aura color meanings
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Aura’s are the energy that a person emits through a small electromagnetic field.

While it’s rare to see someone’s aura with the naked eye, you may be able to detect characteristics of someone’s aura by the way they make you feel. Have you ever met someone whose presence was immediately warm, and calming? Or on the other end, someone whose nervous energy made you uncomfortable?

You’re likely picking up on their aura. And just the same, your aura effects how you connect with others and the world around you.

Every living thing has an aura, including plants and animals. Aura’s can be made up of multiple colors, but it’s likely that one is dominant in a given person’s aura.

Different aura colors mean different things about one’s personality and how they connect to the world. Each color is a different frequency with its own unique meaning.

Before we dig in to the meaning of 11 different aura colors, let’s learn a bit more about the basics of an aura.

How Can I See My Aura?

Discovering your aura colors may seem a bit elusive, given that you can’t actually see them. But there are a few ways you may be able to get a sense for your aura colors:

  • Take an aura color quiz: Because your aura relates to your personality and how others perceive you, you may be able to find out your aura colors through an online quiz.
  • See an aura photographer: Aura photographers use a special type of camera to produce a portrait with visible aura colors. This is great for getting a closer look at your aura, or tracking how it changes over time.
  • Learn to read auras: Anyone can read auras with practice. With this skill, you’ll be able to train yourself to see both your own aura and the aura of others. The process of reading and aura takes focus, concentration, and lots of practice.

Do Aura Colors Change?

Yes, your aura colors can and will change over time. Aura colors are not like astrology— a fixed measure of your personality based on when you were born. They are ever-changing based on your mood and where you are in life.

Aura Color Meanings


Red Aura Traits: passionate, confident, ambitious, hard-working, grounded

Those with red in their aura tend to radiate intensity and passion. They may be leaders, adventurers, athletes or entertainers. Whatever a red aura person chooses to pursue, the embark fearlessly and often find success. Red aura people take pleasure in the physical world around them, from food, to clothing, to places. They experience the physical world abundantly, but are able to stay grounded and secure through it all. Red aura people love the people close to them with fierce loyalty and honesty.

If clouded or muddy, red aura people may have a short tempter, experience intense anger, and experience anxiety that prevents them from relaxing.


Orange Aura Traits: joyful, thoughtful, adventurous, creative, loves life

If you have orange in your aura, you’re probably an amazing friend. After all, orange is the aura of friendship and relationships. Exhanges with a person that has an orange aura are usually joyful and warm. Because of this, orange aura people quickly make friends and develop deep relationships. They are gifted in easily relating to others. Their natural ability to work with others makes them great partners, friends, coworkers and teammates. Orange aura people are often extremely creative, being able to translate empathy into creative works.

If muddied, they may come off as overbearing or insincere. They may struggle with pessimism and pride.


Yellow Aura Traits: energetic, friendly, encouraging, happy, intelligent

Has anyone ever told you that when you walk into a room your presence is immediately felt? If so, you may have yellow in your aura. Yellow aura people radiate confidence and happiness. They are natural born leaders, and often have the gift of inspiring and motivating others. They may be entrepreneurs, managers, coaches, or any role that allows them to motivate others towards a goal. Those with a yellow aura may be seen as the life of the party, joyous and full of laughter. Yellow also signifies intellect and logic. This powerful combination can make those with a yellow aura seem almost unstoppable.

If clouded, yellow frequencies can be overly-critical, or inspire impulsivity or jealousy.


Green Aura Traits: compassionate, healing, responsible, caring, free-spirited

It’s no accident that those with green in their aura share the color of the natural world. Green frequencies represent life itself, and those with green in their aura are often givers of life. Green aura people naturally heal others, from people, to plants, to animals. They may have a green thumb, or find that animals are naturally drawn to them. Those with green in their aura have the gift of loving touch, care, and attention. Because of this, they make great caretakers, veterinarians, doctors, and teachers. Green aura people also tend to be open-minded and free spirited. They may also be exceptionally sensitive to others and their environment, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Muddy or grayish green frequencies may signify stubbornness or selfishness.

Light Blue

Blue Aura Traits: self-expressive, intuitive, deep, wise, great communicator

The color of the throat chakra, blue is the frequency of communication. For this, those with light blue in their aura are gifted in their communication skills. But this is not just about being well spoken— though, blue aura people do tend to have a way with words. Those with a blue aura are exceptionally intuitive and able to communicate with a wisdom and insight that others cannot. At the core of these communication skills are their rich intuition, which allows them to solve their inner emotional and spiritual problems with ease.

Clouded or muddy blue auras signify insecurity and an unwillingness to be vulnerable.


Indigo Aura Traits: connected, spiritual, empathetic, calm, dutiful

Those with indigo in their aura have and intense connection with nature, themselves, and ultimately the entire world around them. They are often spiritual people, who have a sense of dedication toward things like meditation, prayer, journaling and more. Because of the connection they possess, Indigo aura people are often empaths, sensing and taking on the emotions of those around them. Nonetheless, they have a balanced and calm presence, and often feel a duty to help others in some way. These traits make them great counselors and therapists.

Cloudy or murky indigo may signify self-doubt, or a disconnect between actions and intuition.


Violet Aura Traits: magical, charismatic, creative, charming, innovative

If fairies had auras, they would likely have some violet. Violet frequencies give off magical and playful energy. Those with violet in their aura tend to have extremely active imaginations, They are day dreamers that have a rich inner life. Concerned with dreams and possibilities, those with violet in their aura can be amazing innovators. They may be the people who make you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?,” due to their simple yet innovative ideas. Violet aura people are likely able to spot emerging trends and patterns before others, as well. They are constantly taking input from the outside world and turning it into rich, imaginative ideas.


Magenta Aura Traits: eccentric, artistic, creative, confident, independent

The Magenta aura is a combination of red, blue, and white frequencies. Those with magenta in their aura will likely exhibit traits of these three other frequencies. The results is someone who is passionate, confident, and extremely creative. Those with a magenta aura are not afraid to go against the status quo, and often do so with ease. Whether it be with art or life choices, magenta aura people are not afraid to be unique. Because of their creativity passion, and hard work, they excel in creative careers, like designers, makeup artists, or stylists.


Pink Aura Traits: romantic, generous, loyal, sweet, non-judgmental

Those with pink in their aura are the romantics of the world. They may be sentimental, loving, and generous. They have a gift for being gentle, loving, and loyal in their friendships and relationships. With romantic parters, pink aura people are extremely loyal and are able to keep the romance alive. Pink aura people seek harmony wherever they go, and are often averse to conflict or confrontation. They come off as sweet, easy-going, and youthful. If you have pink in your aura, you may find that others are willing to share things with you that they do not share with other people. They can sense your non-judgmental and caring nature. In this way, the pink aura’s presence brings comfort and healing.


White Aura Traits: highly spiritual and intuitive, altruistic, wise

A white aura is extremely rare and powerful. Related to the crown chakra, white frequencies signify universal oneness and connection to something greater. Someone with white in their aura connects easily to a spiritual world beyond our comprehension. They are extremely open, and recognize that their is a purpose greater than themselves. White aura people make great life coaches, spiritual leaders, and other paths that may help others find this connection. They tend to be altruistic, wise, and motivated to help the greater good.


Black Aura Traits: blocked energy, lost, distrusting

There’s actually no such thing as a black frequency— rather, seeing black in someone’s aura signifies the absence of other frequencies, which is pretty uncommon. The black aura represents being truly lost and having a complete absence or blockage of energy. Remember, your aura can change over time, so it’s important to not get discouraged if your aura is dark. Lifestyle changes and habits like meditation, yoga, and more can help you get more in touch with your energy and change your aura over time.

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Closing Thoughts on Aura Colors

Learning about are auras can help us make sense of who we are, and disco ver in which ways we can improve. You can also channel the energy of a specific aura color if you want to move your frequency in that direction.

After reading the meaning of these aura colors, do you have an idea of what yours might be?