crown chakra affirmations
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The crown chakra is your gateway to the spiritual realm. This energy center is responsible for your spirituality, openness, awareness, and oneness. When it is balanced and open, you will feel connected to all things and experience a sense of unity with the world around you.

If you are looking to increase your spiritual awareness and connection, using crown chakra affirmations can be a powerful way to do so.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the crown chakra is, signs it’s blocked, the benefits of crown chakra affirmations, and how to use them.

We’ll then share a list of 40 crown chakra affirmations for spiritually and connection.

About the crown chakra

The crown chakra, Sahasrara, is the 7th and highest chakra. It is located at the top of your head.

Many people only associate the crown chakra with spirituality, but it’s actually responsible for your openness, awareness and oneness as well.

It is said to be responsible for our feelings of connection with the world, the present moment, and even a higher power.

When it is balanced and open, you will feel connected to all things and experience a sense of unity with the world around you.

Signs of a balanced crown chakra

When your crown chakra is balanced, you are likely to feel a strong sense of connectedness and unity. You may be a spiritual person, and understand the role of the Universe or God in your life.

You’ll also likely be able to be present in the moment, and aware of your surroundings. A sense of trust in the Universe allows you to relax and be present.

Signs of a blocked crown chakra

There are a few signs that you can look for to see if your crown chakra is blocked. One hallmark trait of a blocked throat chakra is being closed-minded. And especially, being closed-minded to any spiritual ideas. With this, you may also feel cynical about life and your role in the world.

Additionally, you might also feel closed off to new things and unable to be present in the current moment.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, remind yourself that it is okay. Using crown chakra affirmations can be a powerful way to grow your spirituality and open your crown chakra.

Crown chakra fast facts

Name: Sahasrara

Location: top of the head

Governs: spirituality, consciousness, openness, awareness

Color: Violet, white

Element: none

Crystals: clear quartz, moonstone, diamond

Oils: myrrh, lavendar, rose, jasmine

Signs of a balanced crown chakra: connection to the world, self, and a higher power, open-mind, present in the moment

Signs of unbalanced crown chakra: closed-minded, cynical, lack of spirituality or faith

Ways to balance your crown chakra

You can balance your crown chakra by doing yoga, meditation, and using crown chakra affirmations. Here’s a brief overview of how you can use these methods to balance your crown chakra:

  1. Yoga: Many people use yoga as a way to balance their chakras, with different yoga poses being associated with each chakra. For the crown chakra, some of the best yoga poses include headstands, shoulder stands, and tree pose.
  2. Meditation: Meditation is a great way to focus on your crown chakra and open it up. You can meditate using one of these affirmations as a mantra. Or, you can use a guided crown chakra meditation.
  3. Crown chakra affirmations: Affirmations are positive statements that you can say to yourself to help shift your mindset. crown chakra affirmations can help you open up your crown chakra and feel more connected to the world around you.

How crown chakra affirmations work

Before we get into the crown chakra affirmations, you might be wondering how they actually work.

Like all positive affirmations, crown chakra affirmations reinforce positive ideas, beliefs, and behaviors. When you say them or write them, you tell yourself they are true. Over time, this can shift your thoughts and actions towards a more positive reality.

Crown chakra affirmations specifically focus on reinforcing spirituality, connection, and open-mindedness

How to use crown chakra affirmations

There are a few different ways you can use these crown chakra affirmations. You can say them out loud, write them down and read them aloud, or focus on them while you’re meditating.

Personally, my favorite way to use affirmations is by saying them out loud. Saying affirmations out loud is a great way to hold yourself accountable to using them, and can help you feel more confident in them.

So, let’s get into the crown chakra affirmations!

40 Crown chakra affirmations

Here are some crown chakra affirmations that you can use to help increase your spiritual awareness and connection:

  1. I am one with the Universe
  2. I am connected to all things
  3. I have the clarity I need
  4. I am aligned with my ultimate purpose
  5. I am open to new experiences
  6. I trust the Universe
  7. I am a spiritual person
  8. I am aware of my surroundings
  9. I am guided by the Universe
  10. I am fulfilling my life’s purpose
  11. I trust my intuition
  12. I have significance
  13. I will make a difference in the world
  14. I was created wonderfully by God
  15. I am complete
  16. I understand that we are all connected
  17. I learn from the world around me
  18. I am wise
  19. I am becoming my highest self
  20. I receive the answers I need through prayer and meditation
  21. I am protected by the Universe
  22. I believe the Universe has good things in store for me
  23. I am peaceful
  24. I am one with the natural world
  25. I am exactly where I need to be
  26. My crown chakra is in perfect balance
  27. I am grateful for the experiences life offers me
  28. I will receive the answers I need from the universe
  29. I am loved and adored by God
  30. I am spiritually awake
  31. I have faith
  32. I am at peace as I have complete trust in God
  33. I find what I am looking for with ease
  34. I am aware of all the love and positivity that surrounds me
  35. I play an important part in the universe
  36. New experiences provide me with wisdom that allows me to grow
  37. The universe has my back
  38. I embrace my purpose
  39. I am proud of my journey
  40. I accept everything that comes my way with grace and peace

Closing thoughts

If your crown chakra is blocked or unbalanced it may be time to try some crown chakra affirmations to help improve your spiritual awareness and connection.

What are some of your favorite crown chakra affirmations? Let us know in the comments below!