garage organization ideas
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Let’s face it— organizing the garage can be such a dreaded task. So much stuff! Tools, out-of-season decor, appliances, pantry excess, and the list goes on.

Does anyone else feel like the garage is a place for everything you just don’t know where to put?

If you’re looking for motivation to take on the daunting task of organizing your garage, you’re in luck!

These 20 garage organization ideas will inspire you that it can be done, and give you ideas for an organization solution that will work for your needs.

1. Organized Garage with Pegboard

A pegboard like this is the perfect idea to keep your garage nice and organized. You can hang tools, buckets, and more in whatever arrangement makes sense for you. It’s a great use of vertical space, and keeps everything where you can see it!

2. Wall Mounted Cleaning Tools

Rather than a cluttered closet, why not mount your tools on a garage wall? This will save so much space and leave plenty of room for your cars, too.

3. Garage with Organized Storage Bins

Just imagine how much stuff you could pack in to so many bins. This is an amazing storage solution! I would put things you use less frequently at the top, and things you use all the time toward the bottom.

4. Helmet and Backpack Garage Hooks.

You could totally DIY some hooks like this with whatever space you have in your garage. This will make leaving for school in the morning so much easier, and avoid backpacks on the couch/table after school!

5. Metal Storage Cabinets and Bins

Did you know that metal storage cabinets can make a great garage organization solution since they are often resistant to moisture, heat, and bacteria?

6. Organized Garage Shelves with Drawers

If you plan on using shelves to organize your garage, don’t forget a few drawers. The shelves are perfect for larger items or bulk items, but the drawers come in so much handy for smaller things that don’t necessarily have a place.

7. Pegboard With Drawers for garage Organization

With a pegboard like this, you can always add shelves and tool holders after the fact. It’s great for the garage, where there seems to be an endless influx of new tools and gadgets that arise.

8. Lawn Care Tools garage Organization

One important rule of organization is to keep things that go together, together. That’s why this lawn care tool organization just makes sense. Whenever you need something for the lawn, you know where to find it.

9.Sports Equipment Garage Organization

These bags for soccer balls, footballs, and whatever else are absolutely genius! The perfect way to keep them out of the way, but make it easy for cleanup after sports.

10. Nerf Garage Organization

Toys can be so tough, but this NERF wall is the perfect solution! If these Nerfs were in bins, they would take up so much more space. While we know not everyone has this many NERFS, you could use this idea for so many types of toys or anything else.

11. Garage Ceiling Shelf

This shelf that mounts to your garage ceiling is perfect for excess storage. It can hold up to 600 lbs and makes use of overhead space that otherwise goes to waste.

12. Wall to Wall Garage Storage Shelves

Make use of all the space you have in your garage by having an entire wall of shelves. Not everything has to go in a bin for it to be super organized!

13. Black and White Garage Organization

Obviously, organization is not all about aesthetics. But we have to compliment how chic and modern this garage storage solutions, The black bins are such an upgrade from clear ones.

14. Shelves, Pegboard, and Drawers Garage Organization

If you’re not sure what storage solution is best for you garage, this is a perfect example of how you can combine them all. Theres sure to be a spot for everything!

15. Overhead Shelves and Wall Mounted Tools

There is no space going to waste in this organized garage! To see how much space great organization can save, check out this amazing before and after.

16. Sports Equipment Organization with Wall Slats

Notice how these bins are attached to a slatted wall. These are a great idea for garage organization because you can rearrange things and pick buckets, hooks, and more based on your needs. Like a peg board, but a whole wall!

17. Mudroom Personal Stations

Shoes everywhere can make things feel really cluttered. But, the garage makes the perfect place to store all of your shoes, right by the door!

18. Modern Farmhouse Garage organization

This is the perfect example of how you can match your garage to your home decor style. Why not trade out the clear plastic bins for some rattan bins and add a wreath to the door, even in the garage? It’s the little things that count!

19. Rolling Garage Storage and Workstation

If you’re working that when the tools get brought out, they won’t make it back to where they belong, a rolling storage cart like this could be a great idea. Not to mention, you could roll this out of the way, add a stool, and have a great workstation!

20. Gardening Garage Organization

First, I am envious of the beautiful window in this garage! But also, such a beautiful display and storage of tons of pots and gardening supplies.

21. Garage Craft Organization

The owner of this particular garage runs a business from her home, and needs extra space for storage for this. For some, the garage can make the perfect place for an organized workspace.

22. Garage Organization with Gym

It’s become really common for a garage to double as a home gym. In this case, you may want your storage to be a bit more hidden away than normal for distraction free workouts. I love these large cabinets for storage that make for a sleek gym setup when closed.

23. Garage Toy Organization

Instead of having one large bucket for toys, why not separate your kid’s toys in different buckets like this. Your kids will know where to find them, and you can teach them to put them back where they belong.

That’s all for these garage organization ideas! I hope this inspired you to go out to your garage and just get it done— it’ll be so worth it if you do.