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One of the first steps of starting a lifestyle blog is to choose a name for your blog! While it’s fun to brainstorm, it can be a bit intimidating to actually decide on a name because it feels like such a permanent decision.

And while it doesn’t have to be, there is some truth to the fact that it’s pretty difficult to change your blogs name and identity down the line. Many experts in blogging advise against it.

In this post, I’ve brainstormed over 300 Lifestyle blog name ideas in all different categories you are free to use or even just take some inspiration from!

As you read, here are some things to look out for:

What makes a good blog name

In my opinion, a good blog name should have the following qualities

It is easy to say and remember

When people read your blog, you want them to remember its name so you can build brand recognition and trust.

In addition, avoid any tongue twisters or super long names. You don’t want to be stumbling over your words every time you say your blog’s name out loud!

It’s specific enough that people know what your blog is about, but general enough to grow with your blog

When I started my blog, I didn’t exactly know everything I would want to write about, and I didn’t want to pigeonhole myself with a super specific name.

If you know you want to write about a very specific topic, it’s a great idea to pick a more specific & tailored name. But if you’re anything like me and need some room for flexibility, you don’t want to go so specific you feel limited.

For example, if you name your blog “The DIY craft corner”, and then later you decide you want to branch into content about motherhood and parenting, it just won’t really stick.

It uses your real name

For many lifestyle bloggers, using your real name is a great idea. If I hadn’t started my blog anonymously, I definitely would have gone this route.

There’s so much to be said for building your personal brand and fostering a personal connection with your audience.

If you’re one of the brave souls that is willing to use your real name, it can be a great choice! I think this is the option you’re least likely to regret or want to change later on.

What to do once you’ve picked a name for your blog

Once you’ve picked a name for your blog, it’s time to hit the ground running!

From here, you’ll want to purchase a domain name and hosting for your website.

If you go through Bluehost, which is what I highly recommend for new bloggers, your first domain name is actually included with your purchase of hosting!

When setting up, they’ll also allow you to check what domains are available and give you some ideas for finding an available domain. Click here to get started on Bluehost.

Once you’re done signing up on Bluehost, follow the rest of my post on how to start a blog for a complete guide on what to do next!

Choosing a good domain name

So you’ve picked a blog name, you put it into Bluehost, and it’s taken. UGH.

Don’t worry! The fact is domains nowadays can be scarce, and it’s super common to have to modify your blog name slightly for your domain. Here are some tips:

  • ✅ Consider adding “blog” or “co” at the end of your blog name. For example, if “” is taken, try “”
  • ✅ Swap in different synonyms & adjectives to find a unique name
  • ❌ Avoid hyphens and other punctuation in your domain. This will make it easier for people to find your blog in the future. When I tell people my blog, I can just say “” It would be so annoying to have to explain “days DASH” or something. As a general business rule, I highly recommend trying to stick with just words you can say aloud.
  • ❌ Avoid extensions beyond “.com”. It may be tempting to get a clever domain name like “” (yes, you can actually do that). But it’s not a great idea. The “.com” extension is the most widely known & trusted by people who read blogs. You’re more likely to be found, trusted, and even rank in search results.

With these tips out of the way, let’s get into the list!

200+ Lifestyle Blog Names

General Lifestyle Blog Names

  1. The Everyday Muse
  2. Simply Inspired Living
  3. Life’s Little Wonders
  4. Blissful Living Co.
  5. The Bright Side Blog
  6. Sunflower Serenity
  7. Moments & Memos
  8. Joyful Journeys
  9. The Lively Life
  10. Heart & Home
  11. Urban Oasis Life
  12. Whimsy & Wander
  13. The Curious Chronicle
  14. Happy Haven Blog
  15. Living in Color
  16. Serendipity Spaces
  17. The Cozy Corner
  18. Positively Plume
  19. The Vibrant Life
  20. A Life Well Lived
  21. The Blissful Belle
  22. Modern Joy
  23. Dream & Discover
  24. Golden Moments
  25. Eclectic Escape
  26. The Harmony Home
  27. Grace & Glamour
  28. Purely Peachy
  29. The Modern Muse
  30. Simple Joys Journal
  31. The Radiant Road
  32. Tranquil Trends
  33. The Sunny Spot
  34. Velvet & Vine
  35. A Touch of Chic
  36. The Inspired Life
  37. Effortless Elegance Blog
  38. Wistful Wanderlust
  39. Dappled Days Blog
  40. Chic & Cheerful
  41. The Enchanted Edit
  42. Wholesome Whimsy
  43. The Mindful Moment
  44. The Happy Hustle
  45. Timeless Treasures
  46. Bright & Breezy Blog
  47. The Tranquil Trail
  48. Serene & Seen
  49. Flourish & Bloom
  50. The Good Vibe Tribe
  51. Refined Radiance
  52. Harmony & Hue
  53. The Graceful Groove
  54. Luminous Living
  55. The Balanced Belle
  56. Zestful Zenith
  57. The Wanderer’s Way
  58. Inspired Indulgence
  59. The Dreamer’s Den Blog
  60. The Delightful Diary
  61. Wanderlust & Wishes
  62. The Blissful Blend
  63. The Gentle Glow
  64. Simply Sophisticated
  65. The Mindful Muse
  66. The Lovely Lark
  67. The Joyful Journey
  68. The Serendipity Series
  69. The Peaceful Path
  70. Whimsical Whispers
  71. Radiant Reverie
  72. Chic Chronicles
  73. Darling Daze
  74. Lush Life Journal
  75. Enchanted Everyday
  76. Effervescent Elle
  77. Cozy Confessions
  78. Poised & Polished Blog
  79. Dreamy Details
  80. Lush Lore
  81. Vivid Vogue
  82. Darling Diaries
  83. Sparkling Stories Blog
  84. The Cozy Chic
  85. The Luminous Life
  86. Serendipity Style
  87. Radiant Reflections
  88. Blissful Boulevard
  89. Gilded Grace
  90. Timeless Grace Blog
  91. Life’s Beautiful Chaos
  92. Dreamers and Doers Club
  93. The Golden Hour Guide
  94. Reflections of a Radiant Life

Personal Growth Lifestyle Blog Names

  1. Growth & Glow
  2. The Growth Grove
  3. Ascendant Auras
  4. Blooming Brilliance
  5. The Inner Oasis
  6. Luminous Liftoff
  7. Flourish Forward
  8. Bloom & Thrive
  9. The Empowered Path
  10. Radiant Reflections
  11. Mindful Moments
  12. Flourish Forward
  13. Self Discovery Daily
  14. The Ascendant Arc
  15. Uplift & Evolve
  16. The Mindset Maven
  17. Limitless Living
  18. Heartfelt Growth
  19. Rise & Radiate
  20. Evolving Essence
  21. Soulful Strides
  22. Inner Bloom
  23. The Growth Guide
  24. Serene Self
  25. Thrive Tribe
  26. Journey to Joy

Home Decor Lifestyle Blog Names

  1. Cozy Nest Decor
  2. The Decor Diary
  3. Dreamy Dwelling
  4. Velvet Vibes Home
  5. Chic Homestead
  6. The Decor Dreamscape
  7. Graceful Gatherings
  8. Boho Bliss Home
  9. Luxe Living Loft
  10. The Harmonious Home
  11. Eclectic Elegance Home
  12. Home Harmony Blog
  13. Chic Spaces Blog
  14. Nest & Nook
  15. The Decor Dream
  16. Lush Living
  17. Cozy Corner Creations
  18. Timeless Touches Blog
  19. The Stylish Sanctuary
  20. Tranquil Trimmings
  21. Home Haven
  22. Enchanted Interiors
  23. Decor Delight
  24. The Design Den
  25. Charming Chic Decor Blog

Beauty Lifestyle Blog Names

  1. The Beauty Beacon
  2. The Glamor Guru
  3. Chic & Cheeky
  4. Glow & Gloss
  5. Purely Posh Blog
  6. Divine Glamour
  7. Pristine Palette Blog
  8. Belle & Bloom Blog
  9. The Polished Pearl
  10. Glitz & Grace
  11. The Beauty Blend
  12. Lush & Lovely
  13. Elegance Essentials Blog
  14. Purely Posh
  15. The Beauty Bungalow

Fashion Lifestyle Blog Names

  1. Vogue Vibes Blog
  2. The Style Sorcery
  3. Chic Chronicles
  4. Fashion Forward
  5. The Style Savant
  6. Trendy Threads Blog
  7. The Glam Guide
  8. Fashionably Fab
  9. Haute Highlights
  10. Couture Closet
  11. Posh & Polished
  12. The Style Sanctuary
  13. The Trendsetter Blog
  14. Modish Muse
  15. Effortless Elegance Blog
  16. The Fashion Find
  17. Style & Substance
  18. The Chic Collective

DIY Lifestyle Blog Names

  1. Crafty Creations
  2. DIY Delights
  3. Hands-On Happiness
  4. The DIY Diary
  5. Crafting Corner
  6. Artisan Avenue
  7. DIY Dreams
  8. The Handmade Haven
  9. Craft & Conquer
  10. DIY Divas
  11. The Crafty Chic
  12. Handmade Hues
  13. The Craft Collective
  14. DIY Discoveries
  15. The Craft Cabin
  16. Artistic Aspirations Blog
  17. Lush & Lovely Crafts

Health & Fitness Lifestyle Blog Names

  1. Fit & Fabulous
  2. Wellness Wonders
  3. Healthy & Happy Blog
  4. The Fit Life
  5. Wellness Whispers
  6. Health Haven
  7. The Fit Factor
  8. Fit Focus
  9. Vital Vibes
  10. Healthful Hustle Blog
  11. The Fit Journal
  12. Thrive & Tone
  13. Healthy Horizons Blog
  14. Energized Essentials
  15. Fit & Fierce Blog

Food & Recipes Lifestyle Blog Names

  1. Savory & Sweet Blog
  2. The Gourmet Guide
  3. Tasty Treasures
  4. Culinary Creations
  5. Flavorful Finds
  6. The Recipe Realm
  7. Savor the Flavors
  8. Delightful Dishes Blog
  9. The Foodie Fix
  10. Palate Pleasers
  11. The Recipe Resource
  12. Epicurean Elegance
  13. Tasty Tidbits
  14. Flavor Fusion
  15. The Culinary Chronicle
  16. Delicious Discoveries Blog
  17. The Savory Spot Blog

Travel Lifestyle Blog Names

  1. The Gypsy Soul Diaries
  2. Footprints and Daydreams
  3. Where Dreams Take Flight
  4. The Nomadic Nest
  5. Sunsets and Suitcases
  6. Map and Compass Chronicles
  7. Distant Dreams Diary
  8. Horizons of Hopes
  9. The Global Gypsy
  10. Footsteps of a Dreamer
  11. Globetrotter’s Grace
  12. The Travel Poet
  13. Wanderlust Wishes Blog
  14. Travel Treasures
  15. Roaming Routes
  16. The Travel Trail
  17. Jetset Journey Blog
  18. The Nomadic Notebook
  19. Wander Way
  20. Destination Dreams
  21. The Travel Teller
  22. Wander & Wonder
  23. Globe Gazing Blog
  24. The Traveling Muse
  25. Joyful Journey Journal
  26. The Adventure Atlas
  27. Travel Tales
  28. The Wanderer’s Way

Career & Finance Lifestyle Blog Names

  1. Career & Finance Lifestyle Blog Names
  2. The Career Catalyst
  3. Ambitious & Abundant
  4. The Prosperity Pathway
  5. Boss Lady Blueprint
  6. Success Savvy Blog
  7. The Financial Femme
  8. The Wealth Whisperer
  9. Career Clarity Chronicles
  10. Money Maven Diaries
  11. The Ambitious Ascend Blog
  12. The Financial Flourish
  13. Wealth & Wisdom Writings
  14. The Career Climber
  15. Wealthy Woman’s Way
  16. Career Confidence Chronicles
  17. The Success Strategist
  18. Financially Fearless Blog
  19. The Ambitious Agenda
  20. Money Matters Musings
  21. Financially Fierce
  22. The Career Architect
  23. Career Compass Chronicles
  24. Career Clarity Collective
  25. Money Magic Moments
  26. The Empowered Executive
  27. Financial Freedom Femme
  28. The Wealthy Wanderer
  29. Money Matters Memoir
  30. The Prosperity Pulse
  31. Wealthy Woman Wisdom
  32. Wealth & Ambition Adventures
  33. The Success Suite
  34. Career Craft Blog
  35. The Prosperous Path

College Lifestyle Blog Names

  1. The Enlightened Undergrad
  2. Diaries of a Diligent Scholar
  3. The College Curator Chronicles
  4. The Study Abroad Storyteller
  5. College Life Unfiltered
  6. Dorm Room Doodles
  7. Navigating the Quad
  8. The Study Break Bulletin
  9. Academia & Aesthetics
  10. The Collegiate Connoisseur
  11. Dorm Life Diaries Uncut
  12. The Freshman Fifteen Files
  13. Sophomore Sensations
  14. Junior Year Journeys
  15. Dorm Room Decorum
  16. The Campus Collective
  17. From Lecture Halls to Living Rooms
  18. Study Spots & Style Notes
  19. Caffeine & Cramming Chronicles
  20. The Dorm Decor Diaries
  21. University Life Unscripted
  22. The Collegiate Craftswoman
  23. Notes from the Quad
  24. The Academic Alchemist
  25. The Dorm Room Digest
  26. Dorm Room Designs & Dreams
  27. College Life Reflections
  28. Lecture Hall Legends
  29. University Life Decoded

Lifestyle Blogs About Blogging

  1. Diary of a Digital Nomad
  2. The Blogger’s Voyage
  3. Pixels and Prose
  4. The Creative Blogger’s Compass
  5. The Blogging Renaissance
  6. Digital Dreamscapes
  7. Behind the Pixels
  8. Blogosphere Dreams
  9. Dreamweaver Blogging Guide
  10. Blogging Tides and Triumphs
  11. Blogging Beyond Imagination
  12. Blogging Under the Radar
  13. The Digital Artisan
  14. Blogging with a Purpose
  15. Digital Dream Weaver
  16. Blogging Utopia
  17. Blogging Beyond Reality

Choosing a name: next steps

Have you found a name? If so, here’s exactly what to do next:

Click this link to sign up for Bluehost and select your WordPress hosting plan. When starting your first blog, basic is usually the best option.

It’s only $2.95/mo and will give you everything you need! Plus, you get a domain name for FREE.

bluehost plan options
select your wordpress hosting plan

After you select this, it will take you to where you can select your free domain name. Use the tips in this post to choose a good one.

Once you’ve got a domain, Bluehost will guide you through your account information and payment details to get set up. Read my entire post on how to start a blog for details on what to do next and how to start making money!! 💰 💴 💵

Creating a lifestyle blog is an exciting adventure that allows you to express your passions, share your experiences, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals. Whether you choose a name that reflects elegance, whimsy, or adventure, the perfect blog name sets the tone for your unique journey.

Embrace your creativity, let your personality shine, and start your blogging adventure with a name that truly resonates with you.