Cottagecore Amazon Fashion Finds: How to Dress Cottage Core for Less


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We’re in love with the light, airy, and vintage feel of the cottagecore aesthetic. Luckily, there’s lots of options to try out cottagecore fashion on a budget. In this post, you’ll find 15 adorable cottagecore pieces that you can buy on Amazon, as well as inspiration for our favorites.

  1. Lace Ankle Frill Socks
  2. High Waisted A-Line Skirt with Pockets
  3. Long Sleeve Tiered Ruffle Dress
  4. Strawberry Dress ?
  5. T-Strap Platform Oxfords
  6. Cottage Core Patterned Mask
  7. Collar Pullover Sweater
  8. Square Neck Puff Sleeve Blouse
  9. Floral Hair Scarf Headband
  10. Floral Puff Sleeve Dress
  11. Lace Mesh Vintage Dress
  12. Wildflower Coffee Mug
  13. Strawberry Charm Necklace
  14. Half Sleeve Vintage Dress
  15. Platform Clogs

Our Favorites

This Vintage Inspired Hair Scarf Headband

This is the perfect addition to any spring or summer outfit that adds just a touch of vintage.

Strawberry Dress

This super cute and affordable strawberry dress is inspired by Lirika Matoshi’s famous dress, as pictured below.

This Wildflower Mug

We think this mug is the perfect cottagecore accessory! Inspired by @aishakare:

This Puff Sleeved Blouse

This Super Cute vintage inspired blouse would pair perfectly with a floral skirt. Inspired by @beautyybychloe:

This Flowy Summer Dress

Photo: Amazon Reviews

This is the perfect easy dress to wear this spring & summer!

We’re so excited for cottagecore fashion this spring & summer. If you’re interested in other Amazon Fashion Finds, check out my Cozy Amazon Fashion finds.


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