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Chances are, you have some financial goals in your life. Maybe you want to get out of debt, stop living paycheck to paycheck, or build an emergency savings.

Or, maybe you have more lofty financial goals, like building a financially successful business or achieving financial freedom.

Whatever your goals may be, financial affirmations can help you achieve them. Financial affirmations are short, positive statements that help you shift your mindset towards a healthier relationship with money, allowing you to achieve your financial goals.

Before we dig in to 40 financial affirmations, let’s first talk about how to use these financial affirmations in your life.

How to Use Financial Affirmations to Manifest Money

The most important thing to understand about financial affirmations is that they are not magic, and they are not a replacement for the hard work that goes in to building wealth, saving money, and reaching financial success.

You’ll see many social media posts say things like “get rich overnight with these affirmations for financial success.”

Be skeptical of these messages.

Affirmations are a tool for creating positive change in your life, not a magic wand.

But don’t get me wrong, these affirmations are certainly powerful and have the ability to help you reach your financial goals!

How? Affirmations allow you to overcome negative though patterns, and replace them with self love and confidence.

New, more positive, thought patterns will also shift your actions. If you believe these affirmations are true, you will start acting like it both in conscious and subconscious ways.

Even if you don’t believe the affirmations at first, there are a couple ways you can use them that can slowly shift your thoughts over time.

Ways to Use Financial Affirmations

1. Use These Financial Affirmations to Start Your Day

Pick 3-5 financial affirmations that resonate with you, and say them out loud every morning before you start your day.

2. Journal with These Financial Affirmations

Try writing an affirmation (or a few) multiple times in your journal on a regular basis.

3. Put These Affirmations Somewhere you Can See Them

Write these financial affirmations on sticky notes and place them where you will see them every day.

4. Say Your Financial Affirmations Out Loud

Saying our affirmations out loud creates a shortcut for us to believe they are true, and thus create our realities around them.

Set your Financial Intention

Before diving in to these financial affirmations, I’d encourage you to think about what your financial goals and intentions are.

Here’s a few ways you can use these financial affirmations:

1. Use these affirmations to reach financial independence

financial independence (the same as financial freedom) means being able to pay your living expenses without having to be employed or dependent on another. This can mean different things for different people— investing, building wealth, etc. These affirmations can help you stay dedicated in your journey to financial freedom

2. Use these affirmations to reach financial stability

Being financially stable means that you are able to provide for yourself consistently, in both good and bad times. Steps to financial stability include finding stable work, and building an emergency savings to provide security inthe event of a financial crisis.

3. Use these affirmations to achieve financial success

Is your goal to simple earn more money? Or maybe you are building a business that you want to achieve financial growth? These are great goals too. On this list of affirmations, you will find some affirmations for financial success and growth.

4. Use these affirmations to reach financial abundance

Financial abundance is a bit different than these other goals. What the means is to adopt the mindset that you have enough. When you achieve financial abundance, you feel confidence about your money, believe you can always earn more, there’s enough to go around, and you’re happy to manage your finances. This is a great goal for everyone to have at all states of their financial journey.

40 powerful financial affirmations

  1. I am wealthy
  2. Financial abundance is coming my way
  3. My hard work pays off
  4. My income is stable
  5. I have more that enough
  6. I am grateful for my financial success
  7. I am financially free
  8. My income does not define me
  9. I spend money wisely
  10. I make the most of every dollar
  11. I feel positively about my relationship with money
  12. My income potential has no limits
  13. I deserve the money I earn
  14. I release my fears about money
  15. My skills are valuable
  16. I can handle my wealth
  17. I am in control of my finances
  18. My debt does not control me
  19. Each day, I get closer to my financial goals
  20. I will be debt-free
  21. I know how to manage my money
  22. My savings are growing
  23. I am financially prepared for the unexpected
  24. My investments will pay off
  25. I recognize the value of each dollar I save
  26. I can provide for myself by doing what I love
  27. I attract financial opportunities
  28. There is enough financial abundance to go around
  29. I have enough to share
  30. I am writing my own money story
  31. I use my wealth to help others
  32. I have enough, and I am enough
  33. I live a life of abundance and prosperity
  34. I welcome financial abundance
  35. I enjoy earning money
  36. I pay my bills on time
  37. Money allows me to live a life I love, provide for my family, and help others
  38. I am creating a financially abundant future
  39. My financial future is bright
  40. I trust myself to make smart financial decisions

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financial affirmations
financial affirmations

Closing Thoughts

Money can sometimes feel so important— like achieving financial success is the end all be all.

Keep in mind that while you can use these affirmations to build a positive money mindset, money is not the only thing.

Part of a healthy relationship with money is not letting it to consume your thoughts at all times.

Yes, it’s important to pay attention to your finances, and it’s totally reasonable to want to make more money.

But I’d encourage you to also be mindful of how much space you allow money to take up, and ensure you are creating a balanced life.

That said, I wish you well on your financial journey, and believe in your power to manifest a bright financial future!