cherry blossoms
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In the Spring and Summer, floral nail designs are the perfect way to add a little flair to your manicure. There’s so many different styles of floral nail designs, you really can’t go wrong! Some are more realistic and detailed, while others are more modern and minimal. I’ve compiled a list of 27 of my favorite blossom inspired nail designs for you to copy!

1. Baby Pink Blossom Nails


Floral nail designs can be a bit complex, but you can achieve a look similar to this by using blossom nail stickers instead of hand painting them. By alternating blossom designs and plain colored nails, you’ll save yourself time and simplify your nail art.

2. Cherry Blossom French Tips


Love this gorgeous floral take on a french manicure. This is the perfect spring twist to a classic look for lovers of long nails.

3. Rainbow Gradient Blossom Nails


What makes these nails unique is that they are painted onto a gorgeous, gradient base rather than a solid color. I think this makes them pop so much, and is a great idea if you are a color lover like me!


4. Glossy Detailed Blossom Nails


Two things stand out to me about these gorgeous nails: One, the intricate floral designs, and Two, how insanely glossy they are! These blossom nails look so high end and elegant.

5. Iridescent 3D Blossom Nails


3D nails are super in right now, and you can totally achieve that look with blossom nails! Also, the iridescent glitter in these nails just goes perfectly with the spring pink color.

6. Matte Gray Blossom Nails


Alternatively, using a gray base will really help the blossom designs themselves pop. These blossom nails have the perfect amount of contrast using white, black, and bright pink. This will make them stand out, even from far away.

7. Translucent Dried Floral Nails


I am obsessed with the use of dried flowers and gold flakes in these nails! They are truly a work of art. So simple, yet so delicately beautiful.

8. Bright Neon Floral Nails


This is definitely a unique take on spring floral nails. They use more neon colors rather than traditional spring colors. That said, they will compliment the gorgeous colors of spring super well!

9. Simple Cherry Blossom Inspired Nails


When it comes to blossom nails, these nails prove that sometimes less is more! These floral designs aren’t super realistic or detailed, but are so gorgeous nonetheless. This is definitely an achievable floral nail style!

10. Pink Glitter Blossom Inspired Nails


Who doesn’t love a good party nail? If you can’t decide between glitter nails and blossom inspired nails, why not do both?

11. Stiletto Blossom Inspired Nails


Stiletto nails are very on-trend right now for their unique shape. I love the layering of a french tip with blossom designs and dots on these nails.

12. Purple Cherry Blossom Nails


Pink may be a popular choice for spring, but purple can work well for blossom nails too!

13. Mix & Match Blossom Nails


These are some of my favorite and most unique nails on this list. The colors just work so well together, and I love the incorporation of a few floral nail stickers to add spring flair.

14. Painting Style Floral Nails


These floral nails really feel like they are taken straight out of a painting!

15. Simple DIY Cherry Blossom Nails


If you’re getting started with nail designs at home, these designs would be great to copy! Even though the blossom designs are unmistakeable, they are actually relatively simple to achieve.

16. Gold Branch Cherry Blossom Nails


The gold branch is such a unique touch on these blossom nails. One of my favorite things about using gold in nail designs is that it can help tie in your favorite gold jewelry for a super put-together look!

17. Matcha Green Blossom Inspired Nails


The matte green base on these nails reminds me of a spring favorite– matcha lattes!

18. Delicate Blossom Inspired Nails


Another example of a simpler blossom nail art idea that still stands out. I love how it looks like these branches are weaving through each nail continuously.

19. Muted Modern Blossom Nail Designs


Another of my favorite color schemes for spring. Instead of branches, brown is used for leaves & detailed in these blossom nails. The light pink pairs well with light green, while the darker brown adds some contrast.

20. Milky Pink Blossom Nail Designs


Why are milky nails so satisfying to look at? Loving the careful detail on two nails in this set, and simplicity otherwise.

21. Detailed Peach Blossom Nail Designs


These nails are a more literal take on blossoms, using literal colors and realistic designs. That said, I think this is totally achievable as a DIY if you have the right supplies!

22. Simple Pink Blossom Nail Designs


I love that the shade of pink used in these blossom nails is a bit unexpected. This isn’t exactly the shade of pink we usually see in blossom nails, but the brightness really makes them pop!

23. Pink and Blue Blossom Nails


Blue is another unique choice for spring blossom nails. Pink and blue look so great together, as proven by these gorgeous nails!

24. Large Pink Floral Blossom Designs


I love that these nails mix different styles and sizes of flowers in the designs. It’s something you could totally achieve with nail stickers.

25. Neutral Blossom Nail Designs


If you’re not so much for pinks & greens, this is a great option for a more neutral blossom nail design.

26. Subtle Sparkle Cherry Blossom Designs


I love everything about these nails, from the subtle gradient to the small sparkles throughout!

27. Translucent Tips Blossom Nail Designs


Including floral details in your nail tips is such a cool idea for lovers of long and fabulous nails!

That’s all for spring blossom nails! I hope you found this list inspiring and have an idea for your next manicure. There are so many ideas you can DIY, and so many that a salon could help you achieve. No matter what, I’m sure they will look fabulous!