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Honestly… It’s about time minimalism met it’s match. Maximalist decor is all about collecting pieces you love and create a space where, simply put, more is more. It might surprise you how put-together and cohesive a maximalist space can be.

If you’re looking for inspo, check out these 28 maximalist decor ideas!

1. Animal print themed colorful maximalist nook

Animal print themed colorful maximalist nook

How is it possible that one room can have so many different prints and colors, and still look so cohesive? That’t the beauty of maximalism!

2. Pink & green maximalist space

Pink & green maximalist space

It’s possible to try maximalist decor but still stick to this theme. This pink and green space mixes multiple prints and colors but is a bit more simple than many other ideas on this list.

3. Dark purple maximalist room

Dark purple maximalist room

Maximalist rooms can get away with super unique paint choices, like in this dark purple room. I love this room because it does a great example of bringing together so many styles of decor- boho, modern, art deco– in a cohesive way.

4. Travel Inspired Maximalist Living Room

Travel Inspired Maximalist Living Room

This living room feels like it belongs to a world traveler. And it might! Maximalism is the perfect style for those who travel often and collect knikknaks and decor along the way.

5. These colorful rug designs

colorful rug designs

Molly Gilbert Goods sells these gorgeous colorful rugs, that would be stunning in any maximalist space! All of her goods are hand-tufted and designed in San Fransisco.

6.Vintage Collectibles Living Room

Vintage Collectibles Living Room

Maximalism pairs super well with a more vintage style, like in this living room. If you plan to decorate maximalist, you might be able to find some great finds for your space at the thrift store.

7. Colorful Organized bookshelf

Vintage Collectibles Living Room

Maximalism does not have to be disorganized! I am obsessed with this colorful maximalist bookshelf from Libby living colorfully.

8. Maximalist pink kitchen

Maximalist pink kitchen

I am in love with this pink, southwestern style kitchen. One way to make a space more full, like this one, is to layer different textures of pillows and blankets.

9. Colorful gallery wall above couch

Colorful gallery wall above couch

Nothing says maximalism like a gallery wall! There are no limits to how much art you can hang on a wall. This colorful gallery wall ties in beautifully with the black and white couch and eclectic pillows.

10. Pink dining room

Pink dining room

This pink dining room will take you right back to the 70s. With maximalist decor, you can get away with things you normally could not. Notice the vintage wood armoire that stands out from the rest of this space, but still looks intentional.

11. Maximalist boho bedroom

Maximalist boho bedroom

Can you imagine waking up in this colorful bedroom every morning? I feel like I would automatically start the day with a smile on my face!

12. Colorful couch with pillows

Colorful couch with pillows
Colorful couch with pillows
Colorful couch with pillows

I am all for a colorful, velvet couch! And even when you decide on a color, there’s still so many ways you can mix up the decor to add a fresh twist!

13. Neon Maximalist living room

Neon Maximalist living room

There is so much going on in this neon living space, and it absolutely works! This style might not be for everyone, but it can make an awesome style if it’s for you.

14. Vintage boho living room

Vintage boho living room

You can just tell that every piece in this living room was intentional. And while there are many decor items, the clear themes throughout make for a cohesive and well-put-together room.

15. Maximal corner gallery wall

Maximal corner gallery wall

This gallery wall is so beautiful! If you’re putting together a gallery wall of your own, don’t feel constrained to stick to a certain frame style or art style. Feel empowered to choose what you love, and bring it all together to create a unique style of your own.

16. Orange and pink living room

Orange and pink living room

The colors in this room are outstanding!

17. Mid century maximalist space

Mid century maximalist space

Midcentury pieces are great options to work into a maximalist space. If you’re lucky, you can find them second hand for a great deal and more authentic space.

18. Maximalist bathroom

Maximalist bathroom

I would have never paired this tile with this wallpaper, but it looks SO good. It may sound weird, but bathrooms are a great space to try out new things with your decor! It’s not the first thing guests (or you) will see, but they can definitely make an impression.

19. Jungle themed bathroom

Jungle themed bathroom

Another excellent example of a maximalist bathroom that makes a statement.

20. Maximalist living room with mixed patterns

Maximalist living room with mixed patterns

When it comes to maximalism, don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Find a common theme that will help tie the patterns together visually, like in this living space

21. Modern pop-art living room

Modern pop-art living room

Maximalist decor can be achieved with either more traditional pieces, or modern piece. This colorful living room is a great example of the latter!

22. Floor to ceiling gallery wall

Floor to ceiling gallery wall

As you can see, gallery walls are a common theme in maximalist decor. There is truly no limit to how big you can go! Besides the floor and the ceiling, of course.

23. Living room with ceiling mural

Living room with ceiling mural

This 360 detailed mural is absolutely stunning and makes for such a unique living space!

24. Animal fur themed apartment

Animal fur themed apartment

Taxidermy is definitely not for everyone… but I have to say it totally works in this apartment!

25. Bright, colorful coffee table decor

Bright, colorful coffee table decor

This coffee table decor is just so lovely and bright! Dried flowers can help you add more natural elements to your space without the maintenance.

26. Fun gallery wall

Fun gallery wall

A wreath on a gallery wall is such an unexpected flair. You can totally make changes to your gallery wall based on the seasons.

27. Retro patterned living room

Retro patterned living room

I love the idea of using the same wallpaper on both your furniture and your walls to make a space more cohesive!

28. Pink maximalist decor

Pink maximalist decor
Pink maximalist decor

If you love pink as much as I do, definitely check out samswhurld on instagram for some inspo. Her pastel maximalist space is so beautiful!