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One of the biggest questions beginner bloggers want to know, (especially us introverted creative types), is if they can have a successful blog and stay anonymous.

And just to get straight to the point— the answer is yes.

My blog is living proof of this. I started this blog completely anonymously and now it brings in over $3,000 per month. I did this all without showing my face, and you can too!

Now the question is, should you start a blog anonymously? I think there are pros and cons to both!

In this post, I’ll share my personal experience blogging anonymously and some of the pros and cons to doing so.

Why I personally decided to blog anonymously

What I have learned is that there are so many people that want to start a blog anonymously, and for so many different reasons! Some people may want to avoid judgement from friends or classmates. Others need to hide their blog from their job.

For me, it was a combination of a lot of things.

I had dreamed of starting a lifestyle or fashion blog for years, but for some reason I was so scared to get started.

After thinking about it some more, I realized part of the reason I wasn’t taking action was because I felt so much pressure! I would have to start a website, put my name and face on it, and make some sort of announcement to my friends and family that I was starting a blog?

Not to mention, some of them probably wouldn’t even know what a blog is, so then I would have to explain it. And what if they thought it was weird?

All my friends were focused on their corporate careers and going to grad school, and I wanted to start this little website. What if it didn’t work out?

I was scared I was going to announce this big thing, people would judge me, and then it wouldn’t even work out.

You can probably sense my insecurity and anxiety about it as I write this!

In addition to all of this, I had a full time job that I didn’t want to know I had a side project.

And lastly, there was something that felt really cringe about people I knew in real life somehow finding my blog and reading it. This is hard to explain but it seems to be something people starting blogs, Youtube channels, TikTok accounts, etc. experience.

Why does it have to be embarrassing to just try something?

So I had a thought…

what if I just didn’t tell anyone? If this was really holding me back— then I should just try to do it all anonymously.

And once I relieved that stress, I did feel like I could start my blog. There was no pressure anymore.

What I have learned blogging anonymously

Starting my blog anonymously definitely worked out for me, but there are some things I wish I knew when I started.

A lot of this has to do with the emotions that made me feel like I had to start my blog privately.

Ultimately, I’ve realized that some of the reason I blog anonymously comes from insecurity and a fear of being vulnerable. It’s really scary to put yourself out there.

And I’m just saying this to be 100% real with you all. Because, I’m not going to dissuade you from starting your blog anonymously, but I just want to provide a real and honest perspective.

When I started my blog anonymously, I thought to myself that it would just be anonymous to start and then once it was successful I would start telling people about it. I would be proud because I was successful.

Well, thousands of dollars from my blog later and I can now say that the fear has not gone away. I’m actively working on telling some people in my life about my blog, but it’s still really scary and vulnerable.

A pep talk for those who want to blog anonymously

I didn’t write all that to dissuade you from blogging anonymously! I just want to share my personal experience in hopes that others can learn from it.

There is nothing wrong with starting a blog anonymously. There’s also nothing wrong with wanting to “protect” yourself from the judgement of other people as you embark on starting a new creative project and business.

And actually, if the fear of showing yourself on your blog is what’s stopping you, I would definitely recommend you start your blog anonymously.

I would just also recommend you start on the inner work to:

  • be confident and proud of what you create
  • don’t regard your own interests like fashion and makeup (or whatever it may be!) as frivolous or embarrassing. Even if they are different than the interests of those around you.
  • realize there are so many other people just like you out there. With the same interests, with blogs, etc.
  • Accept yourself 100% in all your uniqueness 🙂
  • really examine the underlying reasons you want to start your blog anonymously if there are other things to work on.

These are the things I’ve had to work on in my blogging journey, especially ramping up to tell people.

All in all, there are many valid reasons to blog anonymously. But it’s also a huge confidence thing!

Enough about me, I just want to share some pros and cons of blogging anonymously to help you make your decision:

Benefits of blogging anonymously vs showing who you are

👤 Benefits to blogging anonymously

Benefit #1: Freedom of creative expression:

When blogging anonymously, you can be free to experiment with your blog without being judged by other people. It can be easier to stay true to yourself and write about things you are truly interested in this way!

Benefit #2: Safe space for sharing your experiences

Blogging anonymously provides a safe space for self-discovery and expressing personal growth experiences. Just because you blog anonymously doesn’t mean you can’t share about your life and experiences. It actually may make it easier to do so and find a support community while remaining anonymous.

Benefit #3: Career and job security

Blogging anonymously prevents any negative impact on your professional or academic life due to opinions or content shared on your blog.

Benefit #4: Breaking stereotypes

For certain people, blogging anonymous can help allow you to break free from societal stereotypes or expectations associated with your identity.

👩🏼 Benefits to showing who you are on your blog

Benefit #1: Build a personal connection and trust with your audience.

This is probably the number one benefits to revealing your identity on your blog. By sharing photos and details of your life, your readers will be able to relate to you on a personal level, fostering deeper connections.

This will also build trust if you ever want to go into something like teaching a course, coaching, etc.

Benefit #2: Career, brand & business opportunities:

Brands often prefer collaborating with identifiable bloggers for promotional campaigns and partnerships. Even smaller creators will have better luck getting brand deals, sponsorships, and features if they share who they are.

Additionally, public speaking, workshops, or coaching opportunities may arise if you share your identity on your blog.

Benefit #3 Build a Loyal Following

Revealing your identity on your blog makes people more likely to follow you, because they can feel like they know you personally.

Benefit # 4: Recognition

Personal recognition and achievements can be shared and celebrated publicly. While blogging anonymously can be really lonely, blogging in public allows you to share your wins with your friends and readers.

Benefit #5 Visual Content:

Including videos and images that you have personally taken will make your blog more visually engaging. Let’s face it— no one loves stock photos even if us anonymous bloggers have to rely on them sometimes.

In conclusion….

There are a ton of benefits to showing who you are on your blog, but that said, it’s not for everyone.

If you’re one of the brave souls who doesn’t mind sharing who you are on your blog, I’d say go for it!

But I also think starting a blog anonymously is a great first step, and you can always slowly add details about yourself over time.

I really hope this article helps you on your blogging journey if you are considering blogging anonymously! This is what I did and I feel I have learned so much over the years about the pros and cons to this approach.

Starting a blog is a huge first step whether you plan on going anonymous or revealing who you are. I know you will find success either way!