dog room ideas
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Dogs— our best friends, snuggle buddies, and family members. For all the love our pups give us, it’s natural to want to totally spoil them.

One perfect way to this this is to give your dog their own special space— a dog room. A dog room is a place to keep your dogs bed, kennel, toy’s, and more.

Some dog rooms are combined with other rooms like laundry rooms and mudrooms. Others are built into the house— Under the stairs is a super common choice for dog rooms.

Whether you want to make a simple DIY dog room, or totally upgrade your dogs space with a luxury dog room, we have the perfect ideas for you! I am so inspired by the creative dog room ideas out there that can go with any style of decor.

Keep reading for 22 amazing dog room ideas your furry friends are sure to love.

1. These Modern Dog Houses With Portraits

I love that these dog portraits are black and white. This, along with the modern shape of the dog houses and wood slat wall makes for an extra modern dog room.

2. Custom Dog Room with Shelves

Not only does this make a super cozy setup for your pups, but the shelves above can be a great place for food, treats, grooming supplies, and more.

3. Room with Dog Shower

It’s becoming more and more popular to add dog showers or baths to the home. This saves so much time with trips to the groomer, and makes it easier to wash your dog after a muddy walk. This example is not only super functional, but the pink tile and gold faucet make it so chic and trendy as well.

4. Dog Room Under The Stairs

The half door for this under the stairs dog house is genius! If you’re able to install a dog room like this, you can eliminate the need for a clunky kennel and use space that’s not otherwise functional.

5. Dog Room in Laundry Room

The laundry room is the perfect space to double as a room for your dogs. If you don’t mind stacking your washer and dryer, you can clear up space for a dog bed and even a dog shower. Consider placing your dog’s bed where a cabinet would normally go for a great use of space!

6. Trendy Blue Laundry Room & Dog Room

Everything about this space— from the wallpaper, to the blue tile dog shower, to the floor, is stunning! And functional, for that matter. Just because it’s a dog room, doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

7. Dog Room With Sink and Built in Food & Water Dish

Love the idea of having a built in area for your dogs food and water— they always seem to get in the way! Having a sink right there too adds so much convenience.

8. This Dog Room with a Simple Shelf

If you’re not looking to add custom cabinetry or any large changes, one thing you could do is to add a shelf for your dogs supplies. Then, you can have their cute dog bed right underneath, like this.

9. Black and White Dog Washing Station

The wall to wall subway tile is to die for! Loving the black and white theme of this washing station along with the adorable dog photography and built in nook for your dog’s shampoo.

10. Under The Stairs Dog Room

Even if you don’t have a ton of space under the stairs, Under the stairs can still make a great little room for smaller dogs. It keeps toys, treats, and bowls out of the way.

11. Wood Under the Stairs Dog House

I love that this under the stairs dog nook looks like an actual dog house, rather than just a nook in the wall. I think it’s the wood that really makes this dog room stand out.

12. This Dog Room with a Kennel and Shelves

This dog room makes a great use of vertical space. It’s a great idea to have a kennel space under the shelves (for short periods of time, of course!)

13. Furry Friends Bed & Breakfast

If you have more than two pups, a dedicated dog room is more important than ever! Imagine having a dedicated place for their food and water dishes, rather than tons of random dishes scattered on the floor.

14. This Narrow Dog Room

If you have a narrower space, a layout like this might work well for you. They even made room for a shower!

15. Under Stairs Dog Room with Crate

This is a great way to keep your dog’s crate out of the way and in a more inconspicuous part of the house.

16. Hector’s House

This has to be one of the most adorable dog room ideas. Love the idea of getting your dog a custom sign for their special area. It’s the little things that count. ????

17. Dog Room & Storage Closet

I had to take a second look at this dog room to realize that it’s actually both a dog room and a storage closet. What a great use of space!

18. Dog Room Under the Stairs with Extra Shelves

My favorite part of this under the stairs dog room is the extra shelving, which adds a unique space for additional decor or storage.

19. Simple under the Stairs Dog Room

Another adorable example of an under the stairs dog den! While this space is adorably decorated, it’s also inconspicuous enough to not distract from other areas of your house.

20. Frankie the Frenchie’s Puppy Penthouse

It’s great how open this dog room feels. Even though it’s under the stairs, two of the walls are somewhat open. Frankie is a lucky pup!

21. Dog Room Under the Stairs with Dog House Roof

I LOVE the design of this dog room, complete with it’s own porch light and roof.

22. Modern Shiplap Dog Room Under the Stairs

Proof that a dog room can look so chic with modern decor, like this.

That’s all for these 22 adorable dog room ideas! No matter what you do for your dog’s space, they will love it so much. ☺️