flamingo razor refill
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When it comes to razors, I feel like I’ve tried everything under the sun.

I made my first upgrade from drugstore razors to Billie about 5 years ago, when subscription razors were all the rage. Then, I switched back to drugstore razors, then men’s razors and now I’ve finally gotten around to trying Flamingo.

And I think I may have found a razor I can stick with, but it’s not perfect.

Keep reading for my honest review of the Flamingo razor in 2024!

What I like about the Flamingo razor:

First, let’s dive in to the positives of the Flamingo razor.


I’m a big Amazon person, so it comes has a huge positive that I can get Flamingo razor refills with(same day delivery!) in my area.

Not only that, but the Flamingo razor and refills are also available at Target, so I also have the option to grab my refills when I’m out and about running errands. This is where I picked up the Flamingo razor in the first place.

While I love the idea of a subscription for my refills, which is how the Flamingo brand originally started, I prefer to just pick up refills when I need. I used to have a Billie razor subscription (more on that in a bit), but I cancelled because I found that I kept forgetting to skip deliveries and was stacking up way more refills than I ever needed.

I’ve found the accessibility of the razor refills & accessories a huge positive of Flamingo, being available at Amazon, Target, and plenty other stores too!

Flamingo razor refills
Flamingo Razor refills


The razor starter kit which includes a handle, 4 blade refills, and a shower holder comes in at around $15, which is a great deal in my book!

However, its worth mentioning it might be a good idea to get your starter kit directly on the Flamingo website, even if you want to cancel the refill subscription they offer.

They give newcomers a really amazing deal on a starter set with a handle, 2 blades, a shower holder, and shave gel as an added bonus for just $7!!

I wish I knew about this when I first bought the Flamingo razor. I don’t think you would be able to find a similar price at another store.

The grippy, heavy handle

As a former men’s razor user, I was impressed with the quality of the handle of the Flamingo razor.

The material its made of makes it easy to hold and it just feels like a really quality product.

It’s also got a little bit of weight to it, which is uncommon for women’s razors for some reason, but is a nice touch that makes it feel more high quality!

Spoiler alert— I can’t say the same about Billie.

Clean shave & long lasting blades.

Grippy handles and affordable prices mean nothing if the shave isn’t clean. So here’s the most important positive aspect of the Flamingo razor:

I haven’t experienced any irritation and I find it easy to get a nice clean shave. Overall, I’m really happy with the results of using the Flamingo razors.

Even in areas where I usually am left with bumps & irritation (ahem… the bikini area), Flamingo gives me a clean shave.

Compared to all of the other razors I have tried, including Billie, I’m most impressed with the sharpness and long lasting nature of the Flamingo blades!

What I don’t like about the Flamingo razor:

While I have loved the Flamingo razor, it’s not perfect! Here’s why:

Suction shower holder

Really, there’s only one major complaint I have about the Flamingo razor— it’s the suction shower wall holder the starter kit comes with. For me, this thing falls off all the time! And then usually the razor & handle break apart and I have to put them back together.

Hilariously, the first time this happened, I was home alone and I heard a very loud noise come from the shower. I actually thought someone broke in! It took me forever to figure out it was just the holder, razor, and handle hitting the ceramic.

So, that’s kind of annoying. Billie’s stick on shower holder is much better, in my opinion.

Flamingo razor shower holder
I kid you not, it fell off the wall while I was taking the photograph! LOL

Flamingo vs Billie

I’ve now used both the Flamingo & Billie razors, and they both have their clear strengths & weaknesses. Here’s my takeaway:

Areas where they both shine

  • Flamingo and Billie come in at very similar, affordable, price points (although the refill packs for Flamingo come in slightly cheaper).
  • Both brands are better than the classic drugstore razors available for women.
  • Both brands are cruelty free! 🐰
  • In 2024, both brands are accessible to buy on Amazon, Target, & more.

What I like about Flamingo

My personal preference is the Flamingo razor. There’s really one main reason why I wanted to make a switch from Billie, and why I’m happy I did.

That reason is I just personally didn’t like the Aloe gel coating on the Billie razor heads. While it’s supposed to help your legs stay smooth while you shave, I found it too slimey/ goopy that it actually made it difficult to get a clean shave.

I felt like I had to apply more pressure than normal and knicked myself a couple times in the process.

Though I will say, some people love the aloe coating! So I think it just depends what you’re looking for.

A couple other areas where I feel like Flamingo wins:

  • It’s very subtle, but the Flamingo handle is made out of a more grippy material which is in my opinion easier to hold and use. It’s also a bit heavier. In this regard, Flamingo just feels like a better quality product. Also, the handle on my Billie razor also got oddly discolored for no apparent reason, ruining the simple aesthetic of the razor. The Flamingo razor seems to be holding up just fine!
  • Generally, I just find I get a cleaner shave with the Flamingo razor. Functionality is the number one thing I look for in a razor, so this pretty much seals the deal 🙂

What I miss about Billie

There are however a couple things I miss about the Billie razor:

  • The sticky wall holder for the razor worked much better that the suction holder that Flamingo offers. As I previously mentioned, I just cant get the Flamingo one to stay on the wall! But I never had an issue with the Billie wall holder and I loved that it was magnetic.
  • They have these super cute travel cases & accessories! I never bought one myself: but this would have been so handy to ensure the shave gel coating didn’t get on my travel bag and other items. I wish Flamingo offered something similar!
  • Better color options: This might just be me, but I love some of the fun color options Billie offers.

Closing thoughts

Whether you’re a loyal Billie user contemplating a switch, or a newcomer seeking a razor upgrade, my hope is that this review has provided valuable insights to guide your decision.

The Flamingo razor may not be flawless, but it definitely stands out to me as a quality women’s razor that offers a clean shave at an affordable pricepoint.