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Every day, you make an estimated 35,000 choices.

What am I going to wear? What will I have for breakfast? Lunch? Should I walk or drive? … The list goes on.

While these decisions seem insignificant, it is in how we make these decisions that lies our opportunity to take life by the horns and create a life we love.

But, how often is it that you go on autopilot, not thinking about your individual choices, just going through the motions? Just allowing life to happen to you, instead of for you.

In other words, living without intention.

To set intentions is to give your day, week, year,or whatever.. a clear direction.

When you set an intention, you’re telling yourself and the universe- this is the direction I am headed in. My decisions will align to this intention.

And then, the magic happens! After setting an intention, you may use other manifestation techniques to bring about your intention.

But at the core of this all is to set intentions that are authentic to you. So how do you set intentions?

Let’s get into how to set intentions in 7 simple steps.

Intention Setting Step 1: Reflect & Get to the Core of What you Really Want

Let’s say you’re setting intentions for the day and you think, “ I intend to have a great day.”

OK… While that makes sense, what’s important to setting intentions is to dig a little deeper and get to the core of what it really is that you want.

What to do you want to be great about the day? Do you want to have some time you enjoy with friends and family? Do you want to be productive at work?

What you may find reflecting on this is that there are multiple layer. Keep asking yourself why and get to the essence of your desire.

Here’s an example:

Maybe I start by thinking “I intend to have a great day at work”
By asking myself more about what I desire, maybe I Can distill this to

“I intend to be organized and purposeful with my work today”

Even further,

“I intend to feel abundant and productive.”

Often, you’ll find that what you really want distills to a feeling. And it’s extremely important to get down to what you are really seeking.

The truth is, many people set intentions without actually thinking about what it is they really want.

You may say “I want to create my own business and be famous”

But why? What are you seeking? Is it freedom from your current reality? Is it based on what Youve seen on instagram or TikTok?

And more importantly, is it authentic to you? Have you actually thought about what that life would be like?

So, the first step to setting intentions is to spend a lot of time in reflection about what it is you really want. You may be surprised what you’ll find.

Intention Setting Step 2: Use the power of Visualization

We often have a fuzzy idea of what we want for the future, but pay no attention to the details.

By using visualization, we can really focus in on how we imagine out future and ensure that we are setting authentic and valuable intentions.

So, take some time and visualize your future. You can do this as a meditation, or journal on it.

While doing this, get really specific. Ask yourself: How do you feel? What are you doing? Who is around you?

This can be used for setting smaller intentions, too.

Say you are setting an intention for an upcoming meeting you have. Visualize yourself in the meeting and afterwards. How do you feel?

This practice can help formulate your intentions by creating a tangible representation of what the future looks like with the intention.

It forces you to think more deeply about what you want by confronting you with the outcome.

Intention setting Step 3: Choose Language that Supports you

There’s a big difference between

“I intend to embrace change and open myself to new possibilities”
“I intend to have an open mind”

While these two statements mean similar things, the first actually makes you feel something.

Test out different ways to say your intention and pay attention to how they make you feel. Google examples of intentions, and craft something that really resonates with you.

  • Use words that feel accurate and powerful
  • Always frame your intention in a positive way. ( avoid words like “I won’t” )

Intention Setting Step 4: Create an Intention Setting Ritual

You can set daily intentions, weekly intentions, or yearly intentions. You can even set intentions for a specific time within the day, like a meeting or meditation practice.

The key here is to find rituals that work for you.

Setting a daily intention based on your schedule is a good launching point. Then, break up your day into small chunks, and set intentions for your morning, afternoon, or evening.

Whatever cadence works best for you, carve out some time to set your intention. The amount of time depends on the intention you’re setting.

Setting intentions for a whole year? You may want to set aside an hour to journal, reflect, and set intentions.

Just setting intentions for the day? 10-15 minutes in the morning is a great place to start.

Writing down intentions through journaling can help you make a ritual of this. You could also consider typing your intentions up in your notes app on your phone.

The goal here is to set aside time and an activity to set you intentions, on a schedule that makes sense for you.

Intention Setting Step 5: Reinforce your intentions

When you set your intention, you’ll want to think about how you can keep it at the front of your mind moving forward. Some ideas

  • Write your intentions on a sticky note and place them somewhere you can see them each day.
  • Say your intention out loud
  • Create affirmations to reinforce your intention and repeat on a regular basis
  • Set reminders on your phone reminding you of your intentions

Get creative on how you do this. Surround yourself with your intentions to prevent going on autopilot.

Intention Setting Step 6: Sit Back and Relax

Setting intentions does not allow you to control the future. What’s important to realize is that you have no idea how your intentions will manifest in your life, you just have to trust that everything will work out as it should.

Your intentions are working behind the scenes in your subconscious.

It’s a delicate balance. You’ll want to check in with yourself and your intentions, but understand that there is more at play than you can see.

Intention Setting Step 7: Revisit your Intentions

Intentions change, and that’s OK. You have not failed if you no longer resonate with an intention you set.

It’s actually a good practice to revisit your intentions and re align with what makes most sense for you.

Ask yourself, does the intention still serve me? If not, go back to step 1

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Closing Thoughts

Being intentional is one of the best things you can do for your current and future self. You’ll be surprised how fulfilling it is to spend time setting intentions, and watching them unfold in your life.

Now is a great time to start. Whatever time it is, where ever you are, I encourage you to take some time and set an intention for the day or night ahead.

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how to set intentions
how to set intentions