24 Cloffice Ideas To Turn Your Closet into A Home Office


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Work from home has seen a huge increase in popularity recently. More than ever, people are studying, working, and taking meetings from home.

But the reality is that we all have different situations at home. Some people have dedicated office spaces, and others may not.

What I love about the Cloffice trend is that it can work for everyone in different ways. For some, that means turning a small closet space into an office. For others, that means creating an office space inside an already large closet.

Either way, I’m super inspired by these awesome DIY cloffice ideas!

Oh, by the way, if you didn’t know what we’re talking about so far: Cloffice = Closet + Office!

Check out these 24 amazing examples:

1. This Modern Blue Cloffice


This cloffice is so well decorated that I would never close the closet doors! The geometric light fixture is such a nice touch, considering how important light is for work spaces.

2. This Living Room Cloffice

Cloffice in Living Room

Most cloffices are in a bedroom closet, but what about the living room? Love the idea of being able to work from the living room like in this cloffice.

3. This Bohemian Cloffice with a Farmhouse Door

farm door cloffice idea

Farmhouse doors are an amazing idea for a cloffice! That way, you can minimize the space your office takes up, and make it easier to open and close the doors.

4. This Glamorous Shoe Cloffice

shoe closet cloffice idea
wallpaper cloffice

I am so jealous of this glamorous setup!

5. This Simplistic Boho Cloffice

boho cloffice idea
boho cloffice idea

One thing that I love about the cloffice trend is that it gives an unconventional opportunity to style your space. I love the colors and simplicity of this boho cloffice space.

6. This DIY Cloffice with Storage

minimal cloffice idea

Storage is so important for an office. Even though this cloffice has a smaller desk space, I love the addition of shelves and storage baskets.

7. This Simple Bedroom Cloffice

organized cloffice idea

With a cloffice, you can always keep it simple like this one.

8. This Inspiring Blue Cloffice

blue cloffice idea

If you don’t want to keep it simple, consider using this small space as an opportunity to use some color and display some artwork!

9. This Fun & Crafty Cloffice

inspired cloffice

A cloffice like this one would be great for someone who is crafty.

10. This Nursery Cloffice

nursery cloffice

Guest bedrooms often turn into nurseries. Why not use your nursery for a cloffice? Such a great idea!

11. This Rustic-Boho Cloffice

simple boho cloffice

Sometimes, less is more. Love the simplicity of this closet office space.

12. This Vintage Cloffice with Wallpaper

vintage cloffice

Many cloffices so far have been really modern spaces, but you can still create a closet office with a more vintage style.

13. This Neutral Cloffice with Storage

cloffice with storage

The neutral colors in this cloffice space would make it such a peaceful place to work from.

14. This Eclectic Cloffice

eclectic cloffice

If you’re looking for a small space to really go above and beyond on, a cloffice can be a great space to express your personal style. I love the eccentricity of this space.

15. This Spacious Modern Glam Cloffice

Glamorous Cloffice

If you have a room that you can use as a closet, or a huge closet ( I wish!), creating an office in the room can look super elegant.

16. This Fashionable Cloffice

Cloffice with Clothes

Or, if you just need some extra storage, consider adding a wardrobe rack to your office.

17. This DIY Cloffice With Shelves

Cloffice with Shelves

Wallpaper is the best idea for a cloffice! It can be kind of a. pain to use in larger rooms, but works great for a small space like this.

18. This Super Modern Cloffice

Small Modern Cloffice

Another example of a super modern cloffice. Love the color scheme in this one.

19. This Colorful Cloffice with Plants

Colorful Cloffice

Plants would look super cute in a cloffice! As long as they get enough light!

20. This Creative Black and White Cloffice

Artistic Black and White Cloffice

Decorating a small space is the perfect opportunity to use a color scheme you wouldn’t normally, like in this black and white cloffice.

21. This Motivational Farmhouse Cloffice

Blue farmhouse Cloffice

I feel motivated just looking at this cloffice! The door at the bottom of the desk is such a great idea to hide away things like trash or additional storage.

22. This Simple Work from Home Cloffice

work from home cloffice

Can’t you just picture yourself working/ studying from your home cloffice?!

There are so many different directions you can take your space. I hope this article has inspired you if you’re looking to create a cloffice of your own!


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