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As a creative person, I’ve always struggled with the constraints of a traditional 9-to-5 job. The rigid schedule, the monotonous tasks, and the lack of creative freedom felt like a cage around my imaginative spirit.

When I discovered blogging, it was like finding the key to unlock that cage. I saw that people were making full time incomes through blogging, all while having extra time to spend time with their families, travel, and whatever else.

I thought to myself just how amazing some extra free time would be for a creative person like me, and I loved the idea of working on my own schedule! Not to mention, the work itself actually seemed fun. I could create something from scratch, on my own, and flex all different creative muscles in the process! It seemed like a dream come true.

Fast-forward to over 4 years later, and I can proudly say that starting this blog has been one of the best things I’ve ever done! It’s allowed me to embrace my creativity and truly embrace creativite living, all while making thousands every month.

I truly believe blogging is one of the best careers for creative people like us.

From the joy of setting your own schedule to the thrill of inspiring others, blogging offers countless opportunities to thrive creatively and personally.

In this post, I’ll dive into seven reasons why blogging can be a transformative career choice for any creative soul.

1. Blogging allows for an extremely flexible work schedule

As a creative person, my energy and inspiration levels tend to fluctuate throughout the days and weeks. I am NOT the type of person who has the same level of productivity every day…

(And don’t even get me started on being a creative woman— dealing with monthly cycles that affect my mood, productivity, and even creativity. )

I know a lot of creatives that deal with these same things, and it’s no wonder a standard 9-5 job can just be so brutal for the creative types! having to feel chained to a computer, stuck in meetings, and unable to listen to your natural rhythms.

This was one of the top reasons I wanted to start a blog. The truth is, I don’t work 40 hours a week on this blog.

I work on this blog when I’m feeling productive and inspired, and other times I’m at peace knowing I have the liberty to take a rest day, work on some paintings, or even start a new project.

Because I’m passionate about my blog, I’m always surprised by the amount of energy I have to work on it! But more importantly, I don’t feel guilty taking breaks.

It’s truly the dream! I can follow the ebbs and flows of my energy and creativity and rarely feel like I’m forcing myself to do things (except when it comes to taxes and paperwork 😭)

This flexibility and freedom is one of the best advantages of blogging for creatives. No more feeling chained to the computer, constantly being in meetings, and having to go against your natural creative rhythms.

2. You will never get bored as a blogger

One of the top things I tell new bloggers is that when starting a blog, you have to be prepared for a lot of variety.

Blogging is not just about writing. You will have to wear many hats including keyword research, social media, web design, marketing, and more.

And all this variety may overwhelm some, but for creatives like us, it can be so fun!

Blogging is not monotonous at all. Between all these different tasks and writing unique content on different topics, I’m never bored and you won’t be either!

Yes, it’s a lot to learn. But I find that creative people are often some of the most eager to learn and try new things, which makes blogging perfect for us!

3. You get to follow your natural curiosities & exercise creative freedom

When I tell you I LOVE not having to listen to a boss tell me what to do on my blog, I mean it.

Being able to make my blog completely my own, exercise creative freedom, and follow my curiosities is one of the best parts about blogging for creatives.

If i’m interested in something, I’ll just write a new post about it! Of course it has to relate to my blog overall but because I have a lifestyle blog, there’s a lot of wiggle room 🙂

Creative people are known for having new ideas and interests come to them all the time, so it’s amazing having a job that allows you to follow those instead of having to listen to somebody else!

4. You’ll enjoy the sense of accomplishment of creating something from scratch

When I visit my own blog, I just get this huge sense of accomplishment that every word, every detail, I created myself. It’s truly been a labor of love and I’m tremendously proud to have built this blog from scratch.

Creating new things is important for creative people (duh), so the ability to carve out your own little space on the web and build it up from nothing is going to be super motivating for you as a blogger.

If you start today, you’ll be so surprised what you can accomplish in just a few months. If you’re anything like me, years later you’ll look back with so much pride in what you’ve created!

5. Creative people have the passion required for blogging as a career

Something I’ve heard from so many creative people who have left traditional 9-5 jobs is that they didn’t know how passionate and motivated they could be when they got to work on things they were actually interested in.

This is so true! There’s a huge difference in my motivation as a creative person when I’m working on something I’m passionate about rather than just a work project or something.

This is why creative people can make such great bloggers. Because you get to choose what your blog is about, how it looks, and build it from scratch, you can most definitely make it something you are passionate about.

If you go into blogging being true to yourself, writing about things you are interested in, it will shine through in the passion you have for your blog!

And that passion will just serve as fuel for you to keep going, knowing that it may take some time to start making serious money blogging.

6. Blogging can open up the door for you to explore other creative passions

There are many ways that blogging can unlock new creative possibilities in your life.

For one, blogging creates passive income. This means that you can still earn money from your blog when you are not working on it, opening up time for other creative pursuits.

Whether you want to spend your time on a creative hobby like painting or photography, or start a new creative business, this is a huge advantage of blogging for creatives!

Another way blogging can help with other creative pursuits is that when you build an audience through blogging, you can leverage your audience to gain traction for other creative businesses.

For example, last year I decided I wanted to start my first Print on Demand T-shirt business on Etsy. Because I have a blog that get’s a lot of visitors that are interested in fashion, I’ve been able to use my blog to drive purchases on my new Etsy shop and get my second business off the ground.

This is a huge deal for creative people! Because it means that as your passions and interests evolve and grow, your blog can can help you achieve new goals.

7. You get to inspire others

What I have found is that creative people are also some of the most generous, always hoping to inspire and teach others.

Blogging as a career gives you the great privilege of having an audience of readers that are interested in the same things as you. This means that you are able to teach and inspire others who may be on a similar journey to you.

This is a huge part of the reason I share so much about my blogging journey!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, starting a blog has been one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life for my personal and creative journey. It’s so rewarding and such a privilege to be able to share and teach others everything I have learned!

When you start a blog, this is something you can look forward to as well. As your blog and audience grows, you grow the potential to help and inspire others.

Closing thoughts

Blogging has been a game-changer for my creative journey, offering flexibility, variety, and a deep sense of fulfillment.

It has allowed me to follow my passions, explore new interests, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals. If you’re a creative person looking for a career that aligns with your natural rhythms and fuels your passions, blogging might just be the perfect path for you.

And if you’re reading to get started, check out my comprehensive guide on starting a blog for everything you need to know!

Embrace the freedom, dive into your creativity, and start your blogging adventure today. Your creative future awaits!