10 Adorable Valentine’s Day Food & Drink Favorites

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I think we can all agree, one of the most special ways to show love on Valentine’s day is through the gift of delicious food! There are so many cute (and super tasty!) looking ideas for your Valentine’s day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We’ve compiled 10 of the most adorable Valentine’s food displays to inspire you this year!

1. This Valentine’s Charcuterie

Charcuterie is in big time right now, and what better day to make the perfect ensemble than Valentine’s day? We love this heart shapes charcuterie display from boardsbymo. I mean, seriously, can it get better than hearts made out of salami?

2. This Egg in a Heart Shaped Basket

A lovey-dovey take on a breakfast favorite, eggs in a basket. Not only is this heart shaped egg in a basket from cookwithlisha adorable, but it looks super tasty! The rose carved strawberries are the perfect touch, too.

3. This Red Velvet Mocha

Coffee is a must have for every day, let alone Valentines Day! This Red Velvet mocha is calling my name as the perfect way to mix it up on Valentine’s Day.

4. Valentine’s Mudslide

Kahlua, Strawberries, Vanilla Ice cream… Need I say more?? This drink would be the PERFECT cocktail for a Galentine’s Celebration.

5. These Adorable Strawberries & Passionfruit Slices

There’s a LOT of delicious and decadent looking Valentine’s food, but we wanted to make sure to include some fruit for a healthier touch! These heart shaped strawberries & passionfruit slices by eathappyfeelgood are super simple to make with a heart shaped cutout, and make a refreshing V Day snack!

6. Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Cones

These Valentine’s Ice Cream cones by cakes.n.sprinkles are so adorable. This would be such a fun treat to try to make at home for a Valentine’s activity!

7. This Adorable Valentine’s Sweets Spread

If you’re hosting people this Valentine’s day, it’s a great idea to have some sweets for people to snack on, like this spread by elizabethslaunwhite. Also… we had to include this one because it actually has pink pistachios!! Such a unique touch.

8. These Heart Shaped Ravioli

If you’re looking to make something more elegant for date night, these heart shaped ravioli by pinabresciana are perfect! I’m not sure if i want to each them or print out a picture and hang it on my wall!

9. Heart Shaped Pizza

We’ve all seen it, but we just had to include it! Heart shaped pizza is the perfect meal for a cozy night alone, with friends, or with a significant other.

10. This Vegan Brownie Pizza

Dessert pizza, and it’s vegan!? We are dying to try this adorable vegan brownie pizza. the edible flowers make it look so beautiful, too!

That’s all for our Valentine’s food & drink favorites! Which one was your favorite?


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