glitter nail ideas
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Who doesn’t love glitter? There’s no better place to add glitz and sparkle to your outfit than your nails. There are so many different ways to rock glitter nails. Some are more festive, others are simple and subtle. Glitter nails can totally work for for all types of nails, from acrylic nails to short nails.

Keep reading for 25 gorgeous glitter nail ideas– you’re sure to find one you love! ✨

1. Rainbow Striped Glitter Nails

This glitter and stripe combo make for the most festive nails! The addition of small white lines help the stripes stand out. Not to mention, they can help hide any mistakes.

2. Wavy Magenta Glitter Nails

If you’re more of a solid color person, thes magenta glitter nails might be perfect! Have you heard of magnetic nail polish? With this type of polish, you can create waviness in your nail design just by hovering a magnet over your nails. That’s what gives these gorgeous nails their uniqueness.

3. Subtle Glitter Dot Nails

Glitter does not have to be flashy. Want to be festive, but also subtle? These simple dot nails are perfect. Simple nail designs like this are super trendy right now, and super easy to achieve at home. All you need is a toothpick and some polish! You can paint the dot over a base coat of a neutral color, or you can simple do them over you bare nail and end with a glossy topcoat.

4. Gold Glitter & Stars Nails

I am loving the idea of layering a fun shape, like these stars, on top of a french tip. Better yet, a glitter french tip! These gold and star nails will make you feel like a total rockstar. They’re perfect for many occasions, from new years eve, to a rock concert.

5. Starry Night Twinkle Glitter Nails

I absolutely love these night-sky inspired glitter nails. These nails use a nude base coat, black glitter polish, silver glitter polish, and white polish accents. The layered effect and added twinkle details on these nails give them so much dimension, almost as if they were 3D.

6. Green Glitter French Tip Nails

French tips are a classic. Using glitter polish instead of a solid color could be just the right amount of festive flair for your nails. The chunky glitter texture of these green french tips makes them especially stand out.

7. Purple Glitter Nails with Line Art

These gorgeous purple nails prove that nail designs do not have to be complicated to be stunning! Line art like this can be achieved easily, and will give your glitter nails an added twist.

8. Reflective Glitter Slanted French Tips

For a simple but unique look, try a slanted french tip with your favorite glitter. To achieve this look, you could tape over your nail to create crisp lines.

9. Eclectic Gold Glitter Nail Design

I absolutely love this unique and delicate nail design. Honestly, this would look cute in both glitter, or a solid color. But the gold glitter definitely makes these nails pop.

10. Festive Multi Color Glitter Nails

Why choose one glitter color, when you can have them all? These multicolor glitter nails are perfect for the holiday season. Not to mention, this gorgeous ring pairs perfectly with the colorful nails.

11. Gray Glitter Detail Nails

The glitter on these nails is more subtle, but will look gorgeous when the sun hits them just right. So, if you like glitter but are looking for something more classic and subtle, these nails might be perfect for you.

12. Iridescent & Milky Nails with Rhinestones

If you’re not a fan of glitter polish, but still want your nails to sparkle, how about rhinestones? These fun nails look so frosty and have the perfect amount of sparkle.

13. Glitter Lollipop Nail Tips

Do these nails remind anyone else of lollipops? I absolutely love these bright-colored nails for a festival or party.

14. Pink Glitter Nails with White Stars

Layering solid color nail designs on top of glitter is such a great idea. These pink glitter nails with white starts are the perfect balance of girly and edgy.

15. Striped French Tip Pink Glitter Nails

How cool is the half and half look of these nails? This is a super unique way to pair a classic french tip with a different design, like stripes.

16. Marbled Nails with Gold Flakes

These are definitely a favorite. The marbling effect of the deep wine colored nails with gold flakes is just so beautiful. And, the glitter party nail makes them more fun and modern.

17. Blue Ombre Glitter

I love how the glitter on these nails fades into the natural nail color. It creates a confetti-like effect that is perfect for a celebration or night out!

18. Glitter Blob Nails

Abstract shapes like this are a common feature of modern nail designs. For a sparkly effect, outline the shapes with your favorite glitter polish, like these nails.

19. Gold Stars Glitter Nails

These nails look like a dreamy sky with white shimmering clouds and gold stars. Similar to the nails above, gold glitter polish outlines the abstract shapes. The combination of silver and gold looks gorgeous and will go with any jewelry.

20. Solid French Tips with Glitter Outline

If you didn’t notice the glitter on these nails at first, you may want to take a closer look. In these french tips, a subtle line of gold glitter polish outlines the solid color tips.

21. Gold Glitter and White Lines Nail Design

These nails feature simple abstract lines painted over a milky pink base color. Even though the lines are simple, they create an almost marble effect which you could easily achieve on your own.

22. Sweater Nails with Glitter Accents

These textured, matte sweater nails are so in right now. And they look great alongside a glitter accent nail. This nail set has such a gorgeous variety of texture and designs.

23. Large Confetti Nails

These are maybe some of the most fun nails I’ve ever seen! Usually, glitter nails use a finer texture of glitter. But these confetti nails feature very large glitter pieces, for a unique look.

24. Delicate Gold Rainbow Glitter Nails

These nails use color in a simple and subtle way. They’re the perfect combination of modern and fun.

25. Outlined Confetti Nails

Another unique design to try with glitter nails is to roughly outline the shape of your nail with a different color. The silver border on these confetti nails is an unexpected twist on otherwise simple nails.