Organized kitchen Shelves
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Keeping the kitchen organized can make your life SO much easier, especially if you spend a lot of time cooking. But finding the perfect spot for appliances, food, silverware, and more, can be really difficult.

I’ve rounded up 19 kitchen organization ideas that gave me some new ideas on how I can tidy up my kitchen, and I hope they do the same for you!

1. Cabinet Door Spice Shelves

Cabinet Door Spice Shelves

Spice cabinets are the worst! These shelves would make finding all the right spices much easier.

2. Organized Pantry Shelves

Organized Pantry Shelves

I have never seen a pantry more organized… I love that there is room for larger items like appliances and paper towel rolls on the bottom shelves.

3. Aesthetic Food Storage Jars

Aesthetic Food Storage Jars

Such a great use of space for these organized food storage jars.

4. Exposed Pantry Shelves

Exposed Pantry Shelves

If you’re short on pantry space, shelves like these can make great decor and storage space all at once!

5. Organized Meal Prep Fridge

Organized Meal Prep Fridge

Let’s be honest… my fridge is nowhere near this healthy. But, I love the organization of the precut veggies in their individual containers. This is great for meal prep!

6. Pantry Snack Organization

Pantry Snack Organization

This is the dream for an at home snack stash. I love how the snacks are lower so that kids can reach.

7. Coffee Station Organization

Coffee Station Organization

This coffee station has such a pretty color scheme. Not to mention, using a tray like this can double the space you have.

8. Snack Basket Organization

Snack Basket Organization

Love these gold baskets for storage. In a pantry space, it can be helpful to sort things into categories for easy finding.

9. Silverware Drawer Organization

Silverware Drawer Organization

Its so easy for utensils like this to get cluttered, giving them each their own space can make your silverware drawer super organized.

10. Spice Drawer Organization

Spice Drawer Organization

Most people keep spices in cabinets, but have you ever considered a drawer like this instead?

11. Neutral Pantry Organization

Neutral Pantry Organization

This pantry maintains its neutral appearance by keeping things hidden away in baskets.

12. Coffee Station Tray Organization

Coffee Station Tray Organization

You don’t have to hide away your mugs and sugar! They can look super chic on a coffee tray like this.

13. Pantry Appliance Organization

Pantry Appliance Organization

I am so jealous of these appliance drawers! Taking out and putting away appliances would be made much easier.

14. Pantry Cereal Organization

Pantry Cereal Organization

These cereal dispensers are genius. I would definitely eat cereal every morning.

15. Exposed Pantry Shelves Organization

Exposed Pantry Shelves Organization

I love this usage of shelves as pantry space.

16. Under The Sink Organization

Under The Sink Organization

Under the sink is a popular place for clutter. I’m obsessed with how well organized these cleaning supplies are.

17. Pots & Pans Cabinet Organization

Pots & Pans Cabinet Organization

Getting to your pots and pans would be so much easier with this cabinet pan organizer. Each pan has its own hook so it’s much easier to sort through.

18. Pots & Pans Hanging Organization

Pots & Pans Hanging Organization

Another way to organize your pots and pans is by keeping them on display, like this setup.

19. Fridge Container Organization

Fridge Container Organization

Instead of cramming everything onto the shelves in your fridge, it’s a good idea to get buckets for different categories like in this fridge.