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Let’s admit it… dinner dates at the same old restaurants tire after a while. Luckily, we’ve compiled 18 creative DIY date nights to try as an alternative. Not only do these date night ideas provide relief from the standard dinner date, putting together a DIY date night for your boyfriend or girlfriend is a perfect way to go the extra mile and show just how much you care. Also, these DIY date night ideas are super intimate and will give you and your loved one ample quality time together

Keep reading for 18 creative DIY date night ideas!

1. This Patio Movie Night at Home

Cuddling up in an unexpected place can be the perfect change of pace for date night. This Patio/balcony setup with Chinese takeout and cocktails looks so cozy.

2. Sushi Car Date Night

A car date like this one sounds so fun! Car dates give added privacy especially if you live with room mates or parents. Having a nice dinner like sushi makes even eating out of the back of your car feel elegant.

3. This Outdoor Dinner & A Movie Setup

Renting a projector like this one takes outdoor movie night to the next level! This one’s all about the details– a nice setup with fresh flowers and a meal can make outdoor movie night something truly special.

4. Sunset Beach Movie Night

If you have access to a beach, please try this for those of us who cant!! I can hardly think of anything more perfect than watching a classic movie with the sunset over the water as a backdrop.

5. Romantic Dinner on the Patio

If the weather allows, setting up a cute outdoor ambience would be a great way to surprise your significant other for date night! We are loving this setup with string lights & outdoor plants.

6. Park Picnic Table Date Night

If you’ve got limited options for where to have your date night, you may want to consider a public park. No seriously, it can be super cute! Look at this adorable picnic table setup– they even hung lanterns from the tree!

7. Picnic With A View

This ones a classic, but there’s something so serene about finding the perfect spot on the grass and setting up shop with delicious picnic food.

8. Indoor Camping

If real camping isn’t possible, what about indoor camping? Hot dogs over the indoor grill, cold beer, and indoor plants make this setup feel like a real campsite.

9. Cozy Indoor Movie

This date night idea is the perfect example of how taking the time to put a little extra into your date night setup can go a long way! Setting out snacks, blankets, and balloons doesn’t take a ton of time, but it adds a lot to this date night!

10. This Living Room Camping Setup

Take indoor camping to the next level by actually setting up a tent! With a cozy setup like this, you could fall asleep & actually camp out here.

11. Camping Indoors (again)

We love this idea so much we just had to include a few different ways to try it out. ?

12. Forest Picnic Date

If you have hiking trails near you, why not use the opportunity for a date night! Many hiking areas have picnic areas where you can sit down & relax after a walk.

13. Car Date Night

Another example of a car date done right! You can make your car extra cozy by setting up pillows & blankets like in this example.

14. Pickup Truck Date

Drive out somewhere scenic, grab some pizza and wine, and set up in the bed of your truck for a perfect date night!

15. Stargazing

Go as far from the city lights as you possibly can and enjoy the stars together! We really don’t look up at the stars enough, but it can make for such a beautiful moment when we do.

16. Photo Shoot Date Night

If you and your man need some new photos together, make a date night out of setting up a cute area and taking some Pinterest worthy pics. Fair warning- this idea is not for the man who stays away from the camera!

17. All You Can Eat Date Night

Date night at home– but with more food! This photo has us dreaming of enjoying pizza, snacks, and candy galore.

18. Get Crafty In The Kitchen with Charcuterie

Making delicious and beautiful spreads of food does not have to be reserved for entertaining guests! Pick a night when its just the two of you can make a delicious charcuterie like this one to enjoy all to yourself.

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