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Health looks different for everyone. For some, health means having a strong and capable body. Others may be focused on healing their mental or physical health in a specific way.

Regardless of your health goals, affirmations are a tool that can help you achieve them.

Affirmations are short, positive statements that help shift your mindset in a positive direction. In turn, they help shift your beliefs, habits, and eventually your reality.

How do Affirmations for Health Work?

Affirmations for health work like all types of affirmations— by allowing us to cultivate thoughts and behaviors in line with our desired reality. In the case of health, when we say health affirmations like:

“I prioritize my health”


“My body is a gift”

We start to believe these things are true. And our beliefs help shape our actions. So, you’ll start to prioritize your health by finding time for exercise or eating healthy. And you’ll start treating your body like the gift it is.

And there’s actually evidence to support that health affirmations can help us achieve these health goals, even in ways we don’t actually fully understnd.

One study found that people who practiced self affirmation were more receptive to health information, had greater intention to change, and were more likely to change their behavior for better health.

Not to mention, Johns Hopkins’ states that positive thinking is definitely liked to better health. Including heart health and immune response.

In short, these health affirmations may help you create positive changes in your life towards health goals. And beyond that, they may even have benefits for your long term health.

How to Use Affirmations for Health

There are so many ways you can use affirmations for health. At the core of it all is to keep them in mind every day, preferably multiple times per day.

Here are a few ways you could consider using these health affirmations:

  1. Use health affirmations for situational support: After you’ve read these 50 health affirmations, write down a few that resonate with you on sticky notes. Place the sticky notes where it will be most helpful for you to receive their message. For example, if you want to build healthier eating habits, consider placing an affirmation like “I nourish my body with healthy foods” in your pantry. Or, place an affirmation like “I am strong,” near your gym equipment.
  2. Say your health affirmations out loud: One of the best tips for using all sorts of affirmations is to say them out loud. It may seem cheesy at first, but saying affirmations out loud speaks them into existence and can make them feel more true to you, thus having a more significant impact on your mind and actions.
  3. Create a health mantra for every morning: The morning is a great time to say your health affirmations, since health can be such a huge priority. And, every day, you make choices that impact your health. Start your morning by repeating one or a few health affirmations to yourself to set your intention for the day.
  4. Repeat your affirmations during health focused activities, like working out and eating: These health affirmations can give you that extra motivation you need to keep going when doing a hard workout, or to make healthy choices at the grocery store. Repeat these affirmations in your head when you need them most. Treat them like a supportive tool, there for you when you need them.

50 Health Affirmations

  1. I nourish my body
  2. I have an abundance of energy
  3. I am strong
  4. I care for my physical body
  5. I am well
  6. I heal quickly and easily
  7. I am grateful for my health
  8. I deserve to feel amazing every day
  9. I feel better every day
  10. I enjoy a healthy diet
  11. I am stronger each day
  12. I have a healthy mind, body, and soul
  13. My body is a gift
  14. My body hears my positive self talk
  15. What I consume heals me
  16. My positive thoughts translate to a healthy body
  17. I trust my body
  18. My body is in balance
  19. I value my health
  20. I listen to my body
  21. I breathe deeply
  22. I enjoy restful sleep each night
  23. I love to work out
  24. Each and every cell in my body is healthy
  25. I say kind things to my body
  26. Each day, I wake up well rested and full of energy
  27. I live in a healthy environment
  28. I drink plenty of water
  29. I am thriving
  30. I say no to unhealthy habits
  31. Health comes in many sizes
  32. I dedicate time and energy to my health
  33. My body is my vessel for this amazing life
  34. I celebrate my health
  35. I am making progress towards a healthier me
  36. I challenge my body
  37. I am powerful
  38. I am comfortable in my body
  39. I love all parts of my body, from head to toe
  40. I release shame about my body
  41. My immune system is strong
  42. I love my body’s uniqueness
  43. My friends and family support healthy choices
  44. I take ownership of my health
  45. I crave nutritious foods
  46. I am pain-free
  47. I send love to every organ and cell in my body
  48. I take ownership of my health
  49. I am a survivor
  50. I am grateful to be alive.

Reframing Negative Health Thoughts with Positive Health Affirmations

I cannot think of a single person who does not want to, at least a little, achieve greater physical or mental health. Some are well along their health journey, while others may be struggling with one area of their health, Others, even, may be dealing with difficult news about their health.

While achieving health can be an immensely joyful and meaningful experience, being sick, or struggling with our weight, or struggling with mental health can lead to a lot of pain. And along with this comes feelings of anxiety and despair.

While it’s important to acknowledge negative feelings about your health, you can also use these positive health affirmations to reframe your thoughts surrounding health.

For example, if you struggle with healthy eating, it may be difficult to say out loud “I make healthy choices for myself.” In time, however, you will believe it to be true, and you will act in accordance.

That’s where the real power of these health affirmations comes in.

Closing thoughts

It is often said that health is our greatest wealth. For this reason, it is one of the greatest things you can pour your energy into pursuing.

So, start today.

Pick a few affirmations from this list and say them out loud. Then, do it again tomorrow.

Even with this small amount of effort, over time, these affirmations for your health can help you achieve your health goals, no matter how big.

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