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Entrepreneurship is a long and difficult journey— even the most successful entrepreneurs admit to doubt & fear along the way. That said, it’s a career path that can lead to meaningful work that makes it all worth the while. Not only that, but entrepreneurs often enjoy flexible working hours and the ability to build their own career path.

Entrepreneurs must have strong decision making skills, eagerness to learn & grow, passion, and grit. This rings true for both small business owners as well as those scaling large businesses.

Due to the mental strength and perseverance entrepreneurship requires, affirmations can be a strong tool. Affirmations can help new and experiences entrepreneurs find success on their journey, by battling feelings of doubt.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are short, powerful statements that we intentionally bring to mind to help us overcome negativity and manifest our goals in life. People are often skeptical of the power of affirmations at first, thinking they are meant to be a replacement for hard work, or falsely garuntee success,

This, however, is not the case. Affirmations help us take control of negative thoughts and prevent them from getting in the way of reaching our full potential. You still have to put in the work, but you’d be surprised what you can achieve without the heavy feelings of doubt & fear!

How Can Affirmations Help Entrepreneurs?

One of the great things about affirmations is that not only can they help us improve our lives in general, but they can also help us achieve growth in specific areas of our lives or pursuits.

In this post, I’ve written 35 affirmations that are especially beneficial to those who are small business owners or entrepreneurs.

  1. I am an entrepreneur
  2. I am building something I am proud of
  3. I have what it takes to succeed
  4. I am successful
  5. My business is continuously growing
  6. I am defining my own version of success
  1. My income is steady and growing
  2. I am a confident entrepreneur
  3. I am capable of making tough decisions
  1. My work is meaningful
  2. I am proud of what I have created
  3. I achieve my dreams
  4. I welcome new business opportunities
  5. My business has a positive impact
  6. I choose to do the work that I do
  7. I am able to take breaks when I need to
  8. I am building an empire
  9. Today, I will make progress
  1. I am qualified
  2. I am not giving up
  3. I am creative
  4. I have the courage to make my dreams reality
  1. I speak confidently about my business
  2. I know my business
  3. My sacrifices are leading to prosperity
  4. I give myself permission to learn as I go
  1. I make the right choices
  2. I am proud to work for myself
  1. I have support from my friends, family, and fellow entrepreneurs
  2. Perceived failures allow me to grow
  1. I am meeting my financial goals
  2. I get things done
  3. I keep the promises I make to myself
  1. I embrace uncertainty
  2. The passion I have for my work continues to grow

If you found these affirmations useful, be sure to also check out my post on bedtime affirmations, which will help you wind down and sleep after a long day. (Which is especially necessary if you’re a hard working entrepreneur!)