20 Pinch-Proof St. Patrick’s Day Nail Ideas That Aren’t Just Plain Green


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Everyone knows that the foolproof way to avoid getting pinched on St Patrick’s day is to paint your nails green! If you’re looking to spice things up this St Patrick’s day, there’s plenty more you can do that just a plain coat of green.

We’ve compiled 20 trendy St. Patrick’s day nail ideas that aren’t plain green. You’re going to love these ideas!

1. Green Nails With Gold Sparkle


Love these green & gold sparkle nails. They’re simple enough you can do them yourself, but are still sure to stand out on St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Shamrocks & Rainbow st Patrick’s Day Nails


While you might not normally think to paint a rainbow & a pot of gold on your nails, St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

3. Rainbow Drip St Patrick’s Day Nails


These St. Patrick’s Day Nails are super unique and we are here for it. There’s so many different designs to take inspiration from, but our favorite has to be the white shamrock with a rainbow inside.

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4. Green Ombré St Patrick’s Day Nails


While you’re only required to wear one shade of green on St. Patrick’s Day, it doesn’t hurt to wear two, like these super cute green ombre nails. ?

5. Black and White St Patrick’s Day Nails


If you’ve had enough green, we love these black, white, gold and rainbow St. Patricks Day Nails for a fresh and unique option.

6. Green & Gold Patterned St Patrick’s Day Nails


The detailed patterns along with layered green and gold glitter nail polish gives these nails a really unique appearance.

7. Matte Green & Glitter Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Nails


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Matte nails are super in right now, so these matte green nails with a rainbow party nail are definitely some of our favorite!

8. St Patrick’s Day Nails With a Subtle Touch of Gold


We are loving this subtle hint of gold to make these green nails just a bit more festive.

9. Green and Gold Crackle Nails


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Crackle nail polish certainly had a moment a few years back, but it can still look super trendy for St. Patrick’s Day.

10. Shamrock & Horseshoe St Patrick’s Day Nails


These nails definitely look like they would bring some sort of good luck, which is what St. Patrick’s Day is all about!

11. Green Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Nails


These nails matching both the coffee mug & the wall is just so satisfying! Even on their own, the rainbows would be super fun to try and recreate.

12. Lucky Charm St. Patrick’s Day Nails


Why do these nails make me crave breakfast cereal?? These Lucky Charms nails are definitely some of the most unique!

13. Two Tone Green St. Patrick’s Day Nails


Another simple idea for St. Patricks Day. These two tone St. Patricks Nails would be super trendy with any two shades of green.

14. Geometric St. Patrick’s Day Nails


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Geometric nails are really in right now. By using green, gold, and nude polish you can easily make this trend fit perfectly with St. Patricks Day!

15. Deep Green & Metallic Gold St. Patrick’s Day Nails


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St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be bright and neon greens only. If you prefer a more subtle color scheme, these nails could be perfect for you!

16. Green & Gold Spotted St. Patrick’s Day Nails


We love the unique pattern on these nails and think they would be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

17. Ombre Green Glitter St. Patrick’s Day Nails


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Obsessing over how subtle these green glitter ombre nails are. These are definitely some of our favorites!

18. Nude & Green Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day Nails


This shade of green pairs so well with the nude polish, and the gold just gives them that extra pop to stand out on St. Patrick’s Day.

19. Detailed Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day Nails


The detail on these nails is insane! The clovers on these look like a work of art.

20. Gold Crackle & Green Ombre St. Patrick’s Day Nails


From the super metallic gold on these nails, to the slight ombre green, something about the color of the nails just pops so much.


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