affirmations for weight loss
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When it comes to losing weight, your mindset matters more than you think. We’ve all tried to diet with the intention of quickly shedding a few pounds, and ended up gaining it back in the end because we weren’t ready to make long term changes. So how do you change your mindset on losing weight? Affirmations for weight loss can certainly help.

I’ve written a list of my 85 favorite affirmations for weight loss, that focus on topics such as loving your body, developing healthy habits, building a fitness routine, and more.

Before we get into the affirmations, let’s learn more about positive affirmations and how they can help with weight loss.

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are statements that you repeat to yourself in order to influence your thoughts, beliefs, and eventually actions. They can help you overcome negative thoughts and doubts, and achieve your goals.

This can help in any area of life, including helping you achieve your health and fitness goals like losing weight. The key is that positive affirmations don’t focus on specific goals, like “I want to lose 5 pounds.” They focus on who you want to become, for example, ” I prioritize my health.” This is why they are often referred to as “I am statements.”

Positive affirmations should be present tense, focus on the positive, and focus on who you want to become.

How can affirmations help with weight loss?

I will never claim that affirmations are a magic wand to help you lose weight. There’s simply no such thing.

However, affirmations can definitely be an amazing tool to help you in your journey.

Using affirmations for weight loss can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals. They remind us what we want, affirm that it is attainable, and reinforce our belief in ourselves.

When it comes to weight loss, positive thoughts like “I am making progress toward my fitness” will make a big difference in your success.

When you repeat an affirmation like this, you start to believe it’s true. When you believe you’re making progress, you’re less likely to succumb to temptation or just simply give up.

Specifically, here are a few ways affirmations on weight loss can help:

  • They can serve as reminders of your daily health habits
  • They can help you learn to love the body you are in at all sizes
  • They can help provide encouragement at difficult times in your weight loss journey
  • They can remind you what you are capable of

Tips for using these affirmations for weight loss

There are so many different ways to use positive affirmations. When it comes to weight loss, here are some of the best ways to use positive affirmations:

Say these weight loss affirmations to yourself while working out

If you work out at home, you can even say them out loud. Affirm that you are prioritizing your fitness, and it’s making a meaningful impact on your weight loss journey.

Place these affirmations on sticky notes on your fridge or pantry

Consider the affirmation “I make healthy choices for myself.” When is it most important for you to hear that? Probably when you’re about to grab a bite to eat.

Place these affirmations on your mirror and say them out loud

One of the hardest parts of weight loss is looking in the mirror every day and not being happy with what you see. But learning to love your body as it is, and still wanting to lose weight is a delicate art. Place weight loss affirmations that will help you learn to love yourself on your mirror. Then, say them out loud each morning

List of affirmations for weight loss

  1. I am healthy and fit
  2. I am in the best health of my life
  3. I prioritize exercise
  4. I make healthy choices each day
  5. I have fun getting in shape
  6. I love my body
  7. I deserve to look and feel healthy
  8. I take care of my physical body
  9. I drink plenty of water each day
  10. I love eating fruits and veggies
  11. I eat food that makes me feel good
  12. I nourish my body with nutritious food
  13. I redirect my focus away from food cravings
  14. My cravings do not control me
  15. I am full of energy
  16. I enjoy food, and it does not control me
  17. I am an athlete
  18. I have excellent self control
  19. I am proud of how far I have come
  20. I eat mindfully, enjoying each bite
  21. I am motivated to make a change
  22. I love my body’s ability to change
  23. I release shameful feelings I have about food
  24. My health is a long term commitment
  25. I prioritize my health over my appearance
  26. Eating healthy is second nature to me
  27. I am proud of my weight loss
  28. I am proud of how my body has changed
  29. Weight is just a number
  30. Exercise makes me feel amazing
  31. I am determined
  32. I say kind things about my body
  33. I choose progress over perfection
  34. I trust my body
  35. I celebrate small victories when it comes to my health and fitness
  36. I accept my imperfections
  37. It is healthy and perfectly natural for my weight to fluctuate
  38. I will reach my fitness goals
  39. The only opinion I care about is my own
  40. I crave healthy foods
  41. I am patient with my weight loss
  42. When I think about pursuing health and fitness, I am excited and happy
  43. I am proud of the muscle I have gained
  44. I eat enough protein
  45. I love my body for all the wonderful things it allows me to do
  46. I can soothe myself without turning to unhealthy food
  47. I accept and embrace my body’s natural shape
  48. I have control over my cravings and impulses
  49. I always choose water over soft drinks
  50. Losing weight is a just side effect to making healthy choices
  51. I honor my own, unique, weight loss journey
  52. Losing weight is just one part of my commitment to wellbeing
  53. I believe in myself
  54. I am a success story
  55. I can enjoy any food in moderation
  56. I lose weight in a safe and healthy way
  57. I can do anything I set my mind to
  58. I write in my food diary each day
  59. I recognize small steps
  60. I am strong
  61. I’m proud of myself for saying no to my cravings
  62. I make the time to prepare healthy foods for myself
  63. There is no better time spent than for my health
  64. I listen to my body and honor its needs
  65. My curves make me beautiful
  66. I eat to fuel my body
  67. Healthy food is a gift
  68. I am conscious of my feelings about food and eating
  69. It is possible for me to be slim and healthy
  70. I am becoming the best version of myself
  71. I am stronger than any excuse
  72. I stop eating when I am full
  73. I am willing and motivated to change my habits
  74. I am making progress in ways that the scale cannot measure
  75. I eat healthy meals 3 times a day
  76. The time a spend planning and preparing healthy meals is a worthy investment in my health
  77. I get plenty of sleep
  78. I’ll always eat healthy, even after reaching my goal
  79. Fitness has become an irreplaceable part of my life
  80. I will get back on track
  81. Results take time, and that’s okay. I enjoy the journey.
  82. Weight loss does not define my life
  83. I am finding what works for me
  84. I find creative ways to stay active during the day
  85. There is no greater investment than my health

Closing Thoughts on Weight Loss Affirmations

Weight loss can be difficult, but pursuing your healthiest self can also be an amazing journey. Affirmations for weight loss are a great way to start getting on the right path and make changes that will stick in the long run. This list of affirmations for losing weight is just one resource you can use as you work towards your goals.