50+ Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend, Based on His Personality

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Picking out gifts for men can be super challenging, since the often times have no concept of what they want or need. Without a wish list, us ladies have to get super creative when it comes to holiday shopping for the men in our lives.

If you’re stumped on gift ideas, think about the person you’re shopping for’s personality and what type of gift they might like. I’ve compiled gift guides for the man in your life based on their personality. Whether you’re shopping for a guy who loves sports, is a major foodie, loves the outdoors, needs some help with fashion, or works super hard, I hope this gift guide gives you some idea for what to buy the men in your life!

Gift Ideas For the Foodie Boyfriend…

If he’s a total foodie, there’s so many fun gifts you can buy him for Christmas. I feel like almost every guy goes through a phase where he gets super into grilling, cooking, or making cocktails. If this sounds like your man, support him in his new (or old) hobby with one of these gifts for foodies. Selfishly, you might get a super delicious meal out of it or be able to borrow some of his new kitchen gear!

gifts ideas for the foodie boyfriend
  1. Grilling Apron
  2. Gourmet Truffle Oil Set
  3. Cast Iron Panini, Burger, Bacon, & Grill Press
  4. Williams Sonoma Grilling Set
  5. White Truffle Hot Sauce
  6. Wood Chip Smoking Grill Set
  7. Portable Smoke Infuser
  8. Tree Bark Serving Tray
  9. The Shredded Chef Cookbook
  10. Heirloom Chili Peppers Harvest Box
  11. Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Plate
  12. Urban Map Glasses

Gift Ideas For the Boyfriend Who Never Buys Himself Clothes

Guy’s often see no issue with wearing clothes that are old, raggedy, and full of holes. And they refuse to buy themselves anything new! If your man needs a little extra help in the fashion department, check out these 11 gifts. Clothes make a great gift for men because it doesn’t have to be super unique or different. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have something fresh and new! Plus, you can pick colors & patterns that you think will make the men in you’re life look extra sharp 🙂

gifts ideas for the boyfriend who needs new clothes

  1. Chambray button up shirt
  2. Reversible black/brown belt
  3. Lululemon Men’s Metal Vent Tech Long sleeve Top
  4. Carhartt Basic Henley
  5. Men’s Basic Joggers
  6. Men’s Slippers
  7. Flannel Pajama Bottoms
  8. Under Armour Golf Shirt
  9. Heavy Duty Flannel Shirt
  10. Grinch Christmas Underwear
  11. Men’s Lace Up Boots

Gift Ideas For the Work-a-holic Boyfriend

Support your boyfriend with their career with these 10 gifts for the hardworking man. Whether he travels for work, or is starting his own company, there are so many nice gifts for the business man in your life. When it comes to business, a look-good feel-good mentality can go a long way. Having nice business clothes and accessories can really motivate men, but buying all this stuff can get super expensive. Help your man build his business toolkit with these gifts.

gifts ideas for the work-a-holic boyfriend
  1. Personalized Docking Station
  2. Wooden Pen Set
  3. Tie & Pocket Square Set
  4. Travel Neck Pillow
  5. Business card Holder
  6. Tie & Cuff Link Set
  7. Motivational Quote Poster
  8. Leather Messenger Bag
  9. Malcolm Gladwell Book Set
  10. Cuff Link Wooden Case

Gift Ideas For the Sports Fanatic Boyfriend

We all know a guy who is absolutely obsessed with his favorite sports team. This makes the perfect gift opportunity! Guys love to rock licensed sports team apparel in every way possible, but rarely go out and buy it themselves. Getting your man something he will enjoy using engraved or printed with his favorite sports team is a sure way to give a great gift. Here’s 12 gift ideas for the sports fanatic in your life.

gifts ideas for the sports fan boyfriend
  1. Licensed MLB Throw Blanket
  2. College Football Licensed Yeti Rambler
  3. NFL Golf Club Headcovers
  4. NFL Team Golf Balls
  5. Simple NFL Team Crewneck
  6. Team Bourbon Glasses
  7. Team Flag
  8. NFL Team LED Night Light
  9. Patterned College Team Button Up
  10. NFL Team Lunchbox Cooler
  11. NFL Team Fleece Hoodeez
  12. Team Neck Buff

Gift Ideas For the Outdoorsman Boyfriend

Camping, hiking, you name it… we all know the type! Get the outdoorsy man in your life something he can take on his next adventure. Or rather, something that reminds him of the outdoors, even when he’s not there. If he’s just getting started in this hobby, you could get him a more basic camping or outdoorsy gear. If he’s a seasoned adventurer, there are so many outdoors-themed gifts to splurge on, too!

gifts ideas for the outdoorsman boyfriend
  1. Thermal Lined Flannel Shirt Jacket
  2. Hydroflask Water Bottle
  3. Hammock
  4. Emergency Multitool Survival Kit
  5. Mountain Engraved Cuff Links
  6. Jetboil Camping Stove
  7. Scratch off National Parks Poster
  8. Merino Wool Hiking Socks
  9. Mountain Flask
  10. Collapsible Silicone Cups

I hope this gift guide for has been helpful for you to shop for all of the men in your life! I know how hard it can be.

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect gift, check out my gift guide for the coffee lover in your life


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