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Every time I watch the show Euphoria, I spend half the time enthralled in the plot and the other half in awe at the character’s fashion sense. I’m obsessed with every character’s individual style and the detail that goes into each and every of their looks.

That being said, not all of us can afford $300 designer clothes like the girls in Euphoria, so I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite looks and some ideas on how you could recreate them with some more affordable clothing options from Amazon.

I feel like Euphoria costumes are going to have a moment this Halloween, and I’ve already seen so many people incorporating Euphoria fashion into their daily outfits. Whether you’re looking to try out a new aesthetic, or planning your Euphoria themed Halloween costume, I hope you can find some inspiration from this list!

Jules’ Neon Pink Look


It’s tough to find a replacement for Jules’ iconic Alexander Wang “girls” top, but you can create a similar look with this fuzzy pink crop top, paired over top of this long sleeve mesh top. Finish the look with some neon pink eyeliner (that glows!) and a simple choker and you’ll be good to go!

Rue’s Classic T-Shirt and Hoodie

Rue wearing skeleton shirt

You can recreate this look with a skeleton top like this, bike shorts, and an oversized maroon hoodie (or just any old hoodie you have lying around for that matter!). Because of Rue’s oversized style, I’d recommend getting everything a few sizes too big for this one.

Maddy’s Matching Sets (Part 1)


Maddy’s set here is from I.AM.GIA and the top is only $40 dollars on their website. If you’re looking for an even cheaper alternative, this purple bra paired with these side cutout pants from Amazon may work. Lastly, don’t forget the hoop earrings!

Maddy’s Matching Set (Part 2)

Euphoria Character Maddie walking in hallway with boyfriend, wearing blue denim outfit

Maddy’s exact set is sold out from I.AM.GIA, but there are plenty of cute denim crop tops from Amazon you could use to recreate the look. As another option, you could go with a denim set. Cut out the sides of the pants to make them look like Maddy’s for a DIY approach.

Jules Artsy Patterned Top & Cotton Candy Hair


I Love Jules’ color combo in this outfit. In order to recreate it, pair a long sleeve patterned cloud top with pink pastel hair extensions.

Rue’s Effortlessly Stylish Oversized Blazer


An oversized tan blazer paired with a brown crop top would work well to recreate Rue’s look. Similar to many of her other looks, it wouldn’t be complete without glitter eye makeup.

Rue’s Crop Top & Button Up Combo


Rue’s button up shirt here is from Peels, but we can recreate the look with some more affordable options. Start with a striped cropped tank like this one and pair it with some wide leg chinos. Then, layer on a navy button up, throw on your high top converse, and you’ll be good to go!

Maddy’s Undercover Blue Velvet Look


Even when she’s undercover, Maddy is wearing velvet and looking exceptionally stylish. To recreate Maddy’s outfit, pair a navy hoodie with a soft blue turtleneck, black jeans, and black sunglasses.

Kat “before”…


Most of Kat’s popular outfits are from after her big transformation on the show, but I have to say I love this butterfly top of hers! Recreate the look with dark jeans, a button up butterfly top, and some pink frames.

…Kat “after”

Euphoria Kat confidently wearing red outfit and choker

This is one of the most iconic looks from the show, and perfectly represents Kat’s style transformation. Recreate Kat’s look by pairing a red mesh top with red jeans, a red choker, and a body harness.

Jules’ Blue on Blue Outfit

Euphoria Jules smiling wearing blue flower shirt and plaid mini skirt

Love Jules’ outfit here. You may have to DIY a bit to recreate this look but I think it would be super cute to use some iron on daisies on a mesh top like this one. Layer this over a plain blue top (cut or roll up the sleeves), and pair with a cute plaid pleated skirt. I also love the yellow backpack to complete the look!

Rue’s Crop Top + Button Up Combo (pt.2)

Euphoria Rue walking outside wearing Hawaiian shirt

I Love Rue’s pairing of a striped crop top with a retro Hawaiian shirt like this one. She somehow makes even the oddest combinations look super fashionable.

Rue’s Oversized Tee and Hoodie (pt. 2)

Rue and Fez posing for picture. Rue wearing alien shirt and maroon hoodie.

Who knew tie dye alien shirts were so popular? Pair with bike shorts and a maroon oversized hoodie to complete the look.

Rue’s Mixed Retro Patterns Look

Rue and Jules sitting on ground talking.

Pair a geo print shirt over a black long sleeve mesh top, some plaid shorts, and of course black high tops.

Maddy’s Show Stopping School Dance Outfit

Maddie wearing sparkly top at school dance

You’ll need a lot of bling to recreate this look! I love this rhinestone crop top with a rhinestone birdcage veil and some dramatic earrings.

Maddy’s Purple Back to School Look

Maddy at school wearing purple tie top and purple skirt

Pair a tie front top like this one with a cropped lavender camisole and a matching lavender bodycon skirt to recreate Maddy’s look. Also, don’t forget the hoop earrings and fun colored eyeliner.

When I was looking for photos of this outfit, I found this epic recreation that inspired me.

I love how she took her own twist on recreating this look, but you can still tell it was most definitely inspired by Maddy. The best part of it all is that each character has such a unique style, recreating these looks does not have to be perfect to make it obvious what you were going for.

I hope you’ve found similar inspiration in this post and have some ideas for how you can create a Euphoria inspired look based on your favorite character. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out more posts about style on Days Inspired.

That’s all for now! I’m anxiously awaiting season 3 of Euphoria on HBO. Meanwhile, I’ll be continuing to awe over the characters outfits and makeup looks we’ve seen so far.