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First it was clay earrings, now it’s clay rings, and we can’t get enough! Over are the days of simple gold jewelry. Clay polymer rings are in and they are quirky, colorful, and fun.

Not to mention, most clay rings are handmade, so it’s a great way to support small businesses & creators. Because of that, I’m spotlighting 11 adorable clay rings you can buy on Etsy!

1. Clay Cherry Ring From StrangerParadise

2. Mix & Match Clay Rings From OperoseStore

3. Handpainted Clay Rings From LeFleurCoutureShop

4. Chunky Clay Rings From VanNestCo

5. Clay Fruit Rings From RosesRingsNThingz

6. Clay Froggy Rings From AkiraPaints

7. Neon Chunky Rings From magoadiy

8. Clay Cow Ring From StrangerParadise

9. Clay Patterned Rings From KADesigned

10. Y2K Inspired Clay Rings From cyberculture

11. Twisted Clay Rings From cyberculture