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With the rise of AI tools like chatGPT, major changes to Google search, and a potential TikTok ban in the US, it’s easy to wonder if blogging is actually dead in 2024.

You may be wanting to start a blog, but don’t want to waste your time if the whole industry is dying. And you’ve probably seen some pessimistic takes that blogging is doomed and no one will ever be successful again.

In this post, I want to lay out the facts (and some opinions) about whether this is actually true and what you can do about it!

So lets get straight to it:

Is blogging dead in 2024?

Absolutely not.

My blog is living proof of this, as my page views and earnings are up over 300% from last year and continue to grow. Many other bloggers, both new and seasoned, are seeing similar results.

Honestly, people ask the question every year. Just do some google searches for things like “Is blogging dead in 2020?” or even “Is blogging dead in 2014?” and you will see that people have asked this same question for years as many blogs continue to grow and thrive in the meantime.

For some people, this is an honest concern. For others, it’s just an excuse to never actually get started on that blog they’ve always wanted to start.

Expectations vs reality.

To answer the question if blogging is really dead, we have to look at how people perceive blogging vs what is actually happening.

Many people think of blogs as an ancient content type that was popular in the 2000s and early 2010s. They think that blogging has been completely overtaken by social media and video content on TikTok and Youtube.

In reality, 77% of internet users still read blogs! So while video content is absolutely relevant and the most popular form of content right now, there is still a place and a demand for written blog content.

Blogging isn’t dead, but it is changing

I hope I’ve convinced you with my personal experience and the sheer numbers that blogging is not dead in 2024, however it is seeing some BIG changes that you need to be aware of if you are starting in 2024.

Here are the big ones that every beginner should be aware of:

Change #1: Google is getting smarter at ranking content

Or so they say! Google released a huge update called the “Helpful Content Update,” which made some pretty significant changes on how they rank content in search. It basically aims to rank content that users find most helpful and satisfying at the top of results. It also can identify content that isn’t useful or is spammy.

Though, it’s a work in progress as I’ve heard stories of many bloggers having their content removed from search results, even if it is high quality.

Change #2: Google has started relying on ai generated results and snippets instead of blogs

You may have noticed Google’s AI snippet that comes up when you search for something now. This can be problematic to bloggers because it causes users to not click into content anymore and rather just stay on the search page to find what they need. There have been several ethical and copyright concerns with this new feature, so it may see some changes in the future.

For now, this means that Google is a less reliable traffic source than before, because they don’t seem to be prioritizing individual blogs and websites in results.

Change #3: People are increasingly using AI for information on topics

Tools like ChatGPT are becoming more commonplace for people to find information. This means that people may now rely on these tools for certain information rather than blogs, which could be harmful to certain types of blog content.

What you should do in light of these changes

  • Find ways to drive traffic to your blog besides Google. Consider using tools like Pinterest (This is the number 1 way I get traffic to my blog).
  • Think outside the box with your content: Include personal experiences and photos you have taken in your posts. I’d much rather try your grandma’s famous banana bread recipe than one generated by a robot. Your humanity is what will make you stand out nowadays.
  • Avoid using AI to write your content: (though it is a helpful tool for first drafts, generating ideas, etc.) If anyone can easily generate the content on your blog with a robot, it’s not going to stand out.

It’s not too late

When I started my blog years ago, I had the same fears as you. What if it’s just too late and I’m doomed from the start?

It’s just so hard to take a leap of faith and trust that you will be able to create a successful blog, but it will be 100% worth it! The only thing standing between you and a successful blog is to get started and to push through even when changes in the industry happen!

As a blogger, I’ve had to adapt to these changes as well, and I’ve included all my best tips in my comprehensive guide on starting a blog in 2024.

If you’re ready to start your blog in 2024, definitely check it out! You’ll be glad you started today, so you don’t have to be wondering “Is blogging dead?” 5 years from now ☺️