heart chakra affirmations
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The heart chakra is located at the center of your chest (near your heart) and is associated with love and relationships. When this chakra is open, we feel more connected to others, we experience more empathy and compassion, and we find it easier to forgive.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Let’s face it, In this day and age, we could all use a little more love!

If you’re ready to open your heart chakra, I’ve compiled a list of my 45 favorite heart chakra affirmations that can help!

About the heart chakra

It is no mistake that the heart chakra, Anahata, is located near your physical heart. It is the chakra that governs all things relationships, love, compassion, and more.

The heart chakra isn’t just about loving others, it’s also about loving yourself. This is all connected, as loving yourself first can improve your relationships with others.

Beyond this, the heart chakra governs your ability to connect with other beings, feel empathy towards them, and develop a sense of belonging.

Signs of a balanced heart chakra

If you have a balanced heart chakra, you know how to love yourself and others. You feel a sense of being accepted and belonging.

You might find it easier to be generous and kind to others, and are empathetic but not to your own detriment.

You have healthy levels of trust with others, but don’t let them walk all over you.

You’ll see these themes throughout these heart chakra affirmations.

Signs of a blocked heart chakra

If you’re experiencing a blocked heart chakra, you’ll feel a general lack of love and compassion in your life.

This can be both directed at you, and how you interact with others.

You may constantly feel like a victim, or like nobody really understands you. It’s also common to feel on the outs of your social circle. You may have a hard time understanding where others are coming from.

All of this can cause loneliness, fear of social connection, and judgmental feeling.

If this resonated with you, don’t get too down on yourself. It’s totally something you can overcome with these heart chakra affirmations.

Heart chakra fast facts

Name: Anahata

Location: Center of the chest

Governs: Love, compassion, acceptance, belongding

Color: green

Element: air

Crystals: rose quartz, malachite, emerald

Oils: Floral scents like rose, neroli, or jasmine

Signs of a balanced root chakra: feelings of love, compassion, and peace. Trusting, and a strong sense of belonging

Signs of unbalanced root chakra: feeling lonely, and misunderstood. Unable to connect with or relate to others.

How to balance your heart chakra

Using heart chakra affirmations is one of the best ways to balance your heart chakra. That said, there are several ways you can help to balance your heart chakra.

Loving kindness meditation

Loving kindness meditation is a special type of meditation where you focus on positive, loving feelings towards yourself and others. It’s proven to improve social connection and wellbeing. You simply think of yourself or another person, and imagine you are sending love their way. It’s a sure fire way to get the warm and fuzzies!

Establish boundaries for yourself

Establishing firm boundaries are an act of self love. Not only this, but they can help improve your relationships with others. If you set clear boundaries, you’ll start to feel more balanced in the way you love yourself and others.

Get yourself some rose quartz

Rose quartz is a gorgeous crystal that is associated with the heart chakra. Many people report keeping rose quartz in their home to improve feelings of connectedness with their family and significant other. I have a whole post on rose quartz, if you’re interested.

Positive affirmations

The positive affirmations on this list are written to help you open and balance your heart chakra. Pay attention to those that resonate with you most to pick ones that will work best for you.

How to use heart chakra affirmations

There are several ways to use heart chakra affirmations. Here’s a few of my favorites:

  1. Say your heart chakra affirmations first thing in the morning. Before you brush your teeth in the morning, look yourself in the mirror and say your chakra affirmations out loud. Saying them out loud may feel odd at first, but it helps you internalize their meaning.
  2. Journal with heart chakra affirmations. There are a couple ways you can journal with affirmations. For one, you can simply write heart chakra affirmations repeatedly in a notebook. You can also focus on a single affirmation, and reflect on what it means to you.
  3. Put these heart chakra affirmations on display. Many of these heart chakra affirmations are beautiful statements that can actually make great wall art or phone wallpapers. Consider decorating with your favorites to serve as constant reminders

How heart chakra affirmations work

Heart chakra affirmations create positive changes in your belief system, allowing you to create a more positive reality.

The heart chakra affirmations in this post all affirm ideas, beliefs, and behaviors that come from having a balanced heart chakra.

By writing and repeating these affirmations, you start to believe they are true, even if they don’t feel true at first.

For example, if you struggle with self love, saying “I love myself” may feel uncomfortable.

But this is exactly how you can create changes in your beliefs that lead to an open heart chakra!

So, let’s get into the list of affirmations.

List of heart chakra affirmations

  1. I love myself
  2. I say kind things about others
  3. I am at peace
  4. I am selfless
  5. My heart is open
  6. I am compassionate to myself and others
  7. Love flows abundantly to me and from me
  8. I am worthy of love
  9. I freely express my love
  10. I am open to receiving love
  11. I feel a sense of connection to others
  12. I am loved by my friends and family
  13. I belong
  14. I love courageously
  15. I am empathetic to others
  16. I forgive others easily
  17. I trust myself
  18. I am not afraid to love who I love
  19. I give love and compassion generously
  20. I release all judgement I have toward others
  21. I am open minded and accepting of those different from me
  22. Love fills my heart
  23. I believe in the power of love
  24. It is safe for me to feel and express love
  25. I recognize and love my inner child
  26. I am able to be vulnerable
  27. I foster loving, supportive relationships
  28. My heart is free
  29. I am generous
  30. I trust others
  31. Love conquers all of my fears
  32. I am grateful for the amazing relationships I have
  33. My love is a powerful force
  34. We are all connected
  35. I honor my hearts desires
  36. I am lovable
  37. I love and accept my full self
  38. I live in harmony with others
  39. I have an infinite supply of love to give
  40. I am never alone
  41. I honor my boundaries
  42. Love is powerful
  43. My heart is full of joy
  44. I release the pain of my past
  45. I forgive myself

Final thoughts on heart chakra affirmations

The heart chakra is associated with love and compassion, and these affirmations can help you open your heart chakra to experience greater love and compassion in all areas of life.

I hope you enjoyed this list of heart chakra affirmations! If you found them helpful, be sure to share this post with your friends.

Do you have any favorite heart chakra affirmations? Share them in the comments below!