sweatpants outfit ideas
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Sweatpants… Not only are they the perfect around-the-house clothing item, but they can also be super fashionable. When paired with the right stuff, sweatpants can take your fall & winter outfits to the next level. (And you’ll be comfy too!).

I found 21 sweatpants outfits that are the perfect inspiration on how to wear sweats with your other favorite items. These aesthetic outfit ideas could be great for school, or a night out on the town. It all depends how you style it!

Keep reading for 21 ideas on how to wear sweatpants while still looking super put together.

1. Colorful Croptop & Matching Sweats

Colorful Croptop & Matching Sweatpants outfit

If you have colorful sweats, try pairing them with a matching croptop for an easy cute look.

2. Quarterzip, Sweats, and Sneakers

Quarterzip, Sweatpants, and Sneakers

Love this look with a fitted quarterzip tucked into maroon sweats.

3. Sweatpants + a Designer Bag

Sweatpants + a Designer Bag

One way to dress up sweats? Carry your most luxurious bag as an accessory.

4. Sweatpants & a Cute Sports Bra

Sweatpants & a Cute Sports Bra

Show off your favorite sports bras by simply pairing them with sweats.

5. Sweatshorts & Boots

Sweatshorts & Boots

We’ve seen sweatpants, but what about sweatshorts? This is a super cute way to style them.

6. Sweats and a Fall Coat

Sweats and a Fall Coat

Sweats are PERFECT for fall. Try pairing them with a tank top and your favorite bold fall coat.

7. All White Sweatsuit

All White Sweatsuit

These white sneakers with a matching all white sweatsuit looks so glamlourous!

8. Monochrome Sweatsuit & Vest

Monochrome Sweatsuit & Vest

A vest like thiss can help tie a simple sweats outfit together.

9. Sweats & Slides

Sweats & Slides

Slides + Sweats = Match made in heaven!

10. Sweats & a Motivational Top

Sweats & a Motivational Top

We love a good inspirational top like this one!

11. Sweats & Heels

Sweats & Heels

You can totally pull of sweats with heels for brunch with friends or a day out on the town.

Sweats & Heels

12. Sweats & a Flannel

Sweatpants & a Flannel

Flannels are a staple and can look super cute when paired with sweats & a croptop.

13. Sweats & Birks

13. Sweatpants & Birks

Love the simplicity of this look while still looking super chic.

14. Sweatpants, Croptop, & a Baseball Cap

Sweatpants, Croptop, & a Baseball Cap

A baseball cap can make your sweatpants outfit look more casual and is perfect for a bad hair day!

Sweatpants, Croptop, & a Baseball Cap

15. Cozy Coat & Sweats

Cozy Coat & Sweatpants

… Or, add a beanie if it’s a bit chilly out!

16. Ombre Sweatsuit

Ombre Sweatsuit

If you have a more unique sweatsuit like this ombre one, try pairing it with something simple like a denim jacket.

17. Cropped Denim Jacket, Heels, & Sweats

Cropped Denim Jacket, Heels, & Sweats

This look is BOLD.

18. Brown Sweatsuit & White Sneaks

Brown Sweatsuit & White Sneaks

Brown is back in, and looks great with white sneakers!

19. All Black Sweat Set with Birks

All Black Sweat Set with Birks

If you love black, an all black look like this can be super cute and easy to put together!

20. Sweatpants & a Leather Jacket

Sweatpants & a Leather Jacket

Yes, you can totally pair a leather jacket with sweats.

21. Sweatpants & a Cute Bodysuit

Sweatpants & a Cute Bodysuit

Bodysuits aren’t just for night clubs! They can look super cute to dress up a pair of sweatpants.

That’s all for this post. I hope you feel inspired to rock your sweatpants ? .