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There’s something undeniably empowering about starting your day on the right foot. Picture it: waking up with the sunrise, indulging in self-care, and embracing the day with boundless energy. Intrigued?

Inspired by the science-backed practices of neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman, this 9-step routine is designed for our fabulous ladies who value beauty, wellness, and a touch of practicality. From waking with the sun to sculpting a resilient mind and body through exercise, each step is infused with science-backed practices recommended by renowned neuroscientist and podcast star Dr. Andrew Huberman.

No frills, just a morning ritual that aligns with your unstoppable hot girl spirit. Let’s get into the routine!

⏰ Step 1: Wake up early & make your bed

The first step in any Andrew Huberman-inspired routine is an early wakeup call. And I mean, really early— no later than 6:40 am! Huberman says that whether you’re a natural night owl or an early riser, waking up early can help set the tone for a productive & focused day.

Here’s what Huberman has to say:

“Waking up early, usually around 5:00 or 6:00 am helps you feel more energized and focused throughout the day. Additionally, early mornings are beneficial for regulating circadian rhythms, which can help to improve sleep quality.”

Of course this next part is optional, but I love to make my bed in the morning as the official ritual that my morning routine has begun, and to get me ready & excited for the next steps!

🧘🏼‍♀️ Step 2: Yoga Nidra Meditation

Next, Huberman swears by a morning meditation practice of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra, often referred to as “yogic sleep,” is a guided meditation practice that induces a state of profound relaxation.

It may sound weird to wake up and then immediately try to relax, but it actually works! Yoga Nidra promotes stress relief, improved sleep, and heightened self-awareness.

Even if you’ve tried other forms of meditation and they haven’t worked for you, it’s worth giving Yoga Nidra a shot! There are plenty of free guided Yoga Nidra meditations on Youtube to get started.

🚿 Step 3: Take a cold shower & do your morning skincare

OK now comes the most uncomfortable part of the morning— a cold shower. But the benefits, according to Huberman, make it so worth it!

Taking a cold shower has so many benefits for your mental and physical health. To name a few: cold showers can enhance your mood by increasing the release of dopamine, they can increase your metabolism , and they can increase your energy & focus throughout the day.

Not to mention, a cold shower is perfect for your hot girl routine because it also does wonders for your skin & hair! The cold water helps improve blood circulation to the skin, contributing to a healthier complexion by reducing puffiness, tightening pores, and enhancing overall radiance. For hair, cold showers can lead to shinier locks by flattening hair cuticles, reducing oiliness on the scalp, strengthening hair strands, and promoting a healthier scalp environment.

Once your skin is clean & your pores are tight, it’s the perfect time for your morning skincare routine! Do what works best for your skin, but personally, I like to start with a hyaluronic acid + vitamin c serum followed by a moisturizer. Sometimes, simple is best!

☀️ Step 4: Skip checking social media & get in the sunshine for a hot girl walk

I know you’re tempted to get on your phone in the morning & start scrolling TikTok and Instagram, but one of the healthiest things you can do for your morning routine is skip the social media & get in the sun instead.

Huberman says the “single best thing you can do for your sleep, your energy, your mood, your wakefulness, your metabolism is to get natural light in your eyes early in the day.”

And it’s also one of the easiest steps to do— all you have to do is get out in the sunshine within an hour of waking for at least 10 minutes. Preferably, you can combine this with your morning hot girl walk.

For an added bonus, put on a motivational or educational podcast while you walk. (Maybe Huberman’s very own podcast!)

This is a genius way to swap out draining social media with mood boosting & educational content, all while reaping the benefits of sun exposure!

💧 Step 5: Hydrate with lemon & salt water.

We’ve all heard of the lemon water trend on TikTok, but what about lemon water with a pinch of salt?

Try a splash of lemon juice and a pinch of salt in your water for a natural electrolyte boost. It’s a simple trick to replenish your electrolytes in the morning.

Electrolytes are vital for jumpstarting the body’s functions in the morning. After a night’s rest, replenishing electrolytes becomes crucial to kickstart hydration, support energy production, and facilitate optimal muscle and nervous system function.

☕️ Step 6: Enjoy your coffee 90 to 120 minutes after waking up

With Dr. Huberman’s routine, you can of course enjoy your morning glass of iced coffee! The only change to your routine here is that you’ll want to wait 90-120 minutes before having your coffee.

Dr. Huberman swears by this trick to sidestep the notorious afternoon crash, ensuring sustained energy throughout the day.

By the time you’ve done all the steps in your routine till this point, you should be at the 90 minute mark & ready to indulge!

If you really want to take it to the next level, try Yerba Mate for a healthier alternative to your coffee. (This is what Andrew Huberman himself drinks!)

🏃‍♀️ Step 7: 1 hour of exercise

12-3-30 anyone?? Whatever your exercise routine is— Dr. Huberman encourages you to incorporate it into your morning routine. Here’s why:

Exercising in the morning offers a myriad of benefits, from jumpstarting your metabolism and enhancing mood to improving focus and productivity throughout the day. The release of endorphins during morning workouts not only provides a natural mood boost but also contributes to stress reduction.

But it doesn’t have to be the same thing every day! For instance, Huberman alternates cardio with weight lifting for the benefits of both strength training and cardio.

🥑 Step 8: Fast until 11 or 12 o clock & then Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Huberman swears by an intermittent fasting routine, where he eats his first meal around 11:00 am or noon.

Embracing intermittent fasting brings a cascade of health benefits, including weight management by promoting fat loss and preserving lean muscle mass. Beyond its impact on physical health, intermittent fasting has been associated with enhanced cognitive function, increased energy levels, and even potential longevity benefits.

Once it’s time to break the fast, prioritize a breakfast rich in healthy proteins and fats to set the stage for sustained energy and balanced nutrition throughout the day.

Yes, that means avocado toast! Or overnight oats— the possibilities are endless really.

✨ Step 9: Set your intentions & goals in your journal

Before diving into the hustle, take a moment to review your daily goals and connect with your aspirations. Whether it’s taking a moment to look at your vision board, writing some manifestations, or a simple reflection on your objectives, this step allows you to set a positive tone for the day. If you don’t have a journal routine, try this simple formula to get started:

  • write down 3 positive affirmations
  • write down 5 goals for the day
  • write down 5 things you are grateful for

By incorporating this reflective practice into your morning routine, you’re not just planning; you’re actively manifesting a day filled with purpose, productivity, and success.

There you have it—a morning routine inspired by Andrew Huberman that blends science-backed practices with a touch of practical elegance. Embrace the day with confidence, radiate positivity, and let this intentional morning be a powerful foundation for all the incredible things you’ll conquer. Here’s to owning your day with grace and gusto!

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While this Andrew Huberman-inspired morning routine serves as a wonderful template, it’s essential to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness. Individual lifestyles, preferences, and bodies vary, and what works like magic for one might not be the perfect fit for another. The beauty lies in customization—tweak, adjust, and tailor this routine to suit your needs. Your morning ritual should be a reflection of your unique self, providing the energy and balance you seek. So, take this as an inspiration, experiment, and discover the morning routine that aligns perfectly with your individuality. After all, it’s your morning, and it should be as exceptional as you are!