30 Cozy & Aesthetic Book Nook Ideas


30 cozy book nooks on days inspired

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A book nook is a spot in your home or apartment that is specially designed as a place to read. Not only can they be super cute and cozy, but having a dedicated space for a habit can actually motivate you to do it more often!

So if you’re a bookworm, or you’re trying to motivate yourself to read more, setting up a book nook is a great idea!

There are so many different styles of nooks, some that are more extensive, and others you could achieve yourself. Whatever the case, I’m sure you’ll find inspiration on this list of 30 cozy book nooks.

1. Cozy Cable-Knit Book Nook

Cozy Cable-Knit Book Nook

The different textures in this book nook are what give it a cozy feel. From the cable knit foot stool and blanket, to the white curry rug and woven wall art, this book nook transforms a blank canvas into a super cozy nook.

2. Vintage Book Nook

Vintage Book Nook

I feel like this is the perfect nook to read old, romance style books. I love the vintage furniture paired with the greenery and scattered books.

3. Comfy Chair Book Nook

Comfy Chair Book Nook

A super cozy chair, like this one, is essential to a book nook that makes you actually want to read!

4. Snowy Window-Side Book Nook

Snowy Window-Side Book Nook

This book nook is absolutely perfect for a snowy or rainy day. Can you imagine curling up here with some tea and candles?

5. Window-Facing Book Nook

Window-Facing Book Nook

I always appreciate being able to look out the window while I read, or do anything for that matter. Whatever you look out to, a window facing nook is a great way to incorporate some scenery and natural light!

6. Book Nook with a Bed

Book Nook with a Bed

This is book nook heaven! A bed surrounded by shelves of books…. Does it get any better?

7. Green Window Seat Book Nook

Green Window Seat Book Nook

My favorite part of this book nook is the colors. From the green window seat, to the touches of color on the curtains and shelves, it feels very modern and elegant.

8. Cozy Cabin Book Nook

 Cozy Cabin Book Nook

This book nook makes me want a weekend getaway in nature. With windows like that, you don’t need to add much to make an amazing nook. But the natural wood finishes certainly help!

9. Under the Stairs Book Nook

Under the Stairs Book Nook

Interior decorators have been getting super creative with using the area under the stairs these days. This under the stairs book nook is such a creative use of space for a private reading space!

10. Swing Chair Book Nook

Swing Chair Book Nook

I love the simplicity of this book nook. A swing chair like this looks so great and can add height to any room.

11. Simple Neutral Book Nook

Simple Neutral Book Nook

If you prefer a more neutral space, you can still achieve a cozy book nook. Stick to light colored furniture and let your bookshelf add a pop of color. Also, this is the perfect use for IKEA’s famous bar cart!

12. Bright and Airy Boho Book Nook

Bright and Airy Boho Book Nook

I absolutely love the basket wall trend. If you’re not sure what wall art would work best with your book nook, a basket wall is the perfect way to make the space feel more natural.

13. Color Coded Book Nook

Color Coded Book Nook

Color coded books in rainbow order? Yes yes yes. This is one way you can make your colorful book nook really stand out. And, it might even help you find your books on the shelf!

14. Simple Modern Book Nook

Simple Modern Book Nook

Book nooks don’t all have to be boho. If you prefer a more modern, simple style, this book nook is a great example.

15. Book Nook with Plants and String Lights

Book Nook with Plants and String Lights

Something about string lights can make any space feel super cozy.

16. Rainbow Boho Book Nook

Rainbow Boho Book Nook

This book nook has all of my favorite things– books organized by color, string lights, a swing chair, and plants. What’s not to love?!

17. Modern Elegant Book Nook

Modern Elegant Book Nook

A chaise like this can look super elegant, but be even cozier than a chair. That makes it a great option for a book nook.

18. Book Nook Overflowing with Books

Book Nook Overflowing with Books
Book Nook Overflowing with Books

When it comes to a book nook, there’s no such thing as too many books. Use your books as decor and let them pile up, like in this bright, colorful space!

19. Simple Antique Book Nook

Simple Antique Book Nook

The painting detail around these built in shelves are to die for! I haven’t seen anything else quite like this unique space.

20. Book Nook with Wall Mounted Reading Light

Book Nook with Wall Mounted Reading Light

The painting detail around these built in shelves are to die for! I haven’t seen anything else quite like this unique space.

21. Floor to Ceiling Shelves Book Nook

Floor to Ceiling Shelves Book Nook

This book nook comes with an impressive collection of novels. If you have this many books, floor to ceiling shelves may be a perfect option.

22. Cozy Wooden Book Nook

Cozy Wooden Book Nook

Book nooks are the exception to the rule “bigger is better.” A smaller space like this can actually make a nook even cozier!

23. Living Room Book Nook

Living Room Book Nook

A book nook doesn’t have to be an entirely separate area of the house. I love this example of a reading area that works perfectly in a living room.

24. Simple Book Stack Book Nook

Simple Book Stack Book Nook

All of the details of this reading nook are perfect. Try stacking your books like this for a simple table in your nook.

25. Book Nook with Greenery

Book Nook with Greenery

If you love reading outdoors, but can’t always make that happen, why not bring the outdoors in? I love this super green book nook.

26. Rocking Chair Book Nook

Rocking Chair Book Nook

Rocking chairs are definitely under rated! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect reading chair, don’t count them out.

27. Book Nook with Custom Shelves

Book Nook with Custom Shelves

In this reading nook, the shelves perfectly frame the couch and also provide the perfect spot for a lighting fixture.

28. Large Industrial Style Book Nook

Large Industrial Style Book Nook

If you do have a larger space, there are definitely ways you can make it more cozy! With tall shelves like this, a ladder is not only a necessity but also great for decor.

29. Simple DIY Floor Book Nook

Simple DIY Floor Book Nook

Who says you need a chair? I love this simple floor reading area with cube shelves. Perfect for floor people!

30. Sunlit Window-Side Book Nook

Sunlit Window-Side Book Nook

Natural light is essential for the perfect reading environment. Find a spot with great lighting that will motivate you to read every day.

That’s all for my list of cozy book nooks! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to snuggle up with a good book, a cup of tea, and a candle!

Are you inspired to make your own book nook? Let me know in the comments!


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