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If you have a knack for arts and crafts, you’re one of the lucky ones.

Online shopping has brought arts and crafts small businesses to new heights, and they’re in high demand.

Goods from small craft businesses make great gifts, and they’re the perfect way to find something unique that nobody else has.

You may be wondering what type of small craft business is best for you. In this post, I’ve listed 18 small craft business ideas that you could consider starting in 2022.

The Best Small Craft Businesses to Start in 2022

Here are X small businesses you can start with your arts and crafts skills!

Start a Handmade Jewelry Business

Jewelry is the perfect example of a craft business you can start at home.

Because most jewelry is relatively small, you should be able to keep inventory in your home without a problem. You can also start up a jewelry business for a relatively low cost, being able to get supplies at a store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Jewelry businesses can be incredibly successful on Etsy.

Celestial Flowers by B on Etsy Specializes in Jewelry using Dried Flowers

By starting a jewelry business on Etsy, you’ll make sure your jewelry has a chance to get in front of the right people.

💡 Tip
If you want to start a jewelry business, consider finding a smaller niche within jewelry to start your business around.

Start a Hand-Embroidery Business

Embroidery is having a moment in 2022. People are loving embroidered apparel like t-shirts an hats as an alternative to screen printed goods.

Embroidery gives a high-quality feel to your handmade goods, which can result in high profits.

Take for example, freedom and the moon, which sells hand embroidered sweaters for upwards of $80.

freedom and the moon

Sell Handmade Pottery Like Mugs

Handmade pottery definitely stands out from manufactured pottery, in a good way. Because of this, people are willing to pay a premium for handmade pottery like mugs.

If pottery is your craft, selling pottery can make for a profitable business!

Teach Arts & Craft Classes online

Your craft business not not necessarily have to center around selling products.

Instead, you could consider selling online courses to teach whatever arts and crafts you enjoy.

So many people wish they could be more crafty, or wish they could learn certain craft skills, but don’t know where to start.

As a crafty person, not only can you help them learn new skills, you can make a profit doing so.

💡 Tip
You can use teachable to walk you through the entire process of creating and promoting your online course

Start a Print on Demand Store

If you haven’t heard of print-on-demand yet, you’re missing out on a world of business opportunities for the crafty!

Print-on-demand is a business model that allows you to sell merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, and more with custom designs— without having to store and inventory yourself.

Printify has thousands of print-on-demand items in their catalog

You’ll create designs and upload them, and your Print-on-demand provider will handle the printing and shipping.

This is so great, because your small business can create passive income rather than you having to be involved on a day to day basis.

💡 Getting started
If you want to get started with Print-on-demand, Shopify and Etsy have build in POD integrations that you can use.

Sell Sewing Patterns

If you love to sew, selling sewing patterns online could be a great small business for you to start.

Etsy is often the first place I go for sewing patterns, because the patterns found in traditional fabric stores are typically outdated and confusing.

Kiana Bonollo runs a Successful Fashion Business Selling Sewing Patterns

If you love fashion, this could be the perfect small business idea for you! Not to mention, you can sell sewing patterns as digital files, meaning a lot less work for you.

Start a Sticker Business

One of the most popular small craft businesses to start is a sticker store.

Selling stickers allows artists and designers turn their work into something that is lower cost and more useful to consumers.

You can create stickers from your artwork or designs, or even start making them on Canva.

The options as to what type of stickers you can sell are endless. Besides decorative stickers, you can sell planner stickers, labels, and more.

To start a sticker business, you can either print your stickers at home, or use a print on demand service. If you choose to print your stickers at home, you’ll need a quality printer and sticker paper to get started.

Start a Store Selling Things You Make with Your Cricut

If you are a dedicated crafter, you’ve probably heard of the Cricut. A Cricut is a laser cutting machine that you can use to make thinks like T-shirts, home decor, custom tumblers, and more.

Madebyleticia‘s small business sells custom tumblers, apparel, and more

It allows you to create super professional products in your own home, and easily tailor your product to support custom orders.

Looking for ideas?
I have a whole post on 35+ things you can make with a Cricut (and sell!)

Sell Cricut Templates

Another small business idea involving a Cricut is to sell Cricut templates.

If you’re a savvy Cricut user and make your own designs, you might inspire others to use your designs.

Selling your Cricut designs can save other Cricut users tons of time.

Start an Art Print Shop

If you’re an artist, start a business selling your art online. Instead of selling individual art pieces, you can create replicas (prints) of your most popular work to sell online.

Kt’s Canvases Art Prints

With an art store, you could choose to create your own storefront through Shopify, or start selling on Etsy

While there are many ways to get traffic to an online art store, this is a great option for artists or designers who already have some sort of social media following.

Start a Dried and Silk Floral Arrangement Business

Creating floral arrangements might be a more unique craft hobby, but it’s one that can be super profitable! As many people turn away from real flowers to more cost effective options, like silk and dried flowers, It’s become possible to purchase florals online.’s forever florals collection

In particular, the wedding industry has a huge market for online floral Businesses

Sell Greeting Cards & Invitations

If you are a Calligrapher, Artist, or Designer, one way to turn your craft into a business is by using it to create greeting cards and invitations.

When it comes to invitations like wedding invitations, people will often spend hours browsing to pick an invitation that’s just right.

If you think you can add high-quality, unique designs, starting a card business might be right for you.

Start a Handmade Candle Business

Candle businesses can be super successful either online or locally at farmers markets and flea markets.

There is a huge market for candles as they make great gifts, and who doesn’t love a good smelling home?

And yes, you can make candles at home! This is a great craft to pick up if you want to learn a new skill that can be transformed into a business.

Since the candle market is already large, think of a smaller niche you could fulfill. For example, candles packages in recycled containers or candles with funny, personalized packaging

Sell Thrift-flipped home decor & furniture

One of the best options for a sustainable small business that’s also profitable is selling thrift-flipped home decor and furniture.

@chrisallenfurniture How to sell your furniture flip on Facebook marketplace! #furnitureflip #diyproject #furnituremakeover #diy #sidehustle #flip #smallbusiness #fyp ♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

Basically, you go to thrift stores and buy furniture and decor that has potential. To flip furniture, you could do something as simple as painting it or as complex as taking it apart and creating something new entirely!

For larger furniture items, it’s a great idea to sell your flipped furniture on Facebook marketplace. If you’re working with smaller pieces and decor, you can start and online shop for a wider reach.

Sell Art Tutorial Books

Similar to online courses, you can start a small craft business by selling books that teach others how to do what you do.

There are several best selling craft books on Amazon on topics from crafts in general, to Cricut crafts, to painting.

If you’re a crafter in general, but don’t know what to sell in particular, this is could be a great business to start!

Fashion illustrator Holly Nichols teachers others fashion illustration skills in her book, Modern Fashion Illustration

Sell Handmade Resin Goods

Resin crafts are taking off in recent years for their unique, artistic appearance.

With resin, you can make all sorts of crafts from dog tags, to coasters, to entire coffee tables.

Popular Resin Dog Tags on Etsy

If you want to start a small business selling resin goods, Etsy is a great place to get started, and may give you some ideas for what types of resin products customers are searching for.

Start a Crafting Blog

What does starting a blog have to do with crafting? You can create a website like this one where you share crafting tips, tricks, tutorials and more.

And yes, you can make money with a blog. Which is why it makes a great foundation for a small business

Check out my post on the top 6 ways you can start money with a blog to learn more.

Sell Thrift Flipped Clothes

If you’re a fashionista and want to start a sustainable small craft business, consider flipping clothing from the thrift store and selling it to give it a new life.

There is a ton of demand for sustainable fashion options and vintage clothing, so this can be a super profitable business.

In this business, imagery is really important. Have yourself or models wear your flipped clothes for photos that will make your listings stand out.

Closing thoughts on Small Craft Business Ideas to Start

I hope this list of ideas inspired you to think about how you can take your crafting to the next level and start a profitable business.

There are so many different possibilities for how you can turn your craft into a business— the most important thing you can do is to start taking action toward making your dreams a reality.