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You know that feeling of buying a new planner? When you have all the motivation in the world to plan out your day, week, month, and even year?

That feeling is the absolute BEST. There is nothing better than starting fresh with a new free planner, which is why I created these 50 free digital planner templates!

This way, you can start a new planner without every going to the store.

So, keep reading for 50 free planner layouts you can start using today!

Free planner designs

I don’t know about you, but the design of a planner is everything to me. A cute design really motivates me. I designed 5 unique planner styles for different styles so you can pick the ones that works best for you.

Each planner style comes with 10 unique layouts for all your planning needs.

free planner design preview of the different design options

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What’s Included in these planner designs

I have 5 free planner kits, each of which come with 10 different layouts. Here’s what’s included in the planners:

Free Daily Planner

With the daily planner template, you can plan out all of your events, priorities, and notes for the day. Each planner design differs slightly, but they all include a hourly schedule, a space for to-dos, and notes.

You can download the day planners here as images, or download a PDF.

Free Weekly Planner

The weekly planner printable allows you to write down any upcoming events and to-dos for the week ahead. You can start with a fresh new weekly planner each week as part of your planning process.

Free Weekend Planner

Many free planner kits don’t include a weekend planner. Personally, I love a separate weekend planner to track all of my personal tasks for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This free planner template includes spaces for to dos, errands, self care, and more.

Free Monthly Planner

The monthly planner template allows you to fill in the dates for any month of the year and mark out important events and notes. This printable is a great one to print out and hang on the fridge or somewhere else you will see it often to keep track of your month at a high level.

Free Habit Tracker

If you’re not habit tracking yet, you should definitely start! This is one of the best ways to build healthier habits in your life. Download these free habit tracker planners that will allow you to keep track of your most important habits on either a weekly or monthly basis

Free Important Dates

The important dates planner page is the perfect place to write down any important birthdays and events that happen in a given year.

Free Weekly Meal Planner

Plan out your meals for the week with the free weekly meal planner template. These meal planners for the week allow you to write down your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire week, which will help so much when it comes to making a grocery list and eating healthy.

Free Self Care Planner

Many of us struggle to find time for self care. That’s why I’ve included these self care digital planners so that you can make a conscious habit of practicing self care.

Free Goal Planner

Another great way to use planners is to set goals. With the free planner for goals, you can write down your main goal and break it into actionable steps.

Notes Page

Every planner needs a notes page that matches the aesthetic! That’s why I’ve included 5 free notes page templates for your digital planner.

Get the planners

You can download each of these digital planner kits as a PDF. Once you download one, you can access the rest all the time in my free printable library.

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Planner Kit 1

Free planner kit layouts preview

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Planner Kit 2

Free planner kit layouts preview

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Planner Kit 3

Free planner kit layouts preview

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Planner Kit 4

Free planner kit layouts preview

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Planner Kit 5

Free planner kit layouts preview

Download planner kit 5

How to use these digital planners

There’s two main ways you can use these free planner designs:

1. Print them out

You can have copies of these planners printed out and use them old-school, with a pen and paper. Simply print them with your own printer or send them to a print shop to have them printed on 8.5×11 paper.

2. Plan digitally with Goodnotes

My preferred way to plan is using Goodnotes on my iPad. Each of these free planner templates is Goodnotes compatible so you can do the same. Simply upload the PDF to Goodnotes and you’ll be able to edit your planner, make copies of pages, and more. You can really customize your planner using Goodnotes.

Looking for more free goodies?

I have several other free printables in my free library like workbooks, journal prompts, wallpapers, and more. Sign up here!