is closely tied to the Law of Attraction, can be applied using many different manifestation techniques.

Ultimately, the best manifestation technique might look different for everyone. In this post, I’ve compiled the 16 most popular manifestation techniques and brief description on how to do each.

One great way to make the most of the methods you use is through a manifestation journal, which can help you practice these methods and keep track of your progress.

77×7 Technique

The 77×7 Manifestation technique is a week long manifestation practice.

For the 77×7 technique, you’ll choose one specific affirmation or goal you will manifest.

You’ll simply repeat this to yourself 7 times in the morning and 7 times in the evening, for 7 consecutive days.

If you like having concrete steps to take, this manifestation technique may work well for you. It’s a great way to ensure you’re keeping your thoughts on your affirmation for a consistent period of time.

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Vision Board

A vision board is a manifestation technique that helps you visualize your future in a tangible way. It’s about putting your dreams and ideals on paper. Then, the most important part is to look at your vision board every single day to keep your dream life at the front of your mind.

To create a vision board, you’ll collect images that remind you of you ideals, goals, and plans. What you put on your vision board is completely up to you. It could be related to travel, family, career, fitness, or anything else that you dream about for your future.

Then, make a collage of these images either like a scrapbook or digitally.

Hang your vision board somewhere you will see it every day, like your desk or bedroom. With this daily reminder, you’ll create a shift in your thoughts and actions toward your dream future.

369 Manifestation

For the 369 manifestation technique, you’ll write down your manifestation every day, 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times at night.

You can do this for however long it takes to see progress towards your goal.

555 Manifestation Technique

The 555 Manifestation Technique is similar to the 77×7 technique, but a bit more intense and over the course of 5 days.

For the 555 manifestation technique, you’ll simply write an affirmation of your choice 55 times, every day, for 5 days.

Yes, 55 times! While this sounds like a lot, it’s a sure way to keep your mind on your affirmation for at least a few minutes.


Affirmations are at the core of many of the methods on this list. An affirmation, or mantra, is a one sentence statement to train your thoughts and beliefs towards a specific intention.

If you’re looking for some examples, check out the following posts:

You can use them on their own by simply repeating them to yourself or writing them down frequently. Or, you’ll find that you may need them for many of the other methods on this list.

The Pillow Method

The pillow method is one of my favorites for its simplicity. To do the pillow method, write your intention on a scrap of paper and tuck it under your pillow.

Then, every night, read what you’ve written and really focus on it while you are falling asleep.


You may be used to writing about your current doubts and fears in your journal. With scripting, you’ll take the exact opposite approach.

Scripting is a manifestation technique in which you write in your journal as if your desires have already come true.

Get really detailed with it. What would you be doing? How would you feel? Who else would be there? Ask yourself these questions and more and write a journal entry from the perspective of your future self.

2 Cup Method

If you have trouble getting in the right mindset for manifestation, the 2 cup method may be able to help.

The 2 cup manifestation method is based on the mystical belief that each time a big life change occurs, you actually jump into a different direction. It sounds a little far fetched, but here’s how you can try it:

  1. Start with 2 cups. Label one with a statement that describes your current situation, and the other with a statement that describes your desired reality.
  2. Fill the current situation cup with water. Sit with your feelings towards what you wrote on the labels.
  3. Maintain the positive feeling that your desired reality evokes, and slowly pour the water from your current state into your desired reality. Be present during this.
  4. Visualize your desired reality as you now drink the water.
  5. Imagine that now, you are living in your desired reality.

WOOP Method

The WOOP Method is a science based method for achieving goals created by Gabriele Oettingen , a professor of psychology at New York University.

Oettingen actually argues against positive thinking alone, stating that this allow us to experience the positive feelings associated with achieving our goals without actually achieving them.

Better, she suggests, is to think about what might stop us from overcoming our goals and how we will respond.

That’s where the WOOP visualization method comes into play. To do this, set aside at least 5 minutes to visualize the following:

  • W — Wish: What is your intention, or what you are wishing for? Get specific here.
  • O — Outcome: What is the outcome you are hoping to achieve? Visualize what you will feel like, act like, and think, when you have achieved your wish.
  • O — Obstacle: What might stop you from achieving this goal? Visualize your obstacles, and how you feel when they are presented.
  • P — Plan: Visualize how you will overcome said obstacle.

You won’t find the WOOP Method on many Manifestation Technique articles. This is because the WOOP Method is unrelated to the law of attraction. That said, it’s a science based technique and contains elements of visualization and challenging limiting beliefs.

I first learned about it in Yale’s “The Science of Wellbeing” Course, which I would highly recommend if you’re looking for clarity on what are healthy goals & intentions to set for yourself.

Gratitude Journaling

In manifestation, we focus so much on ideal future states. But did you know that one of the best ways we can manifest abundance is by focusing on our current gratitudes?

Our current realities are full of things we have already manifested. The idea behind gratitude journaling, then, is that we can start by giving some appreciation to these things and inspire confidence in our ability to manifest even more positive things in the future.

To practice gratitude journaling, you can simply write down what you are grateful for each day. Or, take your practice a step further by asking yourself questions about gratitude.

Multi Perspective Visualization

Visualization is a key part of manifestation. With typical visualization, you’ll focus on imagining yourself in your ideal state. Consider what you see, hear, where you are, what you’re doing, etc.

With multi-perspective visualization, you’ll take this a step further and visualize yourself from the perspective of others. You can choose to visualize yourself from the perspective of another specific person, or a third-person perspective in general.

Seeing yourself from a third person perspective can help make your visualizations feel more real and concrete.

Focus Wheel

For almost every manifestation technique, you’ll start by setting your intentions. So how do you set meaningful intentions?

One way is through a focus wheel. Filling out a focus wheel is a specific process you can use for self-discovery and identifying your intentions.

I’d recommend using a template or following a how to, since it’s a multi step process.

Generally, you’ll start by writing your broad desire in the center of a focus wheel that looks like the one pictured above.

Then you’ll focus on this general desire and the emotions or feelings it evokes. When you notice a particular feeling come up, you can add a related statement to the outside of the wheel.

By the end of the exercise, you’ll have 12 positive intentions that relate to your central desire.

Limiting Belief Journaling

Limiting beliefs are the antithesis to manifestation. That’s why identifying and challenging our limiting beliefs through journaling can work well as a manifestation technique.

This process works in two steps. First, you identify your limiting beliefs. Then, you challenge them with new beliefs that are in line with your desires.

How to Identify your Limiting Beliefs

  1. Where do you want to be in your life/career/relationship/etc. that you are not currently?
  2. What’s holding you back?
  3. Why is that holding you back?
  4. Keep asking why. If you keep asking yourself why, you’ll eventually arrive at the core limiting belief.

How to Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs

Once you’ve identified your limiting beliefs, it’s time to challenge them. Counter your limiting beliefs with something positive. Here’s an example:

Limiting belief: I don’t deserve success
Challenge: I deserve abundance and success.

While you might not belief this at first, this is the perfect affirmation to use with some of the other methods on this list. Eventually, you’ll be surprised how your beliefs shift.

Manifestation Meditation

Meditation can help you get more in touch with your beliefs and act more mindfully toward achieving your desires.

Because of this, there are plenty of guided meditations specifically geared towards manifestation. These guided meditations are great for beginners, and you can even get more specific depending on what you hope to achieve through your meditation.

17 Second Rule

The 17 second rule states that in order to create motion towards manifestation, you need to hold a thought for 17 seconds. This idea was coined by Abraham Hicks, an author & speaker about the law of Attraction.

The thing is, this can work in both positive and negative ways. The 17 Second Rule can be applied as both a reminder of your thoughts throughout the day, and as a practice to hold as you go through the other methods on this list.

Living As If

Living as if is one of the more controversial manifestation techniques. With this technique, you essentially act as if you have already achieved your desires.

I think the key to doing this in a productive manner is to act authentically in a way that aligns with your goals, rather than in a materialistic way.

For example, if your goal is to be a successful business owner, what might NOT be productive is to buy a bunch of expensive things like you imagine you would.

What you might do instead, is act confidently and treat your hobbies if they are already your business.

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I Hope these manifestation techniques provided you with some ideas for incorporating the practice of manifestation into your everyday life. Remember that manifestation is not magic, it’s a practice that helps you keep in might the right thoughts and beliefs to achieve your intention. Ultimately, these beliefs effect your actions and your outcome, and that’s where the magic lies.

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