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LED Cloud Walls have gained a lot of traction on TikTok because they are an affordable, fun, DIY trend that looks super cool! You don’t have to be a DIY expert to take on the cloud wall. In fact, it only requires a few supplies to make your own.

Cloud walls look great as a pop of color in bedrooms, kids rooms, basements, studios, and more. In this post, I’ve included a few awesome cloud wall examples as well as how to make your own cloud wall!

How to Make Your Own Cloud Wall


Like I said, making a cloud wall requires a relatively small amount of supplies, which is great if you’re on a budget! All you’ll need is poster board, command strips (or thumb tacks if you’re not worried about holes in the wall) , polyester fiber fill, a hot glue gun, and adhesive LED lights.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is extremely important to use only LED lights that do not emit any heat when making a cloud wall, to prevent the poster board or cotton from burning.


  1. Hang your poster boards on your wall using the command strips or tacks. You can get creative with how you hang these. Some people make different shapes, while others just make a rectangle. It looks cool either way!
  2. Stick the LED lights to the board in a random fashion.
  3. Glue the poly-fil all over the poster boards, covering the lights
  4. Decorate however else you would like to customize your cloud wall! Vines & Butterflies make for a really unique look if you’re looking for ideas.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth tutorial, Mona’e on YouTube has a great one:

Cloud Wall Inspiration

Cloud Wall with Vines


time to never leave my bed(as if I did that anyways ?) ##cloudwall##vines##nature##bedroom

♬ till the sun comes – 347aidan

This is a super unique take on the cloud wall! I love the vines because I think it looks really cool even when the lights are on, and not just in the dark.

Classic Blue Cloud Wall


This is basically what the standard cloud wall looks like! This one seems to take up a rather large area, which makes it look super cool.

Neon Pink Cloud Wall


Love the bright neon pink lights in this one.

Thunder Cloud Ceiling


Repost #fyp #wallcloud #cloudwall #ceilingcloud #cloudceiling

♬ Thunder Sound – Tmsoft’s White Noise Sleep Sounds

If you love a good thunderstorm, this one’s for you! Flashing white LED lights give this cloud ceiling the effect of an indoor thunderstorm.

This Cloud Ceiling at an Event

jon_medina_ via @aimmerman

This was actually made as an art installation way before cloud walls were even a trend!

Blue Floating LED Cloud


These neon props look super cool with the LED cloud behind them!

Cloud Wall with Neon Sign


i have multiple burns on my fingers but i think it was worth it? @simswilson ##cloudwall ##roommakeover ##foryou ##ledlights

♬ original sound – carter!

This is one of the most popular cloud walls on tiktok. The neon sign is a nice touch!

Rainbow Cloud Wall


tried this trend ☁️ ##cloudwall ##trending ##foryou ##fyp ##viral ##4u

♬ original sound – Summers bf

The dynamic rainbow LED Lights in this one are a nice touch.

Hanging LED Clouds


Turns out, walls aren’t the only way to try the LED cloud trend! These floating LED clouds are awesome too, and you can make them with similar supplies.

Cloud Ceiling


This took so long to do but the outcome was worth it ?##cloudwall ##cloudceiling ##fyp ##viral

♬ original sound – xxtristanxo

Pastel Cloud Walls

I like how these clouds are dispersed on the wall in different areas, as opposed to one large blob.

Door Framing Cloud Wall


took forever and ran out of glue but she pretty #SelfImprovement #cloudwall #led

♬ original sound – Summers bf

Cloud Shaped Cloud Wall


It turned out so much better than I expected #fyp #cloudwall #trending #viral

♬ HOLIDAY – Lil Nas X

I love this one because it’s much smaller/ more doable than the others! You’ll need significantly less lights, pasteboard, and polyfil to create something like this

Rainbow Door Framing Cloud Wall

If you’re ready to make your own cloud wall, you can get all the supplies on Amazon! Here’s everything you’ll need again!

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