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It’s about that time of year again where I have to start grabbing my coat on the way out the door everyday. Every time this happens, I forget all about the outerwear in my closet and want to buy something new. But it’s just not fair how many cute outerwear options there are for fall!

I scoured the internet and compiled a list of my favorites here:

Oversized Shearling Coat

oversized shearling coat
SOURCE: [lilysloanes](

On colder days, a shearling jacket is sure to keep you warm while looking fashionable. They come in so many colors and fits, so you’re sure to find one you like!

Teddy Coat

teddy coat
SOURCE: [@saraulucay](

I hope these never go out of style! A teddy coat like this is so cute and can be worn for anything from running errands to a night out on the town. Plus, they come in so many colors.

Colorful Faux Fur

pink faux fur coat

If you want to make a statement, colorful outerwear like this is perfect for you! You can wear a coat like this surprisingly casually, or dress it up for a night out or party.

Cropped brown shearling coat


This is one of my favorite shearling coats I have seen! Love the cropped fit and mixture of colors.

Cream Oversized Trench Coat

oversized trench coat
SOURCE: [milena.karl](

This look is perfect for a night out. An oversized coat like this still looks super trendy with heels and a leather purse.

Olive Wool Coat

olive wool coat
SOURCE: [@misvemir](

Olive is a great color choice for this fall. I love this oversized olive wool coat that goes super well with black leather!

Rust Trench Coat

rust coat
SOURCE: [@livia_auer](

Another great fall color, a rust colored coat can make a great fall staple. I love this one with fringe on the sleeves for a more unique look.

Boxy Leather Jacket

boxy leather jacket
SOURCE: [nadiaanya__](

If you’re looking for an updated version of the leather jacket trend, something a little boxier and oversized is perfect. A leather jacket is a go to staple that should last you years.

Houndstooth Coat

houndstooth coat
SOURCE: [@angelina.lilienne](

Houndstooth is a great way to make your outfit pop! A coat like this can make even a solid color outfit look expensive.

Slouchy Cropped Cardigan

cropped cardigan
SOURCE: [@brinney_](

I’m such a fan of cropped cardigans because they are cozy just like other cardigans, but a big more flattering because they show off your waist. This is a go-to item for me in the fall.

Cropped Patterned Fleece

cropped fleece

For a more casual look, I am loving these cropped pattern fleeces for fall this year! They are so cozy, yet so flattering!

Bright Cropped Puffer Jacket

red puffer coat
SOURCE: [@fkn.gossip](

These brightly colored puffer jackets are everywhere, and I absolutely love it! They are sure to keep you warm this fall.

Classic Trench Coat

classic coat with sweater
SOURCE: @streetstyle__daily

This is the PERFECT everyday fall coat. If you’re looking for something you can throw on over almost any outfit, a coat like this is the way to go.

Hooded Cozy Cardigan

hooded cardigan
SOURCE: [N A T A L I E (@justagirlandstyle)(

Yes, the cardigan is still in. I love a fall colored cardigan like this one paired with some basics for an easy, everyday look.

Boxy Black Cropped Jacket

boxy denim jacket
SOURCE: [@cho.seward](

Boxy jackets with visible seams like this ares super in this year. This is a super cute option if you’re looking for something on the lighter side.

Plaid Wool blazer

plaid blazer
SOURCE: [meganhiler](

I’m a big fan of a blazer paired with a more casual outfit. Not to mention, wool blazers like this can be surprisingly warm!

All Black Monochrome Coat

black coat
SOURCE: [theversastyle](

If you’re a lover of all-black-everything, a monochrome coat like this could be perfect for you! Just because you like a darker color palette doesn’t mean you have to miss out on fall trends ?

Those are all of my favorites for fall outerwear trends! What are your favorites? And what are some that I missed? I’d love to hear!