bullet journal weekly spread
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If you bullet journal, you know just how helpful a good weekly spread can be. Bujo weekly spreads can be used to track to-do items, habits, moods, meals, and more.

Really, your weekly spread can be anything you want! And, there are so many different ways to decorate your weekly spread based on the time of year or what you have going on that week.

Putting together a weekly spread can be such a relaxing activity that will get you feeling ready for the week to come.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your bullet journal weekly spreads, keep reading for 57 gorgeous and useful weekly spread ideas.

1. Starry Blue Weekly Spread

This simple blue starry weekly spread would be easy to recreate with only a few colors, and looks adorable!

2. Forest Night Weekly Spread

Some people like to leave a lot of space for to- do lists and schedules, while others like to make their bujo spreads super artsy. This forest night weekly spread is so gorgeous you could frame it!

3. Winter Houses Weekly Spread

There are a few unique things about this weekly spread I am absolutely loving. A weekly playlist is a great idea to look back on the songs you were loving during a particular week. Not to mention, love the adorable washi tape in this winter bullet journal spread.

4. Cozy Fall Weekly Spread

This fall spread makes you instantly feel cozy. It’s also such a great idea to separate your events from your tasks, so you never miss a thing.

5. Cute Bubble Letter Weekly Spread

The colors and adorable designs in this spread are everything!

6. Simple Blue Weekly Spread

For a fun change, try laying out your days in something other than a simple grid, like this unique blue weekly spread.

7. Christmas Weekly Spread

No way to get excited for Christmas like decorating your bullet journal with Christmas themed weekly spreads.

8. Minimalist Weekly Spread

If minimalist is more your style, try a super simple weekly spread like this with delicate lettering. All you need is a super fine tip pen.

9. Winter Colored Pencil Doodle Weekly Spread

Love the doodles in this adorable but simple weekly spread.

10. Pink Floral Weekly Spread

The designs and lettering on this spread are absolutely gorgeous! It’s a great idea to stick with one color for each weekly spread. Then, flipping through your bullet journal is like going through the rainbow.

11. Frosty Blue Weekly Spread.

The color scheme of this weekly spread is everything! From the deep blue lettering to the silver snowflakes, this is the perfect winter bujo spread.

12. Green Weekly Spread

If you’re not much of a doodler yourself, grab some cute stickers that you’ll be able to use in your bullet journal to complement each weeks designs.

13. Purple Treats Weekly Spread

Not sure where to start with your bujo weekly spread? Sometimes, it’s a good idea to just pick a theme for the week and roll with it, like this sweet treats weekly spread featuring cupcakes, candy, and more ????

14. Typewriter Letters Weekly Spread

What makes this bujo spread unique is the use of typewriting like lettering. Often, bujo spreads use cursive lettering. So this is a great idea if you want to try something different!

15. Snowman Winter Spread

The snow capped boxes in this weekly spread are so precious, and a super simple idea to elevate your winter spreads!

16. Fall Feels Weekly Spread

What better way to get in the mood for fall than to include a doodle of something that reminds you of autumn for each day of the week?

17. Tiny Lettering Weekly Spread

You can pack a lot on to a single bullet journal spread by using teensy lettering, like in this precious design.

18. Celebratory Weekly Spread

Have something to celebrate? Deck out your bujo spread with balloons to make the entire week super festive.

19. Simple Pink Floral Bujo Spread

My favorite part of this spread is how the day of the week is overlaid on top of the date.

20. Forest Creature Weekly Spread

These black and white doodles are absolutely adorable. I also love the grid layout of the days, which makes extra room for doodles!

21. Cute Digital Weekly Spread

How adorable is this digital inspired weekly spread? There’s something so refreshing about the physical aspect of bullet journals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some digital style elements.

22. Book Themed Bujo Spread

The scrap of text on this spread is so adorable! Also, if you’re a reader, such a cute way to call out what book you are reading that week.

23. Coffee Themed Bullet Journal Spread

For a week you might need some extra energy, why not a coffee themed spread? Also such a cute way to map out your steps for each day of the week.

24. Winter Floral Spread

This spread has some adorable winter designs, but also leaves room for some unique things, like a step tracker and menu.

25. Cottagecore Weekly Spread

Make your bujo feel like a cozy fall cottage for the fall months with a cozy spread like this one.

26. Minimal Floral Bujo Spread

This is a great idea for including some floral designs into an otherwise very minimal spread idea.

27. Motivational Floral Weekly Spread

This weekly spread combines adorable Washington tape, gorgeous floral designs, and motivation that will help you get through the week.

28. Winter Stickers Weekly Spread

A perfect example of how stickers can take a simple bujo spread to the next level.

29. Autumn Color Weekly Spread

Loving the collage-esque feel of this weekly spread.

30. Pastel Themed Weekly Spread

The colors and designs of this weekly spread are just so fun! I also love that the layout is dispersed and elements flow freely throughout the page.

31. Floral Pattern Weekly Spread

Alternatively, you can dedicate a small area of the page for a design, and leave the rest for your notes and tasks.

32. School Themed Weekly Spread

I’m not sure how students have time to make adorable bujo spreads, but this one would surely motivate me to do my schoolwork!

33. Pour Over Coffee Bujo Spread

This weekly spread features an adorable illustration that takes front an center, while still leaving room for daily boxes. If you love illustration, this is a great way to arrange your page.

34. Neutral Fall Bujo Spread

This fall spread is full of designs, yet somehow still looks delicate and clean.

35. Nature Inspired Bullet Journal Spread

If it’s a beautiful day out, why not take your journal outside and design your weekly spread based on what you see in nature?

36. Colorful Bubbles Weekly Spread

Bubbles are a simple design, but can look so adorable. This theme has such a unique color scheme, yet looks so cute!

37. Lilac Weekly Spread

The boxed designs in this weekly spread are so unique, and a gorgeous color.

38. Summer Themed Weekly Spread

Summer colors are just amazing for bullet journaling.

39. Koi Pond Themed Bujo

The fishies swimming around the page on this weekly spread have to be one of the cutest things ever!

40. Oranges themed Weekly Spread

Love the detailed orange illustrations in this perfect spring/summer weekly spread theme.

41. Purple Galaxy Themed Weekly Spread

Moon phases and constellations make this purple weekly spread stand out!

42. Dandelion Field Weekly Spread

This is one of the more unique layouts I’ve come across, and are a great way to make your artwork front and center of your bujo spread.

43. Delicate & Simple Weekly Spread

Doodles and illustrations can also be simple, small elements if that’s more your style.

44. Cherry Blossom Weekly Spread

I love how the cherry blossom branches climb up the page in this weekly spread.

45. Ombre Lettering & Butterfly Weekly Spread

My favorite part of this spread is the ombre lettering! They are so adorable and look like they pop out of the page.

46. Modern Aesthetic Weekly Spread

This bujo spread totally belongs on a Pinterest board.

47. Cactus Weekly Spread

Cactuses are a fun and adorable plant to draw, for a design that will make your weekly spread stand out.

48. Dried Floral Weekly Spread

Such a cute idea to add a dried and pressed flower you picked to your weekly bujo spread!

49. Starry Pastel Bujo Spread

This has to be one of my favorite spreads for it’s simplicity and gorgeous pastel color scheme.

50. Hippie Dreams Weekly Spread

This collage bujo spread has me dreaming of driving down the coast in a retro Volkswagen ????

51. January Weekly Spread

New year, new bujo theme. This is an adorable mail-themed bujo spread for January.

52. Food Themed Weekly Spread

Why are food doodles so adorable? ????

53. Space Themed Bullet Journal Spread

Space comes with so many cute things to draw on your bujo spread, like shooting stars, planets, and the moon.

54. Mountain Themed Black And White Bullet Journal

Dreaming of the mountains? This black and white spread, while simple, is a work of art.

55. Yellow Bujo Spread

Pick your favorite color and run with it for a simple weekly spread idea.

56. Purple Planets Weekly Spread

This is a cute way to lay out your days and incorporate adorable doodles throughout the entire page.

57. Shining Stars Bujo Spread

Another planet themed bujo spread, this theme is bright, fun, and inspirational!