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Sherwin-Williams announced their 2021 color of the year, and it is modern yet so unexpected. Urbane Bronze is a color that brings sophistication to any space, and pairs well with elements of nature. As the Sherwin-Williams announcement describes, it brings tranquility and peace due to its roots in nature and organic appeal.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate Urbane Bronze into your space, these 18 beautiful examples are sure to give you some ideas.

1. Cozy Urbane Bronze Seating Area

Urbane Bronze Lounge

Urbane bronze pairs extremely well with elements of nature, as seen in this example. The greenery and natural light make this room look elegant and relaxing.

2. Urbane Bronze Custom Cabinetry

Urbane Bronze Cabinetry

If you’re not ready to commit to Urbane Bronze on your walls just yet, it’s a beautiful shade for furniture as well. This Urbane Bronze cabinet pairs nicely with white wall and wood floors.

3. Urbane Bronze Kitchen Island

Urbane Bronze Island

Kitchen islands no longer have to match the rest of the kitchen. As seen in this example, it’s a great place to tie in a pop of color or some contrast.

4. Modern Urbane Bronze Door

Urbane Bronze Door

If you have a white or light colored house, an Urbane Bronze painted door can really make a statement! This modern entryway shows the power of contrast.

5. Urbane Bronze Dining Area

Urbane Bronze Dining Area

Urbane bronze makes an excellent accent wall color. I love how it is used in this example to really break up the space. The mirrored art gives it such a modern feel as well.

6. Retro Urbane Bronze Dining Area

Urbane Bronze Dining Area

Green is the perfect color pair for urbane bronze. The light wood and green make this space super unique!

7. Urbane Bronze Living Room

Urbane Bronze Living Room

Many people are using Urbane Bronze to complement their fireplace or mantle, like in this example.

8. Urbane Bronze Fireplace

Urbane Bronze Mantle

Another great example of a fireplace that uses Urbane Bronze. It looks beautiful paired with the stone on this fireplace.

9. Urbane Bronze Exterior

Urbane Bronze Exterior

Urbane bronze can be a great exterior color, especially if you have a lot of greenery like in this example.

10. Urbane Bronze Entry Way

Urbane Bronze Entry Way

A great place to try out Urbane Bronze is in an entryway like this. The small hanging plants are a nice touch that go super well with this color.

11. Modern Urbane Bronze Wall with Shelves

Urbane Bronze Living Space

I love these wall mounted bookshelves on an Urbane Bronze painted accent wall. Combined with the lamp and stump table, this space looks super modern.

12. Urbane Bronze Kitchen Shelves

Urbane Bronze Shelves

You don’t need to paint a large area this color for it to make a difference. These Urbane Bronze shelves add a lot of contrast into this kitchen area.

13. Rustic Urbane Bronze Bedroom

Urbane Bronze Bedroom

This bedroom does a great job tying in elements of nature with this Urbane Bronze accent wall. I love the unexpected, rustic look this room has.

14. Cozy Urbane Bronze Seating Area

Urbane Bronze Shelves

15. Urbane Bronze Kitchen Shelves

Urbane Bronze Kitchen

This is a unique place for kitchen shelves, but Urbane Bronze really makes it a design statement. It pairs nicely with the green patterned curtain and gold faucet.

16. Urbane Bronze Kitchen Cabinet

Urbane Bronze Kitchen

Another example of a kitchen that uses Urbane Bronze selectively. The floor in this kitchen really ties things together.

17. Urbane Bronze Bedroom Accent Wall

Urbane Bronze Bedroom

18. Urbane Bronze Front Door

Urbane Bronze Door

This front door makes excellent use of urbane bronze for a pop of contrast. Hanging a wreath works so well with an Urbane Bronze door since it pairs well with natural elements like leaves.