21 Summer Nails Ideas- All The Best New Colors & Trends

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It’s not officially hot girl summer until you’ve got a fresh Summer manicure, am I right?! If you’re looking for inspiration on how to do your nails this Summer, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading for 21 bright, fun, and colorful Summer nails to inspire you. ☀️?

1. These Diagonal Striped Rainbow Pastel Nails

pastel diagonal stripe summer nails

Even though these nails are all different colors, they still look so cohesive because of the simple design.

2. Rainbow Waves Summer Nails

tie dye summer nails

These bright rainbow nails remind me of ocean waves! You could easily accomplish this look with whatever summer colors you have already.

3. Smiley Face Summer Nails

smiley face summer nails

Smiley face nails are so great for summer! Love the flower details on these ones. Did I mention I have a whole post on cute smiley face nails?

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4. Unique Pink and Orange Summer Nails

simple swirl summer nails

The colors on these are so pretty! They remind me of a sunset. I love how simple, yet fun these nails are.

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5. These Pastel Flower Summer Nails

delicate summer nails

Pastels are still a great choice for summer, like these cute flower nails with pastel tips.

6. Iridescent Flower Nails

simple flower summer nails

White nails are an absolute classic for summer. Try using a flower detail & an iridescent top coat for a more unique look.

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7. These Detailed Grapefruit Summer Nails

grapefruit summer nails

The detail on these grapefruit nails is so pretty!

8. Cute Cherry Summer Nails

cherry summer nails

Nothing says summer like delicious fruit. And cherry nails are super in right now. Pair with some bright tips for a cute summer nail look.

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9. Cotton Candy Swirl Nails

cotton candy swirl summer nails
cotton candy swirl summer nails

During the Summer, I love some cotton candy. These nails remind me of one of my favorite treats!

10. Artsy Rainbow Summer Nails

pastel rainbow summer nails
pastel rainbow summer nails

Have you every tried blotting your nail polish, like these artsy rainbow nails?

11. These Lavender Pastel Swirl Summer Nails

pastel summer nails

As you can see, swirls are super in this Summer! To mix it up, start with a different color base, like lavender.

12. Blue Yin and Yang Summer Nails

blue yin and yang summer nails

These nails are even more blue than the sky!

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13. Bright Plaid Summer Nails

plaid summer nails
plaid summer nails

Plaid is an unexpected nail color for the summer, but can look super cute in the right color. You could even match with a colorful plaid skirt, which are super in right now!

14. Nude & Rainbow Waves Summer Nails

rainbow waves summer nails

Plaid is an unexpected nail color for the summer, but can look super cute in the right color. You could even match with a colorful plaid skirt, which are super in right now!

15. Baby Blue Summer Nails

blue summer nails

16. These Bright Polka Dotted Nails

Dotted summer nails

Polka dots are a super fun way to add a bit of flair to solid color nails.

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17. Blue Waves Summer Nails

blue waves summer nails

Love these mix and match two tone blue nails. You could do this with any color that you have two shades of, but blue works especially well for the Summer!

18. Delicate Orange Two Tone Nails

simple pink and orange summer nails

Orange is another great Summer color. Love the simplicity of these orange tips.

19. These Green Neon Tipped Nails

neon tips summer nails

Neon is a must for your Summer nails. For a twist on classic french tips, try a geometric neon tip like these nails.

20. Bright Yin & Yang Summer Nails

yin and yang summer nails

Can’t decide on a nail color? You can always do a different color on each hand, like these two tone yin & yang nails.

21. Modern Blue Summer Nails


I hope this post gave you all the inspiration you need for a super cute Summer manicure! Once you’ve got your Summer manicure, go out and have some Summer fun! ☀️?


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