50+ Couples Halloween Costume Ideas you Need to Try This Year


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It’s that time of year again… time to think of another Halloween costume! (Actually, I start doing this on approximately November 1st every year) ?.

Dressing up with a significant other can make this extra fun and excited, but it can also be complicated to decide on something you both like!

That’s where inspiration comes in handy! In this list of 50+ halloween costumes, you’ll find a mix of fresh ideas and classics. There has got to be something in this list for every couple, whether you’re looking for something funny, hot, or classic.

1. Forrest Gump and Jenny

Forrest Gump and Jenny Costume

Not only is this costume classic and adorable, but it’s also super easy to put together!

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2. Matching Unicorns

Matching Unicorns Couples Costume

Everybody knows that matching onesies makes for the easiest reusable couples costume!

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3. Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox Halloween Costume

OK… This outfit is absolutely adorable. And, it makes for a super easy costume for men who are lazy when it comes to Halloween ?

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4. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake Couples Costume

This just takes me right back to the early 2000’s

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5. Jake from State Farm and Progressive Flo

Jake from State Farm and Progressive Flo Couples Costume
Jake from State Farm and Progressive Flo Couples Costume

The iconic duo we never knew we needed ?

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6. Astronaut and his Alien

Astronaut and Alien Couples Costume

So cute.. Who doesn’t love metallics and glitter on Halloween?! ?

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7. Girl Scout Brownies

Girl Scout Brownies Couples Costume

You and your SO can be part of the same troop! How cute!

8. Leslie Knope and Ben

Leslie Knope Couples Costume

Super easy + Super recognizable! Who doesn’t love Parks & Rec?

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9. Fireman and Dalmation

Fireman and Dalmation Couples Costume
Fireman and Dalmation Couples Costume
Fireman and Dalmation Couples Costume

Cute cute cute! All you need is some black and white gear and puppy ears.

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10. Basketball Player and Cheerleader

Basketball Player and Cheerleader Couples Costume

Perfect way to save time for all the athletes and cheerleaders out there! And, everyone will know you go together ?

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11. Kentucky Fried Chicken- Colonel Sanders and Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken- Colonel Sanders and Chicken Couples Costume

I LOLed at this one! This is perfect for the funny couples out there. ?

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12. Cavemen

Cavemen Couples Costume

You could easily DIY this costume with just a simple trip to the fabric store!

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13. Danny and Sandy from Grease

Danny and Sandy from Grease Couples Costume
Danny and Sandy from Grease Couples Costume

Probably one of the most iconic duo Halloween costume. Doesn’t make it any less cool! A great opportunity to wear your favorite leather pieces and rock a red lip.

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14. Meredith Grey and Derek Shepard

Meredith Grey and Derek Shepard Couples Costume

Bonus points if you’re actually a healthcare worker!

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15. The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who

The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who

Can’t wait for christmas? Celebrate early with this classic Christmas/Halloween Costume.

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16. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Couples Costume

Does theme music play in anyone else’d head just from looking at this? ?

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17. Woody and Bo Peep

Woody and Bo Peep

Great option for all my Disney fans out there! Bo peep’s costume can be super cute.

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18. Indecent Sims

Indecent Sims

It took me a second.. but this is genius ?

19. Aladdin and Jasmine

Aladdin and Jasmine

Jasmine’s outfit is so so pretty!

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20. Alice and Wonderland and the White Rabbit

Alice and Wonderland and the White Rabbit

Calling all hipster couples.

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21. Bun in the Oven

Bun in the Oven

When it’s Halloween, but you also have an announcement to make… ?

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22. Ref and Baby Basketball

Ref and Baby Basketball

… Or if you’ve already made your announcement!

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23. Tune Squad

Tune Squad

All you need is socks, ears, and a jersey!

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24. The Matrix

The Matrix
The Matrix

The matrix is definitely coming back! At first I didn’t get it, but it clicked when I saw the earpiece!

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25. Daphne, Velma and Scooby Doo

Daphne, Velma and Scooby Doo

Dressing up with your dog just adds an element of fun to Halloween. Plus Daphne and Velma definitely have the cutest outfits, so why not just skip the shaggy costume ?

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26. Skeletons


Seriously a Halloween classic. You can’t go wrong.

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27. Greek God and Goddess

Greek God and Goddess

Gold and white is the name of the game!

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28. Wicked


Wicked is one of the best musicals ever, and makes for a unique costume!

29. Bee and Bee Keeper

Bee and Bee Keeper

This one’s for you if your S/O is buzzing around all night! ?

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30. The Purge

The Purge Couples Costume

For those who like scary costumes ?

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31. Captain and his Mermaid

Captain and his Mermaid Couples Costume

Everyone loves a good mermaid costume, and your man can play along by being captain!

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32. Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers Couples Costumes

Hilarious show.. Hilarious Costume

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33. Hunter and Deer

Hunter and Deer Couples Costume

… Don’t think about it too much ?

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34. Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day COuples Costume

Any seafood lovers out there? ?

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35. 90s Pepsi

90s Pepsi Couples Costume

“New look, same great taste.” All I have to say is that this costume took dedication!

36. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Couples Costume

Such a magical costume!

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37. Cosmo and Wanda

Cosmo and Wanda Couples Costume
Cosmo and Wanda Couples Costume


Did everyone go through a phase of wishing they were Timmy Turner?

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38. Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice Couples Costume

Strange movie… Strange (but cool) costume

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39. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia From Star Wars

Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Couples Costume
Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Couples Costume

This costume is just plain HOT.

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40. Dorothy and Zombie Scarecrow

Dorothy and Zombie Scarecrow Couples Costume

Plus 10 points for creativity! A scary twist on a classic costume

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41. Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac Couples Costume

? Thunder only happens when it’s raining ? It’s the pose that really makes this.

42. Pharoah and Cleopatra

Pharoah and Cleopatra Couples Costume

Dress like royalty for the night.

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43. Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz in the Mask

Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz in the Mask Couples Costume

This one never gets old, and totally makes me want to watch the Mask!

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44. Little red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Little red Riding Hood and the Wolf Couples Costume

Cute costume for one, and funny for the other. The best of both worlds.

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45. Shark Boy and Lava Girl

Shark Boy and Lava Girl Couples Costume

I am always looking for an opportunity to rock pink hair!

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46. Addams Family

Addams Family Couples Costume

The fashionable Debbie Jellinsky and uncle fester makes for another classic costume.

47. The Incredibles

The Incredibles Couples Costume

Great for couples, or entire families. Or whoever, really! All around great costume choice ?

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48. Austin Powers and Vanessa Kensington

Austin Powers and Vanessa Kensington Couples Costume

One of the most fashionable women’s costume ideas on here! And super easy for Austin Powers if you have a suit laying around.

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49. Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead

Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead Couples Costume

This costume would be a fun one to DIY!

50. Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Couples Costume

Such a cool and artistic take on a suicide squad costume.

51. Dora and Diego

Dora and Diego Couples Costume

Who’s that super cool exploradora?? ? ?

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52. Joe Exotic and His Tiger

Joe Exotic and His Tiger Couples Costume

No one will ever forget Joe Exotic after the nightmare that 2020 was…

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53. Goose and Maverick

Goose and Maverick Couples Costume

Let’s turn and burn!

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54. Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic

Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic Couples Costume

We may never know if Carole Baskin is guilty, but what we do know is that she makes for a great Halloween costume!

55. Zombie Surgeons

All you need is some fake blood, scrubs, and white contacts and you’re good to go!

Zombie Surgeons Couples Costume

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56. Spongebob & The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances

Spongebob Couples Costume
Spongebob Couples Costume

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?!

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57. Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein

Classic & cute!

I hope you were able to find your Halloween costume on this list! For more, check out our women’s Halloween costume ideas.


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