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If you’ve ever watched food network, you now just how elaborate cakes can get. But did you know that you can make a beautiful cake that stands out with just a sheet cake? Sometimes, a little goes a long way.

In this post, I’ve rounded up 28 gorgeous sheet cake decorating ideas to inspire your next cake-worthy occasion!

1. Berry Colored Floral Sheet Cake

Berry Colored Floral Sheet Cake

This floral sheet cake design may require a few icing tricks, but you could definitely create something similar at home! I also love that you could customize this style cake with any colors you want to make it perfect for different occasions (think red white & blue for fourth of july, or red and green for Christmas). So many possibilities!

2. Blue and White Oreo Cake

Blue and White Oreo Cake

I am in love with the oreos poking out of this cake! Not only does it make the cake look that much more delicious, but it also creates a unique and almost 3D decorating style.

3. Pastel Floral Cake

Pastel Floral Cake

This cake could be achieved with similar techniques to the first cake, but is an example of how a totally different color scheme can transform this cake to an entirely new occasion!

4. Toasted coconut easter basket

Toasted coconut easter basket

You may not even notice at first that the base of this easter basket cake is made of toasted coconut. This just goes to show that when it comes to sheet cake decorating, you can totally think outside the box. Decorating with other ingredients you have in your kitchen can add a unique twist to both your cake’s flavor and its appearance.

5. Simple Christmas tree cake

Simple Christmas tree cake

I love this sheet cake because it really shows that a design does not have to be super complex or detailed to look amazing.

6. Floral hearts sheet cake

Floral hearts cake

Here’s another example of a floral style cake with a unique twist. If you want to add a larger design, like a heart, to a cake in this style it’s totally possible.

7. Lemon blueberry sheet cake

Lemon blueberry sheet cake

One of the best ways you can decorate a sheet cake is with the flavors that are actually in the cake! It sounds obvious, but it will make your cake stand out and look that much more fresh and appetizing. I love this lemon blueberry cake, for example.

8. Orange cake

Orange cake

Lemon, lime, or orange zest can also make a great topping for fruit flavored cakes. They’re a great way to add color if you want to stay away from sprinkles and give your cake a more organic look.

9. Sugared zucchini blossom topped cake

Sugared zucchini blossom topped cake

Yes, this cake is topped with sugared zucchini blossoms. zuchinni blossoms actually have a mildly sweet taste and can be found at some farmers markets. Perfect for fall!

10. Pink Sheet cake with macarons

Pink Sheet cake with macarons

Who doesn’t love a good macaron? and a macaron on top of a cake? even better! Not to mention, a cake design like this looks amazing and saves you a lot of time from doing the center.

11. Cake topped with a sugar cookie

Cake topped with a sugar cookie

This is such a cute way to add a name or message to a sheet cake, without using typical letters. I love the busyness of this pink cake that make it look so full and delicious!

12. Simple sprinkles sheet cake

Simple sprinkles sheet cake

This cake just proves that you can make a sheet cake look absolutely amazing with just a nice border and some sprinkles. Don’t feel like you have to spend hours on a sheet cake to make it look amazing!

13. Strawberry topped cake

Strawberry topped cake

Another great example of a cake that is decorated with one of the main ingredients. This strawberry cake looks so refreshing for the spring and summer months.

14. Cute letters sheet cake

Cute letters sheet cake

Imperfect sheet cakes with large letters are super in right now, and they look adorable! This is the perfect instagram-able sheet cake.

15. Classy florals sheet cake

Classy florals sheet cake

Another option for lettering is to use a fine-tipped frosting container to create elegant letters, like in this cake.

16. Floral cake with lettering

Floral cake with lettering

You can get creative with your lettering styles, and don’t be afraid to try a mixture of all caps and cursive. I love how this floral cake with lettering turned out.

17. American flag berry cake

American flag berry cake

This cake screams fourth of july! If you need and America themed cake, this is the perfect idea that requires minimal frosting skills on your part.

18. Funny egg cake

Funny egg cake

Another sheet cake trend is funny messages, like on this cake. I also adore the eggs on the edges of the cake and the color scheme.

19. Dripping edges sheet cake

Dripping edges sheet cake

Dripping edges are a design detail you can add if you want to extend your cake design to the edges of the cake, (or even hide mistakes!) This is a great decorating idea for kids birthday cakes especially.

20. Floral wreath cake

Floral wreath cake

The flowers on this cake look super real! This is a great idea to give a simple sheet cake more dimension.

21. Cookie monster cookie cake

Cookie monster cookie cake

This is the perfect cookie monster cake!! Even if you can’t get the frosting to look like fur at home, you could definitely create a similar cake with a more simple base of frosting.

22. Strawberry sprinkles cake

Strawberry sprinkles cake

Many cakes are decorated with either fresh fruit, or sprinkles. This cake combines the best of both worlds!

23. Edible florals sheet cake

Edible florals sheet cake

One of my favorite ways to decorate a sheet cake is with dried, edible flowers. This is a super unique way to decorate a cake and actually requires minimal effort! You can get edible flowers on Amazon to achieve a similar look.

24. Light orange cake

Light orange cake

You can also decorate a sheet cake with some non-edible items. Most people won’t care if they have to move a flower or two in order to dig in to some delicious cake!

25. Ice cream sundae themed cake

Ice cream sundae themed cake

This cake is ice cream sundae themed, and is topped with all the best ice cream sundae ingredients! What a great idea for a simple but on-theme cake decoration.

26. Chocolate letter cake

Chocolate letter cake

This is about as simple as you can get for cakes with letters, but it totally works!

27. Letter board sheet cake

 Letter board sheet cake

First, letter boards became a popular home decor idea. Now, they’ve made their way into cake decorating.

28. Simple lettering and floral cake

Simple lettering and floral cake

The last cake on our list combines the simple lettering with a more detailed floral border. My favorite part of this cake is actually the color scheme, which gives the cake a really natural feel.

Did this list help you decide how you’ll decorate your next sheet cake? Let me know your favorites in the comments!