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Accent walls have made quite a comeback, and they’re proving to be amazing! Having an accent wall with a fun pattern, texture, or design can truly transform a room. These 18 gorgeous accent walls are all the proof you need that this is a worthwhile trend!

1. Retro Geometric Accent Wall

Geometric Retro Accent Wall
source: @pinpinabkk

There is so much going on here, but it somehow comes together beautifully! They were not afraid to bring together multiple patterns and colors in this living space.

2. Black and White Patterned Accent Wall

Black And White Patterned Accent Wall

This is a great example of a more modern accent wall, that would go well with modern farmhouse decor. You could achieve a similar look using peel and stick wallpaper.

3. Textured Stone Accent Wall

Textured Accent Wall

For a smaller wall like this, the details go a long way. The textured stone accent wall is a really nice touch that makes this divider wall a design statement.

4. Blue Floral Bedroom Accent Wall

Blue Floral Accent Wall

The bedroom is the perfect place to incorporate an accent wall with a lot of personality, like this blue floral accent wall. It’s truly your space, so pick an accent wall color or pattern that represents your personality & taste.

5. Wood Accent Wall

Wood Accent Wall
source: sophiecastrointeriors

Wood looks super expensive, and can really add personality to a space. This wooden accent wall works well with a simplistic green and wood color scheme and a lot of natural light.

6. Blue Patterned Accent Wall

Blue Pattern Accent Wall

This boho accent wall is a great example of pairing an accent wall with a sideboard and some wall decor. It’s a common combination that works really well to add a splash of color into a space.

7. Geometric Bedroom Accent Wall

Geometric Bedroom Accent Wall

A more simple accent wall, you could achieve something similar with peel and stick decals or wallpaper. With an accent wall like this, there’s still a lot you could add to the room without it getting too busy.

8. Dark Living Room Accent Wall

Black Living Room Accent Wall

These color combos are on point. From the patterned pillows, to the dark wall, to the yellow couch, this living room looks super put together.

9. Wood Living Room Accent Wall

Wood Accent Wall

If you’re at a loss for what to hang on the wall, a multi-colored wood accent wall like this one can go a long way! It adds a lot of warmth to this living room.

10. Nursery Animal Accent Wall

Animal Accent Wall

Nurserys are a great place for an accent wall! This animal themed accent wall provides a new take on the trend. It may be the first I’ve seen of it’s kind.

11. Dark Floral Accent Wall

dark floral accent wall
source: _cantimaginedesign_

This accent wall is another example of contrast done right. The dark wallpaper goes so well with the sheen of the cabinetry and chandelier.

12. Floral Nursery Accent Wall

Floral Accent Wall

Love this larger floral patterned accent wall for a girl’s room. This is a great way to personalize a room without spending tons on decorations.

13. Brick & Birds Accent Walls

birds accent wall

Who says you can’t go for two accent walls? This is a super bold and fun example of a room with a lot of personality!

14. Dark Textured Accent Wall

desk accent wall black

Many people are afraid of dark colors in their home, but this proves just how chic and elegant they can look if done correctly! The contrast between the desk, photo frames, and the wall really completes the room.

15. Nook Accent Wall

corner accent wall

I love how this uses an overlooked portion of the home and turns it into a writing desk & design statement! The contrast works really nicely here, but you could do this with any color of your choosing.

16. Plaid Accent Wall

plaid accent wall

This one is so unique and could work well for a cabin style or rustic home. Believe it or not, all you would need to achieve this is some black paint and a roller!

17. Bathroom Brick Accent Wall

bathroom accent wall

This faux-brick bathroom accent wall makes this bathroom appear so elegant. It’s a great way to subtly elevate a bathroom without adding a lot of color.

18. Leopard Closet Accent Wall

closet accent wall

Who would have thought to put an accent wall in a closet? It’s every woman’s dream to have a chic and stylish wardrobe, and an accent wall that matches your style can help you do just that! Peel and stick wallpaper works great for this because you don’t need a huge amount of it to cover the space for most closets.