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If there’s one thing that makes the holiday season even better, It’s adorable dogs! Holiday photos just don’t feel complete without our fur-friends dressed up and posing for the camera. While it can be tough to capture the perfect moment of your four-legged friend, these 30+ examples of dogs on Christmas are done right! Some are dressed up, some are posed perfectly, and they’re all just down-right cute.

Look no further for inspiration on dressing your pup up for the holidays & creating a super cute photo to share and keep for years to come!

1. These Adorable Pups In their Stockings

dogs in stockings

These puppies fit so perfectly into these stocking and are somehow so ready for a their photo-op (except for the pup on the far left!)

2. This Sleepy Pomeranian Who’s Ready for the Holidays

Dog Christmas Photo

This Pomeranian looks so content in the midst of all of the holiday decor. The cuddly decorations & slippers make me want to cuddle up and get ready for the holidays.

3. These Cheerful Goldens Dressed Like Christmas Trees

Dogs and Christmas Lights Photo

So simple, and so precious! These golden retrievers look like they got themselves into a mess with Christmas lights and could not be more ready for the holidays.

4. These Adorable Reindeer Pups

Dogs Wearing Christmas Outfits

Each of these cuties has a different Christmas outfit which makes for the perfect Christmas trio. I love their plaid sweaters to keep them warm.

5. This Adorable Puppy Who Loves Christmas Trees

Weiner Dog in Tree

That sure looks like a comfy resting spot! I think this puppy has found the perfect Christmas tree for his family to take home.

6. This Super Cute Dog Wearing a Christmas Headband

Dog Wearing Tree Headband

I would totally wear this headband for Christmas, but I think it looks way cuter on this dog!

7. This Super Happy Reindeer Pup

Dog Wearing Christmas Onesie

How excited does this little guy look to be Santa’s top reindeer for the Christmas season?! I love this super cute reindeer outfit with pom-poms

8. These Adorable Pugs in Reindeer Sweaters

Pugs Wearing Christmas Sweaters

Looks like the reindeers are getting a break this year, and Santa’s Sled is getting pulled by dogs this year. I don’t think anyone has a problem with that!

9. These Puppies Dressed as Santa & a Reindeer

Weiner Dogs wearing Antlers

Is it these puppies first Christmas? Santa and his reindeer have never looked cuter.

10. This German Shepard & Frenchie Pair Ready for the Holidays

Dogs Christmas Photos With Santa Hat

These dogs make the most adorable pair! Their Santa hats and surrounding Christmas decor make for the cutest holiday photo.

11. These Super Cute Gingerbread & Elf Yorkies

Yorkies Christmas Costumes

Louie and Lola are so precious! They really went all out with their Gingerbread and elf costumes. The fact that they each have their own Christmas ornament is such a great idea.

12. This Dachshund Wearing a Santa Hat

Weiner Dog Wearing Santa Hat

Who wore it better?

13. These Dogs Wearing Santa Hats in the Snow

Dogs Wearing Santa Hats

How are these dogs so perfectly posed when there is snow that is just begging to be played in?

14. This Super Classy Dog Wearing a Christmas Sweater

Dog Wearing Sweater

This dog somehow looks super sophisticated with his stuffed animal companions and fashionable sweater.

15. This Adorable Christmas Tie for Dogs

Dog Christmas Photo wearing Tie

This tie is so cute! This cutie looks like he was just waiting for his photo op in his classy tie and regal chair.

16. This Super Cheerful Pup

Dog and Owner Christmas photo

Clearly, someone’s excited for Christmas! This pup cannot wait to open his presents.

17. This Gorgeous Dog That Fits Right in With Holiday Decor

Dog Christmas Photo

Lexi looks like she was made for the holiday season and is posed so perfectly amongst this holiday decor.

18. This Cutie Wearing a Reindeer Headband & Bandana

Dog Christmas Photo with Bandana

I love Willow’s super trendy bandana that matches the aesthetic of the holiday decor.

19. This Precious Dog Christmas Onesie

Dog Christmas Outfit Photo

There is almost nothing more adorable than a dog wearing a onesie.

20. A Super Chic Dog Christmas Photo Setup

Dog Christmas Photo Shoot

This holiday setup by Puppy Tales Photos looks so professional and beautiful! Not to mention, they managed to get this pup perfectly centered and smiling right to the camera, which is no small feat!

21. This Golden With A Cozy Blanket

It’s cozy season, and that means for dogs, too! Kona the golden looks adorable wrapped in their blanket.

22. This Dog Wearing a Super Cute Santa Onesie

Dog wearing Christmas Sweater

If you haven’t gotten a onesie for your dog yet, what are you waiting for! Every dog looks so adorable in a onesie and it makes for a super cute and easy photo op.

23. This Santa Dog Posing for the Camera

Dog wearing Christmas Hat

How is this pup so photogenic?

24. This Super Cute Pup Posing in a Christmas Basket

Dog in Christmas Bucket

Quite possibly the best Christmas gift basket ever! Leonard looks so cozy and ready for Christmas.

25. This Super Fun Dog Photo with Santa

Dog and Santa

This Santa is not a regular Santa, he’s a cool Santa.

27. This Frenchie Wearing Sunglasses & a Tie

Small Dog wearing Christmas Tie

Cannot help but giggle at this adorable Frenchie, Vince, who went all out on his holiday attire!

28. This German Shepard Posing for A Christmas Pic

German shepard christmas photo

Another dog who just seems to know how to pose for the camera!

29. This Super Photogenic Dog Wearing a Christmas Bow-Tie

dog wearing christmas bowtie

Those eyes! Sabrina is Christmas- ready with her bow-tie and big smile.

30. This Super Professional Christmas Dog Photo

Dog Wearing Christmas headband

This Christmas Dog photography by Emma Obrien is so unique and adorable! I love the stars in the background and the cute gold headband.

31. This Happy Dog By the Christmas Tree

White Dog and Christmas Tree

I am loving this Christmas collar and leash combo that match this pup’s Christmas sweater so perfectly.

32. This Holiday-Ready Pup in the Bed of a Truck

Dog in truck bed

This truck is awesome, and this dog totally knows it!

33. This Pup Wearing His Favorite Christmas Sweater

golden retriever wearing sweater

Honeybee the Golden is ready to go for the holiday season in his favorite Christmas sweater!

Clearly, getting the perfect photo of your dog for the holidays is not impossible. You just have to get creative. There’s so many different ways you can make your pup look holiday ready with props, outfits, and more.