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You deserve love. But there’s so much negativity, both internal and external, that may make you feel otherwise.

Luckily, we can use positive affirmations for love to help overcome this negativity and attract love into your life.

Love affirmations can work for people in all stages of finding love. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, married, or even wanting to use these affirmations as a couple, they can work for you.

How? These love affirmations will help shift your mindset toward attracting a partner, manifesting a lasting relationship, and building lasting love.

Manifesting Love Using the Law of Attraction

Believe it or not, both single people and those in relationships can manifest love into their life with affirmations. If you’re single, you can use affirmations to attract your soul mate.

If you’re in a relationship, manifestation can help bring more love and passion into your already existing relationship.

Remember that manifestation is not a passive activity. To successfully attract something or someone into your life, you need to shift your reality towards it through daily practice of manifestation techniques.

Affirmations are just one manifestation technique that use the law of attraction to create change in your life, but they are a great place to start.

If you want to take your love manifestation more serious, consider utilizing more manifestation techniques or even starting a manifestation journal.

Using Affirmations to Manifest Love

Affirmations are simple— they are short, positive statements that bring you closer to the reality you are attracting.

The real magic lies in how you use them. The most important thing is that affirmations should be used on a daily basis. How you use them is completely up to you, but here are a few ideas:

  • Write affirmations on notes and stick them places you will see them every day (bathroom mirror, desk, your phone wallpaper, etc.)
  • When you see your affirmation, say it out loud 3 times (yes, out loud)
  • Repeat this multiple times a day

It’s important to note that this might not feel perfectly natural and genuine at first, and that’s okay.

For example, saying out loud “I am beautiful just the way I am” may feel uncomfortable if you are struggling with self confidence.

Say the affirmation anyway.

Each time you do this, try to accept the truth in the affirmation to the best of your ability.

Affirmations can and will shift your mindset and your reality, so choose wisely.

60 Affirmations for Love and Relationships

  1. I am surrounded by love
  2. I am open and ready to finding true love
  3. I enjoy meeting new people
  4. From this moment on, I am attracting my soulmate
  5. I trust that love will come into my life when the time is right
  6. My heart is full of love and ready to share
  7. Dating is a joyful experience for me
  8. I am ready for intimacy
  9. I deserve real and authentic love
  10. I know what I want
  11. I communicate my needs
  12. I respect myself, therefore others respect me
  13. I am a great catch
  14. I feel the presence of my soulmate is near
  15. I am building authentic connections
  16. I date confidently, knowing that the universe has my back
  17. The right person will see me for who I am
  18. I am lovable
  19. I welcome love into my life
  20. The more I love myself, the more love I have to give
  21. I am grateful for the love I recieve
  22. I am ready for commitment
  23. I believe in love
  24. I attract mature healthy people into my life
  25. I develop connections naturally
  26. Love flows freely in and out of my heart
  27. I am a patient lover
  28. I am a loyal partner
  29. I am fulfilled
  30. I make time for those I love
  31. The love I seek also seeks me
  32. The universe is guiding me to love
  33. I release my past and am ready to find love
  34. I deserve love as I am
  35. My love is precious
  36. I will have a fairytale romance
  37. I spread love, and it returns to me
  38. I am open to love in all forms
  39. I am capable of being in a healthy relationship
  40. I love my partner infinitely and unconditionally
  41. Our love grows stronger each day
  42. I nurture my relationship
  43. I am meant to have a lifelong love
  44. My partner loves me and accepts me
  45. I am grateful for my partner
  46. I am enough for my partner as I am
  47. I am sexy, attractive, and desirable
  48. I am unique, interesting, and intelligent
  49. My partner is lucky to have me
  50. I am lucky to have my partner
  51. I feel so loved
  52. My partner and I have fun together
  53. I am in a committed, loving relationship
  54. I feel passionately in love
  55. I am inspired to be the best partner I can be
  56. I am confident in my relationship
  57. My relationship is worth the effort
  58. It is easy for me to love my partner
  59. Love is my priority
  60. I am at peace, knowing love comes naturally to me

Closing Thoughts on Affirmations for Love

Which of these affirmations for love and romance stood out to you? And how will you use them moving forward?

Before you leave this post, take the time to write down a few affirmations and make a commitment to using them to attract love in your life.

Better yet, say them out loud.

Remember that you deserve love, as you are right now. You are doing your best, and your best is enough.

Love is rare and beautiful, and requires patience to attract, But the wait is well worth it.

I wish you well on your journey to attracting love with these affirmations and beyond.

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love affirmations
love affirmations